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  1. You can whine all you want about ballance, when you as a player have played since early release and hardly missed many days yet you still are stuck around level 56. Maybe this part of the game is just not for you, and the reason people think you are a new guild, is because is has taken you this long to be able to recruit and keep some decent pvpers. Previously they have fled your "guild" after seeing how lackluster the leadership is. But I guess that is to be expected when the guildmaster's best ability is to be a secretary, fill out applications, setup events, and write newsletters. And when it comes to shotcalling and leading by example, its a no-show. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But hey gratz, if you actually manage to keep some decent players in your guild to cover for your own incapability. All the more power to you! Oh and also welcome to the drama-section of the forums, where you can no longer hide the ugly truth about your guild, by asking mods to delete any posts made about your guild and its flaws, that you so deeply want to hide and lure in recruits, only for them to figure it out themselves and leave you as a stepping stone.

    So do you have anything to say in your defense, or shall we just leave it at this? You going back in your rabbithole crying in fetal position, telling yourself that everything is fine



  2. All I mean is Jordine ppl said Harmony is strongest guild EU. Alustin/Croxus ppl said this is bullsh1t and after that all they did was very smart evasion moves. And now they can only sh1ttalks how powerful they are, without proving that when there was a chance.

    this is a good bait can go in both ways i r8 b8 m8 8/8 



    However any croxus or alustin guild didnt manage to defeat them, 1st they evaded a lot and after that they defeated Harmonys shadow, great achieve indeed ;)


  4. Im more curious of the censored part, why is it there, what is the purpose of it. Is it someone alt immitating Oneuproad nick? Or is it oneuproad and you want to troll us into thinking that its not him. I just want to go home and you send us hard riddles.

    actually this is how i see him from high up but no offense.

    some time ago a ex-grind "memeber" told me: "You can be happy grind isnt there anymore or you would know how it is to get fkd in the azz" and i was like damn nice meme

  5. While secretly being guildmaster of Morghulis, im not the public face representing our alliance forces - this is what we have @Tekeii for - He's the guy making public statements.

    ohhhh i thought GM stood for "Good Memer" now i get it dang

  6. I dont know whats going on in Harmony, I think I was the 2nd or 3rd to leave, and for none of the reasons which has been stated as far as I have seen at least. People can theory craft away, it is only good fun to read - I wont put any details out there. :)

    I also do wish the best to everyone who are still in Harmony but also those who choose to leave.

    my guess is the higher you sit the deeper you fall. People wanted to win thats why they choose this Guild and now a hardship came across the winningspree and all the "WTJ" are going. I hope Harmony recovers from this its shit to loose Guilds in such a manner!

    Best Wishes from Wasted!

  7. If we really are a bandwagon guild we're likely easy to defeat, people definitely should come get their easy win :D 

    i also heard when Addicted gets Homeless after this weekend they want a fair share of your home

  8. @Jylin There are plenty of big enough places for an early Oktoberfest tho, if we hold one you guys get an invitation! 

    and why did Sfora change logo? This one is kinda ugly tho

  9. @Xe0 Xeon pls just Trash those Kids so its getting silent here again thx

    Guys pls stop with this Personal-War things in a Thread we try to motivate People to get into Nodewars/Sieges. And as i said yesterday feel free to PM me with Questions here or InGame doesnt matter which way.

     Those ideas are fine but we wont get Kakao/PA to do this just for "NA/EU", And all those "Gear difference is shit Level difference is shit" QQ. All of the PvPers grinded their asses of and farmed to get where they are. I guess we sadly just have to wait a few Months more until there is more competition. Im fine with small scale but we got way to much of em actually. Theres like 5~6 small scale Guilds. If 2 of em would merge there would be a new threat on Nodewars.

  10. You don't have to tell me to "git gud" because i am "gud". Atleast good enough to play in a Top 5 EU guild. I'm just trying to explain to you why there allways won't be enough people to have big competition on Sieges. This has nothing to do with my personal opinion on the game.

    Newer or Weaker players will just not do PvP because its a 99% unfun experience if you are not playing for at least 3-4 Months. The barrier of entry is just too high and only a small group of people are willing to put the required work / time / money into the game to be able to compete. This means there are only a few people getting siege ready every month. On the same time there are people getting burned out and ragequitting over their bad luck at TET/PEN every day.

    Like i said that was no offense i just wanted to use a Term the whole Forums i familiar with. And even then i wanna encourage them to get started doing Nodewars. The Thrill of a good fight is the most enjoyable thing for me in this game. And even if the gap between new and old might be big its not a thing People cant overcome and get head to head. So please be a bit more encouraging too so we might get even more nice wars going on and even a few new guilds that can compete with the "Top 10" Guilds!


    1. Doesn't matter if the gear is easy obtainable or not. People still have to farm Billions to be even halfway useful in T3 Nodewars. Which is not easy for newer players because every good Farmspot in the game is taken 90% of the time by people that allready have the gear and work on TET/PEN.

    2. I got a decent PC and cant even do Zarka because its laggy af and I won't play in optimisation mode because it looks just ass.

    3. Valks are beasts because they can pull, buff and use their 100% when its up to zone. Thats it. The fun part (fighting) is for the other (FOTM) classes. Same goes for scouting.


    1. The fun part (fighting) is for the other (FOTM) classes and geared players. Yaaaay.

    2. Yes it is.

    3. I have seen Level 61 players with sick gear doing that yes. If you are just a average joe chances are high that you just die. And to get 100 people together you have to have many average joes that will have no fun in sieges/wars then.

    It seems you just wanna say something bad bout the Game that you push that through no matter what tho. We dies countless times on Bosses from or from PK just do obtain gear that now gets casually into the AH. And if you say 96mil is much well then stop being that "average joe" and go grind! Go Pirates this is easy ~8mil/h even with your "average joe" gear. And just to block of the "But Spot blabberish" there are so many spots that arent grinded anymore cause the people have better gear then back in the days that those smaller spots are nearly always free. I just grinded my Sorc alt at pirates for like 1~2 weeks without any kind of disturbance cause i used that old spot. And well if you arent willing to put in work to ,no offense but, "git gud" you dont deserve to git gud. 

  12. 1. No reason for newer players to even try to compete with ppl who have played since day one and are 2 Levels and 50/50 AP/AAP ahead.

    2. No reason for ppl with a PC with medium or low speccs to do Wars/Sieges because of insane bad optimisation and the resulting 5 FPS.

    3. No reason for valks, ninjas, kunos, tamers, etc to do large scale PvP because their classes are just not viable.

    1. ok il take that statement but nowadays you get Gear so much more easy via AH. We had to farm months of months to get gear actually can be bought of the AH

    2. i got the worst PC EU and still can shotcall and fight so thats not really an excuse

    3. Valks are beasts in Masspvp wtf you talkin bout? Ninjas and Kunos could act as invisible scouts or cannoneers just to give you an idea and the Tamer kit is OP IMHO

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  13. Just to say some Numbers: People who active defend the Siege gets like 50mil a week payout for having PvP Fun. Not to shabby or?

  14. it's not about slots, it's about attendance, having people that have the time to come to every war. And then keeping those people motivated while you try to build something.

    especially for smaller/less known guilds it's hard since strong players will feel like they're outgrowing those small guilds and leave for a big guild.


    like i said if you know the origin of Wasted youd know how hard we missplayed the start of the Game and how hard we were branded. We was once top 3 for months and then the sudden fall came and we almost lost the whole Guild. We struggled hard to keep the Members but we worked hard and look where we are again! We are IMO a Top 5 Guild again and yet every Guild can make it: Look at Enemy they were ~30 Member and yet they are ridiculous strong and they competing with the best from the Server head to head. Its just work work work and work. Im sure there are so much sleeping potential cause people are afraid. Start with T1 Nodes train RBF to get used tr Masspvp it could be so easy- if you have the willpower you can do it