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  1. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    RMT Incoming
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  2. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    Sooooo any ninja damage fixes?
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  3. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic *Suggestion* Class-Swap Ticket *Suggestion*   

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  4. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic *Suggestion* Class-Swap Ticket *Suggestion*   

    You would have one chance per family only so how?
    Rerolling to other class you play now to other break game? Don't think so.
    I'm just thinking about that all stop in PROGRESS you H-A-V-E to S-K-I-P in order to RE-ROLL at this moment.
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  5. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic *Suggestion* Class-Swap Ticket *Suggestion*   

    EU is just jumping on bandwagon, especially rangers most of the time and sorcs (pre awaken was last time when i read, oh the 5 AP nerf on shards, unplayable), and by talking about KR I meant the kids who play op class that gets nerf and gets instantly buffed next patch because of crybabies on forums, aaaaaaaand no our version is getting exactly same patches so crying in our forums is literally useless because they don't really have any resources to do anything about it (no developer team, no rights to make their own patches expect events like thanks giving etc)
    Actually I'm playing warrior on lvl 59, and I would like to swap it to blader just because awaken it self looks way more funny and way more faster compared to warrior. Without that kind of class swap ticket I'm kind of obligated to commit to 1 class, but in the end I'll probably just farm enough silvers for weapons, get them for blader and then swap slowly buying weight limit.
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  6. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic *Suggestion* Class-Swap Ticket *Suggestion*   

    Guys keep it simple no trash talk etc.
    I'm quite surprised for game that is modeled after F2P in KR this simply is not yet in the game.
    We all know also that class balance in this game swaps from month to month by beign called "FOTM" with each patch.
    This would simply resolve a problem of buying new weight limit and let's say 9 month spent on 1 class which you hoped would get good but SUCKS because it is beign balanced but in reality it's getting nerfed because kids are crying that it's OP in KR.
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  7. Grumpy_Fox added a topic in Suggestions   

    *Suggestion* Class-Swap Ticket *Suggestion*
    I'm quite surprised it's still not in the game, probably will never see daylight but whatever
    So how it would work:
    TYPE A:
    Swaps ur class to another with default model, full skill reset.
    If possible weapon swap aswell but not that important I guess. (would be preferable)
    TYPE B:
    Transfer/Swap all Skill Points / EXP / Life Skills to/with chosen character with weapons (preferable) or without them
    Would be nice alternative for players who gets bored of their class or get dissapointed after playing it for super long.
    What's ur opinion about it? Is it even possible? (editing account shouldn't be that much additional script programming)
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  8. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    Kuit island is bugged
    Can't take out boat because it doesnt belong to "Kuit Strait" but "Kuit Island"  (So can't even farm)
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  9. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Is sweet cone hat quest bugged or it's just female class?
    Is sweet cone hat quest bugged or it's just female class?
    Did sweet cone hat QUEST got turned off or just buggeD, or female only?
    Did sweet cone hat QUEST got turned off or just buggeD, or female only?
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  10. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic Thinking about coming back   

    got 5 pets just thinking about the weight limit ...
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  11. Grumpy_Fox added a topic in General   

    Thinking about coming back
    As title says + I want to try out new class between Berserker/Wizard any of them got good buff?
    how does game stands now without any invest of money (weight limit etc)
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  12. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic Dear warriors   

    Red karma:
    Gear MAY drop when killed BY MONSTERS
    -3% EXP on beign killed by Player
    High chance to lose Gems
    Every guard in city will make you either wanna invest in container or force you to live outlaw law in desert bandit city
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  13. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic Are you prepared Master Race Warriors?   

    Inb4 we get Re-Roll scroll/token and everyone rerolls to other "flavor of the month" class
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  14. Grumpy_Fox added a post in a topic Are you prepared Master Race Warriors?   

    Actually getting blue is kind of easy too. Consider that Mem shards give 2 dura each. So at best you need 150 mem shards for 300 full dura repair. Well if you have kzarka longsword and bheg gloves you could go green (some koreans advice it like that if u focus on pve) until u get dandelion. But 150 mem shards aint that hard to get
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  15. Grumpy_Fox added a topic in Warrior   

    Are you prepared Master Race Warriors?
    Still raising mem frags.
    Remember the day with awakening means only one thing!
    Jokes aside, as title says? Hyped? Prepared?

    Now I'm fully prepared

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