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  1. nevermind added a post in a topic If the current XP and black stone rates became the new normal, would you be happy?   

    i dont see the point from both of these events
    .. its so random..? should have given the event when ninja and kuno are released instead.
    This thread is pointless anyway, i don't think big companies can admit their mistakes and go back on things 
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  2. nevermind added a post in a topic I remember the time...   

    I also remember the time where game devs and publishers enjoyed games and tried to make them as best as they can, instead rush them and then try to grab as much cash as possible and move onto the next project as it is now 
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  3. nevermind added a post in a topic Mobs and or Bosses should ALSO drop Black Crystal Shards   

    550 energy today (Half with shining lucky tool) and i didn't get a single shard 
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  4. nevermind added a post in a topic Are you ready for Valencia?   

    rushed patch when they haven't even finished mediah or polished out the many problems we currently have
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  5. nevermind added a post in a topic Why No Night Vendor?   

    need night vendor asap 
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  6. nevermind added a post in a topic Cats Ears   

    pls, everyone that doesn't respect cat ears has obviously not played the proper games
    back in the day in Lineage 2, cat ears was one of the very few (and by far the best) hair accessories possible not just in l2 but in mmos in general, it's a relic on its own and its allowed to break immersion 
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  7. nevermind added a post in a topic Kzarka weapon droprate   

    droprate? depends if your acc has broken rng or not
    there are people with 4 kzarka weps in 10 attendances 
    its rng bois . . . .[laughs in sarcasm] 
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  8. nevermind added a post in a topic Ninja/Kuno need to come out now, not later. Read.   

    ninja and kuno should come 1 week before valencia just as blader and plum should have come 1 week before mediah (which didnt happen)
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  9. nevermind added a topic in General   

    What happened to costume mix-matching?
    We talked about this since beta, what happened with it?  Now that we're slowly getting more costumes, mixing them is becoming more of a thing but losing the 10% combat xp set bonus for it is lame.
    As far as i've picked up from older threads and talking to people, in KR as long as you have full costume parts (regardless of which) you still get the combat xp. Does anyone know when was that added in korea as well? ( with which patch) maybe we get it at the same time  . . .
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  10. nevermind added a post in a topic All these "catch up" XP events piss on dedicated players   

    u should stop embarrassing urself with your lack of common sense in every thread just because you got butthurt once
    this event is dumb and illogical
    hardcore players will benefit from it more than casuals, in fact, they'll have even more incentive to go pve which usually means they go with a group which usually means that the top spots are occupied for more hours which usually means rip casuals.
    hardcore players will push more extra hours than casuals and each of these hours is 30% better than before,, the only thing this event achieves is it forces people to pve or fall behind and the moment the word "Forced" is used  you already know its a shit event 
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  11. nevermind added a post in a topic All these "catch up" XP events piss on dedicated players   

    there events are so dumb  and illogical
    they force the people that pve a lot/stay ahead to pve more and give advantages to casuals that they shouldnt get
    all in all the event is pointless and the only thing it achieves is to force people to pve which kinda sucks 
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  12. nevermind added a post in a topic red battleground - ILLOGICAL CHANGE   

    skill is more involved than gear? 
    you do realize that this change promotes anti-skill since only ranged classes can go full retard on AP and ignore their DP and still do good due to range/desync , while melees *NEED* defense because in order to do damage as a melee you have to stop dodging/blocking and that means you're open to get hit by anyone else
    the problem isnt even that 'gear is nerfed' , the problem is that this limits some classes and enables others because AP and DP don't have the same value 
    and lol as if that joke bg would ever require skill
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  13. nevermind added a post in a topic red battleground - ILLOGICAL CHANGE   

    the bg is even worse than before
    hybrid gear (like outlaw ring) with 7 stats at +0  which is good for melees cus they need both AP and DP is losing its value
    what a joke update with 0 thought and consideration put behind it 
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  14. nevermind added a post in a topic Today is a milestone regarding Daum's progress   

    i dont kr but i jordine and i know you're a random low scrub so yeah , hilarious really, you should be embarrassed to post on forums
    whats an opinion exactly?
    everything i wrote is fact
    also the desync is worse instead better 
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  15. nevermind added a post in a topic Today is a milestone regarding Daum's progress   

    u kidding me?
    the broken rng is here to stay, won't even get acknowledged, people running around with insane gear while others (Regardless of playtime even if its 18h a day) are falling behind further and further , nothing was done about balance, we dont even have full mediah and they're rushing valencia already
    barely finished old accessories/gear and they're adding new, no night vendor either, field bosses are still the cancer that continuously feeds the same people with gear 
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