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  1. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    Oh my god guys.. Server goes up later, you complain, it goes up earlier, you complain. Do you know why hardcore gamers have more titles, money, gearscore and everything? Because they are hardcore. Grow the hell up because it is getting more and more pathetic. For once try to say: Thank you for bringing servers up earlier, great!.
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  2. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic crafted crates traded in for 100%, not the 115% advertised in patch notes   

    Man/Woman, go pick up a calculator, do the math, check prices, read about kamasylva, do the math again, check the market, come back here and rewrite your comment. False statements and 0 facts isn't what we need on the forums.
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  3. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Water sphere casting   

    I dont say that its bad, in certain situation ofc I use it, its amazing. But sometimes, when I cast it after some skills, randomly, the animation is very long, like the character was swapping weapons before he shots the sphere.
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  4. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic crafted crates traded in for 100%, not the 115% advertised in patch notes   

    Someone made mistake on their side, cool ur guts down. We knew month before this will happen watching korea changes. All fine here.
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  5. Niepokalanek added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Water sphere casting
    For me using water sphere feels very slow and clunky and I often avoid it in pvp since it can gets me killed. Few times I red about a bug that cancels it animation or makes it faster?
    Anything anybody? 
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  6. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic BDO makes a truly wretched first impression   

    I liked the game, I still play it, but only because I came so far, that I want to push it a little more and experience PvP in following few months and then I quit. Its not begginer friendly, catching up game. Not well designed. Not recommending either.
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  7. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    You are missing a key thing. This game is designed to entertain you just to the point you start spending real money on it. They will never make everu spot in the game worth something, whether its xp or money or whatever, because theres need to be competition on one of them, pirates for example and they need to make you want buy scrolls increasing drop chance for rarer stuff in game. They need to keep us all happy enough to give them money, nothing more, we know it, they know it, they have statistics from the server and changes will be implemented to keep more players and make those players use their wallets. Making all spots in the game worth using removes competition, which they will never make.
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  8. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crate prices   

    Jesus loves you and so I.
    Im sorry for my lack of knowledge about this calculator.
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  9. Niepokalanek added a topic in General   

    Calpheon Timber Crate prices
    I know the price of calpheon timber crate in valencia produced in trent on desert buffand 130% after bargain which is 266k.
    Could someone post a price of it produced in calpheon sold in valencia with desert buff, bargain but on 100%? Considering the upcoming comunism nerfs.
    Thankyou in advance  
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  10. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic I did something wrong? i dont get trade exp for 1000 Ore crates   

    because you take 5k+ crates at once, not 200
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  11. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    I haven't red the second example and I replied too fast, I'm not sure what you want to show me with this. That those nerds need other way to defend? And because of that there's this guy @Squishy_boi proposing a solution worth condemnation and ban? And it should happen that CM's and GM's will look at it and find a solution to griefers?
    If so, then in the first place, this proposition shouldn't ever be brought up, for the second part, maybe right maybe wrong. You will still need a way to fight for a spot when you are weaker and to be honest.. Fighting for spots as I said is a part of this game and people compete with each other and it's good. He can change spot or channel or game if he doesn't like it and as I mentioned I'm sometimes probably irritated same way as he is when the griefer comes.
    But this proposition man.. Come on.. Someone should delete this thread before too many broken minds of this community will read it and catch the idea.
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  12. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic About fishing   

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  13. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    Dude, im not the one who doesnt get the point. I dont say the frieder did a good thing. I hate griefers. What is bad is the system. 
    But proposition to stigmatizePeople by nicknames on sub forum of the game and punish them? What the ***? Is he Hitlers son? My brain has just blown up. 
    Change the system, all players fight for spots. And this is part of the game. I didnt comment about that in previous post at all.
    I just cant imagine how much hate and dangerous statements and acts against other people was proposed in this post.
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  14. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    This is shameful. Just the idea. It's wrong on so many levels that you should be perma banned from the game. Community anager should replay to this thread ending this discussion and closing it. @CM_Aethon @CM_Oli @@CM_Serenity
    You are trying to create a toxic situation influemcing whole community based on your personal problems and emotions. 
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  15. Niepokalanek added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    Exactly, it's just not worth doing just thinking of it. By practice Ansgar will tell you the same thing. https://www.twitch.tv/ansgar224/videos/all
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