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  1. Pelum added a post in a topic soical discod for Edan players   

    Why does Edan need another discord? We already have 5 and only the world boss one is used.
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  2. Pelum added a post in a topic Who said Giants can't look good?   

    I will stick with my current look.

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  3. Pelum added a post in a topic Endgame Crystals - with all Boss Gear/weps   

    You can use the Jordine costume (+1 atkspeed) or the Delphe Knight Costume (+1 crit) to give you the extra stat depending on what you need, to save a gem slot but it requires the cashshop and you lose the cool set effects from the current costumes (ie. Ghillie suit / 10exp) so it is questionable to use outside of PvP. I have both as I just recently got my kaz wep and switched costumes.

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  4. Pelum added a post in a topic How much would you pay to STOP karma griefing?   

    As an Australian it comes naturally to me, glad I haven't lost my touch.
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  5. Pelum added a post in a topic How much would you pay to STOP karma griefing?   

    It is because NA players have no sense of honour and a large ego making them feel entitled to everything.
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  6. Pelum added a post in a topic Offline energy regen nerfed to 1 per hour instead of 2 per hour   

    It just means I need to wait twice as long to NV. I have all the nodes that require levels at 10.
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  7. Pelum added a post in a topic War Declaration Costs   

    I would be for this purely to clean up my received war list. I have 7 wars in there with guilds that have died and haven't been active for months, it just looks messy.
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  8. Pelum added a post in a topic What do you see when you read 01/09/16?   

    1st September is correct, although it is currently 11:44am friday the 2nd of September here in my part of Aus.
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  9. Pelum added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    You guys are aware bi-weekly implies twice a week. what you mean to say is fortnightly or bi-monthly.
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  10. Pelum added a post in a topic Node war times   

    The reason that they mentioned for this was the build times are set and it would not be fair to have a build time that is X amount of time longer or shorter than another day.
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  11. Pelum added a post in a topic 69.8% of Edan are FOR this change   

    My guild lost 2 members, no one else even cares.
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  12. Pelum added a post in a topic Percentage of ur Guildies buys the value pack   

    I would wager somewhere around 80% of my guild. It is not even for the tax benefits but because they want to run around wearing bright pink leaf suits and 1000 pearls is steep for mervs alone.
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  13. Pelum added a post in a topic Character list order   

    What is worse is if you delete all of your previous characters so the latest one (kuno for example) goes to the top of the list and then remake all the others it will make the kuno go back to the bottom as it appears when you make a character they are given a slot number that will never change.
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  14. Pelum added a post in a topic Endless free wars need to end   

    I don't have a problem with wars that last forever but I would like my war received list to be free from the dead guilds that no longer have actives though. It just looks messy. Currently at war with 7 guilds of which only 2 actually have active / online members.
    Does anyone know if a dead guild automatically disbands after X amount of time?
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  15. Pelum added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    You don't speak for the whole community, there is quite a large amount of people quite okay with the item.
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