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  1. comedychris added a post in a topic Three bros looking to play   

    he doesnt play on it, there is free keys on alienware site is what he means//
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  2. comedychris added a post in a topic RANGER/SORCERER/TAMER MALE SEX !!!   

    well im gay and im sorry you "dont want to hear about it" you homophobic piece of bacteria   and i prefer playing as male because of armour and shape, a mighty warrior running into battle with basically a bra and skirt on is stupid and breaks lore and for me personally i prefer the male armours,  if there was a choice between male and female it would only mean more players, more money for devs and happier players, there no disadvantage only lazy artists and devs not wanting more work....
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  3. comedychris added a post in a topic What is your current AP/DP?   

    Wow I have 70ap and 100 dp I am officially the worst ever haha lvl 21 
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  4. comedychris added a post in a topic A Male Counterpart for the future "Dark Elf" Class! [POLL]   

    agree avatars for role players are themselves.. also just because you want to look at boobs and woman's ass' doesn't mean other woman or gay people do... bit ignorant... if people wanna play male they should be able to I'm not in support of gender locking classes... equal rights seems to come to mind 
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  5. comedychris added a post in a topic sell costumes   

    thanks for help guys.. i just didnt change avatar... i dont like p2w but realize it isnt as bad as people said before i played... point is.. calm down.. lots of you have no avatar does that mean you dont exist... its only a pic and had nothing to do with post yet you took over and started arguing about p2w features haha.... thanks again for those who actually answered.
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  6. comedychris added a post in a topic sell costumes   

    thank you, appreciate the tip, 
    great community as ever.. :L 
    my mistake i was just excited, wouldnt even of bought it if i looked any different in 30 levels the armours in game suck haha
    i didnt buy  anything for in game money whats funny haha? 
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  7. comedychris added a topic in General   

    sell costumes
    OK so I done something silly and bought a costume on market for 20m because every time I see them they are instantly bought.. I saw it appear and got excited and bought it... put it on but don't like it... I tried take of and sell but can't... once I've worn a costume is it no possible to resell or am I missing something.   Thanks in advanced.
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  8. comedychris added a post in a topic Leveling nodes?   

    Thanks again, appreciate the help, still think the generic features of node leveling needs some TLC and updating but at least we have gathered " no pun intended" the basics haha cheers mate. 
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  9. comedychris added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    have faith brother
    thank you, i will add to my original post appreciate the comment hope your having fun in game...
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  10. comedychris added a post in a topic Leveling nodes?   

    your incredibly gracious tof do all this haha love the maths.. so as for low level mons nodes are pointless as there trash is 10 silver and they have little to no valuable drops...   and what about the nodes within nodes.. the mine or woodcutting. On top of a node if I was to level 3 of then to level 10 would that be a total of 30 levels or?  Lots of guesswork here without actual data from devs...
    On a side note that silver key thing is cool as I fish a lot on the coast near veilia so worth it if I have spare energy... and I do while dishing my God.. so much energy haha.
    Thanks again sir.
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  11. comedychris added a post in a topic Leveling nodes?   

    so the entire feature is useless and I've just wasted 400 energy haha yey!! Any responce from official channels as to what different nodes do etc would be great or is it a useless feature that just hasn't been patched out or updated ever haha
     Also.. my original post for some reason has changed into old timey font and I don't know how to change it.. sorry haha 
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  12. comedychris added a post in a topic Leveling nodes?   

    worthless doing towns wow thats a good feature to have in game... and what about nodes with 3 upgradable parts, the node itself then worker points.... no instructions or tutorial argh it kills me haha
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  13. comedychris added a post in a topic Leveling nodes?   

    is that from mobs only? and after level 4 it decreases???? thats bad right?
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  14. comedychris added a topic in General   

    Leveling nodes?
    hey guys ok so after few days of playing and getting know some base mechanics of nodes and trading and connecting blah blah blah,,, i still cant find any info or solid answers on what Leveling a node up does... ive heard it increases drops but certain nodes like near velia or the coast there isnt any mobs there... so what drops would it increase? and also why would you level the first towns nodes all thats there is grass bug things that drop nothing so.. again seems pointless?    my idea for the coast was since lots of fishermen there maybe it increased rare fish or those relics?   if not.. help? haha i dont know what to use my energy on while fishing dont wanna run miles to buy energy potion or gather as im fishing... and leveling nodes seems to be only afk energy spending... anyway any help what to spend energy on or facts on what leveling nodes does would be great thanks.
    ps certain nodes you can level the node itself and then 1 or 2 mines or farms where the workers work so... what would leveling the node up and 2 other things up sure that would affect drops 3 times... so its pointless doing more than 1 its all just  a mystery haha thanks again and hope everyones having great time in game  
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  15. comedychris added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    Agree Completely that's a great example or games like path of exile have only cosmetics and are massively successful and are f2p so for buy to play game like BDO there is no excuse it's just pure greed...
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