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  1. CM_Aethon added a topic in Events   

    Helping Hand: Guide Contest
    Helping Hand: Guide Contest
    As many of our experienced players already know Black Desert has many intricate systems that weave together to make up the entire world.  We would like to invite you to share your knowledge of the BDO World by submitting player made guides.Of course we know this is no small task so for those who wish to participate, you will earn the chance to win some swag by making a Black Desert Online game guide.
    Event Details [All entries must be submitted to via reply to this thread within the given dates to be considered eligible]
    Submission Period: May 3rd - May. 17th
    Winner Selection Conditions:
    Staff’s Pick [ 5/18/2017 ~ 5/23/2017] - 10 Guides will be selected as staff favorites.
    Winners Announcement: May 24th
    Winner will be given their pick of one item from our swag collection.
    Hat or T-Shirt or Black Spirit Pillow
    Guide Specs & Contest Rules [All entries must adhere to these specifications to be considered eligible]
    The guide must be text based, but may also contain images and videos.
    Character Limit: 20,000
    No Plagiarism, you may only submit your own original creation.
    If you previously made a guide you can still submit it, but it must be up to date with the EN Version of the game.
    All entries must be submitted by replying to this thread.
    ※ If you don't follow the given format above, you will be automatically disqualified!
    By submitting your guide(s) for our contest, you understand and agree that the rights and ownership for the use of the guide(s) will automatically belong to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and can be used at Kakao Games Europe B.V.'s discretion.
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  2. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic No IP block for Steam version?   

    There is no change to the current IP restrictions for the Steam service, our licensed service area at this time remains the same as it has been. Should there be any change to this we'll be sure to let folks know. Players who are unfamiliar with this can read our FAQ here.
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  3. CM_Aethon added a topic in Events   

    Fan Made: Trailer Contest

    Fan Made: Trailer Contest
    Some amazing new content is on the way, and we thought it’d be an awesome opportunity for you creative types to show off your skills to the world, and have a chance to earn some swag by making a Black Desert Online game trailer.
    Event Details [All entries must have been submitted to youtube within the given dates to be considered eligible (Cannot be before or after the submission date)]
    Winners Announcement: June 19th
    Winner Selection Conditions:
    Staff’s Pick [ 6/1/2017 ~ 6/9/2017] - 10 videos will be selected as staff nominees for the community to vote on during the dates [ 6/10/2017 ~ 6/18/2017].
    Out of the 10 nominees,  5 community selected winners will receive 1st ~ 5th place prizes based on the tallied votes.
    Most Views - The top 5 most viewed videos will be selected as winners.
    Submission Period: May 3rd - May. 31st
    Staff / Community Pick
    1st Place - Astro Headset (Custom BDO Branded), Hat (1x), Shirt (1x), Pillow (1x), and 90 Day Value Pack (1x).
    2nd Place - Hat (1x), Shirt (1x), Pillow (1x), and 30 Day Value Pack (1x).
    3rd Place - Hat (1x), Shirt (1x), and 7 Day Value Pack (2x).
    4th Place - Hat (1x), Shirt (1x), and 7 Day Value Pack (1x)
    5th Place - Hat (1x), Shirt (1x)
    Most Viewed [All 5 winners are eligible for the below listed prize]
    Choice of one of the below items:
    Hat, Shirt, or Pillow
    Video Specs [All entries must adhere to these specifications to be considered eligible]
    Minimum Video Length: 30 seconds
    Maximum Video Length: 2 minutes
    May only contain Black Desert Online original music, provided intro and outro must be used at the start and end of the video. (Download >here<)
    Using in-game sound effects is optional.
    Resolution must be at least 720p or 1080p.
    Minimum FPS (frames per second) of 25, ideally 30.
    Event Rules [All entries must adhere to these rules to be considered eligible]
    Entries must be submitted to youtube within the listed submission period.
    Entries must have the following title (Use your family name & Region): [Black Desert Online Fan Trailer] + Family Name + Region
    Entries must include the user’s family name and play region (EU or NA) in the video description.
    Use your imagination to show us what you love the most about BDO within the trailer.
    The videos cannot contain any text or voice audio (ie: player recorded voice overs).
    In game interface must be disabled (Ctrl + U)
    The contest winners must provide raw assets & final cut video to be eligible to receive rewards.
    Some ideas on how to create an engaging trailer may be found here.
    ※ If you have a typo in your name or if you don't follow the given format above, you will be automatically disqualified!
    By submitting your video(s) for our contest, you understand and agree that the rights and ownership for the use of the video(s) will automatically belong to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and can be used at Kakao Games Europe B.V.'s discretion.
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  4. CM_Aethon added a topic in Patch Notes   

    Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017

    Greetings Adventurers,

    This week we have a relatively small update adding new costumes, a pet and the New Loyal Attendance Reward Event will begin.  This patch will be ~226 MB.

    The Current Loyal User Attendance Reward event has come to an end.
    A New Loyal User Attendance Reward Event has begun.
    Start: May 4th
    End: June 7th

    Fan Made: Trailer Contest
    Show off your awesome video making skills and have a chance at winning some awesome prizes, check >here< for more info!
    Helping Hand: Guide Writing Contest.
    We know many of you fantastic folks have been hard at work providing informative guides and we’d love to see more, find out how you can win some awesome prizes in the process >here<.
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  5. CM_Aethon added a topic in Events   

    Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]
    Greetings Adventurers,

    We know a lot of you enjoyed the previous screenshot contest, so we’re giving you another chance to make your mark on the Black Desert Online game world with one of your very own screenshots on display in-game for all to see!

    1. Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest
    Spring is in the air and it's time to go out and enjoy the beautiful world of Black Desert Online! The game world has been filled with lots and lots of Tulips all over, put on your best outfit and go capture some amazing screenshots!
    Submit Date: April 19th - Apr. 25th (Final Submit Date)
    Staff’s Pick: April 26th - 28th
    Winners Announcement: April 28th
    Winners: We'd like to thank everyone for participating, and take a moment to congratulate the winners![Prizes will be delivered in the following week]
     Event Rules:Screenshots must be 1920x1080 or greater in resolution.
    Players must provide their correct Region & Family name in the post.
    The image must be posted on either Facebook or Twitter on your own page, set to public, and include the following:
    The Hashtag #BDOTulips2017
    The tag Facebook: @BlackDesertOnline Twitter: @BDO_news
    Screenshots cannot be edited in any way in external software outside of the game.
    Failure to abide by any of the above rules may result in voiding your eligibility to be selected as a winner.
    You may submit as many images as you'd like.
    Prizes: Winners will be announced through our forums, and prizes will be delivered a few days after the contest ends.First Place (4 Players Total)New Piano Jukebox
    30 Day Value Pack
    2017 BDO Calendar
    Screenshot display in-game as a loading screen.
    Instructions: Please follow these steps when posting on Facebook or Twitter:
    Your post must be set to public and include the hashtag #BDOTulips2017 and tag @BlackDesertOnlineYour post must include your family name and region.
    Submissions: You will need to submit the image as a public post on your own Facebook or Twitter. It will require the post to be set to public so our team can find and view it, please be sure to include the required Hashtag and Family Name with Region.
    Disclaimer: By submitting your screenshot(s) for our event, you understand and agree that the rights and ownership for the use of the screenshot(s) will automatically belong to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and can be used at Kakao Games Europe B.V.'s discretion.
    Update: Please use the following tags depending on the area in which you are posting:
    Twitter: @BDO_newsFacebook: @BlackDesertOnline
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  6. CM_Aethon added a topic in Patch Notes   

    Patch Notes - April 26th 2017

    Greetings Adventurers,
    This weeks scheduled maintenance is estimated to be 7 hours long and contains over 80 changes & updates.  Following this maintenance players will be able to enjoy the new Sticker UI, which allows you to extend your in-game interface outside of the game window along with many other updates.  This weeks, the patch will be ~1000MB in size.

    -The BDO Team

    [ Event ]
    Golden Flondor Goose Egg Event has ended.
    [ System ]
    Sticker UI that will allow users to drag some UI elements out of the game screen has been added.
    Upon clicking the Sticker UI icon on the top-right corner of the Inventory, the following windows can be dragged outside the game screen:
    Manage Workers
    When Sticker UI function is activated, it will keep running outside the game screen even if other windows are turned on.
    However, some of the functions cannot be performed in Sticker UI window.
    When the pop-up is released, the window will reopen.
    When a window is dragged out of the game screen, it cannot be closed with the ESC key. The window can only be turned off by clicking the X button or releasing pop-up status then turning it off.
    When minimizing the game screen to tray, the Sticker UI will disappear.
    Sticker UI will reset in /reloadui situations (server change, resurrecting in nodes after death, etc.).
    Screens without render modes cannot use the Sticker UI (Ex. If World Map is turned on when Inventory is open, Inventory pop-up window will black out and no action can be taken).
    Drag-and-drop function is allowed only in the Sticker UI and in-game screen (Not in Windows screen).
    Marketplace Sticker UI can only be applied in Marketplace Panel through Game Options. Marketplace through Maids and NPCs are not available.
    Last Server Connected and Random Server functions have been added to the bottom part of the server list window which appears upon connecting to the game.
    Last Server Connected will show the server a player has most recently connected to, and players may now click it to reconnect.
    Adventurers who cannot connect to Olvia Server cannot connect to it even if Random Server is selected.
    Adventurers who can connect to Olvia will randomly connect to one of all servers, including Olvia Servers, by selecting Random Server.
    Fixed the issue where ‘Party Member Hit Type Display’ differed with the checked state under ‘Character Outline/Silhouette Options.’
    Fixed the issue where frame reduction occurred sometimes with the Equipment Selection UI while performing Recover Max Durability.
    Minimap-related functions like Minimap rotation and NPC spotter have been fixed to perform normally.
    Some areas of Iliya Island have turned from Safe Zone to Combat Zone.
    [ NPC ]
    Fixed the issue where Herio in Crioville became invisible when players were talking to him.
    Fixed the issue where crows near Kasula Farm seemed to be flying through-and-above grounds.
    Fixed the issue where Cyclops conversing with the Crio in Crioville appeared to be Quest Target when it wasn’t.
    Title of <Cannon Maker> has been added to Vype Stoner of Northern Heidel Quarry.
    Katan Recruit, the target of quest [Daily] Training of the Solemn Martial Law, will now have more natural running motion. 

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  7. CM_Aethon added a topic in News & Announcements   

    [Notice] Known Issues - Apr. 26 *Updated*
    Greetings Adventurers,
    We're aware of a few bugs that have appeared in this weeks patch, below you can find the details of known issues and our current estimated time on when they'll be resolved. We'll be actively monitoring this thread for any additional issues if you'd like to report them here. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconveniences you may encounter while we work to resolve them.
    Resolved Issues
    The Dark Knight Treant and Desert Ghillie suit information on the Pearl Shop has now been resolved and can be downloaded via a hotfix, simply fully relaunch the game client and apply the fix.After applying a small hotfix, the Anemos Horse Armor should now be restored to most affected players.We are aware of a small number of folks still having some issues and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.Known Issues
    The Anemos Horse gear set has gone missing.The function for ‘Applying Most Popular’ customization is not working properly.The text ‘Co-op’ sometimes does not appear for some of the Co-op QuestsThe function of ‘Hide’ post does not work in the Photo Gallery.The ‘Hold’ button on the Night Vendor is missing.Some localization issues (Missing Text) in the FR & DE language version of the client.The Kzarka Shrine (Near Calpheon) was the victim of a theft, someone has stolen the floor.Please use caution when entering the area, we've sent for some goblins to begin repaving the floor asap!
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  8. CM_Aethon added a topic in News & Announcements   

    [Notice] Account Security
    Greetings Adventurers,
    We recently received a report that account security may have been compromised on a third party website. In response, we have reset the password for any related accounts. We strongly urge any user whose password was reset to contact customer support in order to change your e-mail address. Additionally if you used the same or a similar password on any other services, it should be replaced.
    E-Mail Change Policy
    Password Change
    Please note that a password reset can take up to 90 minutes. Spamming the reset request will result in your account being blocked.  We do apologize for any inconvenience this process has caused, but we place paramount concern on matters of security, and will take any steps necessary to protect our players.

    As always, your support is appreciated.
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  9. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Looks as though the thread has run its course and folks are straying off into flame bait and insults.
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  10. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    Hey guys,

    We've received reports from players regarding this, and after an initial investigation into this we've confirmed there is something amiss with the Mutant Ogre & Mutant Troll mentioned in the patch notes. For the time being we recommend players avoid interacting with them.
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  11. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic I like this Sticker UI Thingymagig :3   

    I have to admit I about died laughing at the included gif. Hopefully it has decided to behave itself, if not please let us know.  
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  12. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    We've received reports from players regarding this, and after an initial investigation into this we've confirmed there is something amiss with the above mentioned monsters. For the time being we recommend players avoid interacting with them, thank you for bringing it to our attention.
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  13. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    We'll be addressing that issue in a hotfix tomorrow, your armor is still there and your horse will be less... naked, after the maintenance! Find out more information here.
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  14. CM_Aethon added a topic in Neuigkeiten & Ankündigungen   

    [Wartung] Dringende Wartung 27.04.2017
    Liebe Spieler,

    wir werden folgende Wartung durchführen.

    Datum: Donnerstag, 27.04.2017
    Duration: 1.5hServer wird geschlossen:Server wird geöffnet:Global06:00 UTC07:30 UTCWestküste (NA)23:00 PDT00:30 PSTOstküste (NA)02:00 EDT03:30 ESTMitteleuropa (EU)08:00 MESZ09:30 MESZ
    Hotfix für das Problem mit dem Pferdeausrüstungsset: Anemos.
    Folgt uns auf Twitter, um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.
    Danke für euer Verständnis.

    Euer BDO-Team
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  15. CM_Aethon added a topic in Nouveautés & Annonces   

    [Maintenance] Maintenance Urgente 27 Avril
    Salutations aventuriers,

    Nous allons procéder à une maintenance dans les conditions suivantes.

    Date: Jeudi, 27.04.2017
    Durée: 1.5hMise hors ligne du serveur:Mise en ligne du serveur:Global06:00 UTC07:30 UTCCôte Ouest (NA)23:00 PDT00:30 PDTCôte Est (NA)02:00 EDT03:30 EDTCentrale (EU)08:00 CEST09:30 CEST

    Raison(s) :
    Correctif pour le problème de l'ensemble équin d'Anemos.
    Suivez-nous sur Twitter/Facebook pour vous tenir au courant des dernières actus.
    Merci pour votre support et votre compréhension.

    À bientôt, 
    L'équipe BDO
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  16. CM_Aethon added a topic in News & Announcements   

    [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27
    Dear Players,

    We will perform our maintenance as follows:

    Date: Thursday, 27.04.2017
    Duration: 1.5hServer Down:Server Up:Global06:00 UTC07:30 UTCWest Coast (NA)23:00 PDT00:30 PDTEast Coast (NA)02:00 EDT03:30 EDTCentral (EU)08:00 CEST09:30 CEST
    Hotfix for Anemos Horse Gear Set issue.
    Follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay up2date.
    Thank you for your support and understanding.

    Best regards,
    BDO Team
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  17. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Horse Anemos Cosmetic   

    We're aware of the issue guys, we'll have an announcement up shortly regarding it. Hang tight!
    Further details will be updated via this thread here.
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  18. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Glad you got it sorted!
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  19. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic log in issues   

    The servers are most definitely up! It sounds as though you may be having a technical issue that we may be able to assist you with. However in order to do so you'll want to contact our support staff at the following URL: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Please use the Technical category and briefly describe the issue you're having. One of our staff will be happy to assist you in trying to identify what may be the issue.
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  20. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic striker stream?   

    As of this moment I don't have a firm date I can share, it is inbound and when we have more solid details we'll certainly share them with you guys. I'm super hyped too!
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  21. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Support tickets priority   

    Some tickets are inherently more time sensitive than others, this is not to say we're putting a value on one ticket over another, but rather our team may have to react in a very limited window of time in order to be able to resolve an issue. A majority of the tickets operate on a first come first serve process as you'd expect.
    For the folks who are concerned about time windows for pearl refunds, I can assure you that we factor in when the ticket was created, not when we're able to process it. I know our support staff are working through the tickets as quickly as possible and you should see the response time begin to stabilize soon.
    Those of you with the extended wait times, we hear ya and we appreciate the patience while things are settling down.
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  22. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic striker stream?   

    It is still quite early (6:30 AM I believe) in Korea so I wouldn't expect there to be a stream available for a few hours. I'm looking forward to watching some as well later.  
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  23. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Is it possible to play without the abusive p2w pets?   

    Look folks, you're welcome to voice your opinions, ideas, and suggestions on the forums in a civil manner that promotes discussion. Using it as a means to launch personal attacks, or shout other opposing opinions down in a disruptive and disrespectful manner is not permitted.
    Users who choose to ignore the rules and post in this manner will be fast tracked to a lovely vacation from the forums.
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  24. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Raise hands if you play Black Desert and still live with your parents   

    We're glad you could share that with us Alex, I'll go ahead and move this back into the appropriate section.
    The dark world of off topic where comic sans is a must!
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  25. CM_Aethon added a post in a topic Newish Player Guild Question   

    Threads been cleaned up, lets stay on topic and civil.
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