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  1. Leon0 added a post in a topic Kzarka or Dandelion?   

    well it would be better to wait for the dandelion first but the dandelion is very, very hard to get and the kazarka is fairly easy. 
    In other words, while you wait for the dandelion you could gear up your whole character and still not be able to get the dandeliion. 
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  2. Leon0 added a post in a topic I think pearls are a bit too expensive.   

    well it depends with what you compare it with....
    lets say you buy the game (10 usd), then you buy 4 pets (even though you could get 1 from event)  3600 (36 usd) pets adn you buy the 200 lt weight (10 usd) thats a total of 60 usd (rounding up). 
    if you play the game for 1 year, you would have spent 5 usd / month
    i think its cheaper than most games.
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  3. Leon0 added a post in a topic This has the worst in-game economy of any MMO I have ever played.   

    In a way I agree with you DRKN but the community does not think like that. That is why they removed the xp loss in pvp, because the community complained. When you are farming regular mobs like say, Sausans, lower levels can kill it just as fast, but if you are farming ogres, which are limited per channel, and some guy with 220+ ap kills them all, it will only make him richer and waste your time. The only benefit to you is that you are going to end up buying it from him. 
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  4. Leon0 added a post in a topic This has the worst in-game economy of any MMO I have ever played.   

    I think its perfectly balanced. If farming ogre rings were more appealing, this post would be a complain of how higher end players are controlling the spawn of the ogres and you have no chance in getting one. 
    I believe that their "balance" is something like this:
    -We want the ogre ring, the best scaling accesory in the game (top earrings scale by 2, belts and rings by 3, ogre by 5) to be something very very hard to get, so we want a maximum of X by hour ( (#of ogres)*(# of channels) * (drop rate) = x => simple math
    -at the same time, pre-orders take money out of the economy. Therefore if the pre-orders from a certain item are too high, the economy starts suffering a deflation, which decreases the prices of the market and therefore benefits the newer players. In addition, as the community grows (if you noticed the olvia channels have been crowded every day for almost 2 months), they probably want a certain percentage of the population to have ogre rings, if that percentage is low, they put an event like this, they solve the deflation issue, and they increase the number of players with the item thus balancing the "end game" competition.
    Before this event, you could have a guy with an ogre pri, 4 billion in the bank and pre-orders set for the item and he could not compete properly against his peers (same amount of wealth). Now that guy might have only 2 billion in the bank but has an ogre tri now.and more balanced gear with his peers.
    There are manyt things wrong with this game, but the economy is not one of them. The economy of this game is the only thing preventing bots, farmers, and online cash shops. Just go to google and search for "world of warcraft gold" and you will see hundreds of websites that sell gold. Every other MMO is "pay to win". It might not be sponsored by the developers (as in, there might not be cash shops). But by having open market systems, there will always be bots and people selling in-game gold, allowing people with lots of money to just buy everything.
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  5. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    Many places get you to those numbers, it all depends on the rotation you find and your gear of course. But I think even catfishman can get you to around 4-6 mill / hour.
    Elrics is a good spot for it too. with low gear youd be making 3/4 mill an hour if you kill fast enuogh you can probably get up to 5/6
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  6. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    You "might" get same or a little bit better money on these spots, but is subject to RNG. I have tested gahaz and fogans and sometimes I make about the same and sometimes I make a lot less. If you also factor in the time it takes to get there and back.... Its just not worth it.... Sometimes I have 30/40 minutes extra in the morning, I go to sausans, farm 3000 armor fragments and I move on with my day..... if I wanted to do the same with any other spot it would be impossible... It takes 5/10 minutes to get from heidel / altinova / velia to sausans, and you can go there afk. Bandits is ok, cause you can afk it. 
    The main purpose of this thread is not only to show how broken sausans is, but the huge problem of disparity between progression. It is not right, that a guy that got to sausans 110 ap lvl 56, is farming in the same place as me with 185 ap lvl 59...... And places where you need 160+ ap being as good as sausans, is not good enought. These places should yield at least 30/40% more than sausans consistently, so either nerf sausans, or increase trash loot on the other spots, thats where I am trying to get at.
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  7. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    not really.. the only thing that would be sold on market would be the armor stuff.. all the rest is destroyed via procesing and with master procesing i actually make a lot more money.... i grind the stones yields round 300 BSP = 600k (vs 100k retail) and the weapons I sometimes get pure crystals thats 200k
    market loss for the armor stuff would be around 100k
    I also forgot to add the silver gains that was around 450k... so substact those 100k thats actually 9mill
    keep in mind that this is an "unlucky" rotation... so you are at 10mill unlucky, 15 million "lucky) average around 12.5 mill
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  8. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    I have been trying bandits a lot, and I had days that where on par with sausans. and others that werent even close. The main thing about sausans is consistency and how close it is to everything.... For those that watned video, I dont have the software installed but I did take some progressive photos:
    Total time 47 minutes
    Armor Fragment100034823482000Sausan Supply Package1666.6679571595000Robe Piece1000625625000Trace of ascension46711256052Krea Long Bow34300134300Krea Shuriken25200125200Krea Axe34300268600Krea Blade34300134300Black Stone (weapon)3000001300000Black Stone (Armor)2100002420000Ancient Bronze Coin5000735000Broken Timber70986860Magic Crystal - Ignore Grapple20944120944Magic Crystal - Counter attack241496144894Grunil Boots25000041000000Grunil Gloves2180002436000Strength Shoes of Heve650005325000    $  8,609,150.00
    that roughly 8.6 million with "unlucky drops (no book)" 
    in 47 minutes, easily 10 mill / hour constant.
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  9. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    It is not fine the way it is. There is no sense of progression...
    When you start the game, if you are not powerleveled, and don't have money to start of with a +15 weapon, you spend a fair amount of time moving from one spot to the next. As your gear and your level's progress you keep changing spots, and on these spots drop increases substatially.
    Once you hit lvl 52/53 and you hit about 100 AP the best spot is Sausans. A guy like me has been there for about 2 or 3 month and in the horizaon I do not see it changing any time soon. I probably need about 2 billion silver to get to 200 ap. Thats about 154 hours of sausans... @ 2 hours / day thats 2 months and considering I have been there for 3 months, on the overall picture it would account for 90% of my characters life spent in 1 spot.....
    With the removal of xp loss, this does not happen either. Lower levels just karma bomb which is not really their fault, is the way the game is set up. Open world pvp with no consequences.... its pretty hilarious....
    I agree with this, but what is the point of being lvl 60 if you are still carrying grunil / liverto - seal/guardian / duo witch  and valencia quest rings....
    its like.. yay ... im 60.. what now... o crap i need money now... and you go back to sausans / pirates at 60 or become a carebear lifeskiller / fisher..... Also during this equation it takes double the time.....
    with no bufs im at 1391.
    I have the polar bear T3 = +40 lt and I also have strength lvl 24
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  10. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    The fact that this happened in the past, does not make it right. There is a huge problem with the gameplay between 150 / 200 AP. I am not sure if the developers play the game enough to realize this problem. They spend countless hours creating game content, with lore and diferent regions and mobs, and withe the current boost in xp and armor weapon market values, nobody spends any time on it. Moreover you have all the ""NEW"" valencia areas which also have lots of different things going for them, but barly anyone goes because they are not profitable.
    Drops in valencia should be increased. A guy with 150/180 AP should be making at least 50% than a guy with 100/130 ap in Sausans, and that does not happen. Likewise, a guy with 200/230 ap should be making about double of a guy thats grinding sausans. 
    The same applies everywhere else. A guy with Artisan processing makes 4 times more than a guy with beginer procesing,.....
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  11. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    why do you have to be like that? the object from this post is to share with the community a problem that a lot of people seem to have here.....
    The only tool here is you that claims to have a secret formula but after extensive tests on other spots / group combinations Me and my group have been unable to find. Insted of being a douche you could just speak up and let us find out for ourselves. The main idea of the forums is to share ideas and suggestions... you are not giving and idea nor a suggestion. Just being a griefer like the people that frequent sausans.
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  12. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    I have tried that. I have a very close knit of friends and we there is nothing that we would like more is a place where we can group and xp/grind together.....
    If you have any specific suggestions for spots, I will be happy to test it with my friends and share the results.
    Please enlighten me. I would love to know.
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  13. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    well not really if you read through my post, I spent about 10 first minutes pvping on a different channel and then the main rotaion was taken and did an alternate rotation for about 5- 10 minutes... so I was only on the main rotation for a good 40/45 minutes and I wasted about 10 minutes without any farm.
    However, I did recently invest in one of the villas and will be testing further. I will try to do something similar as what I did here to compare apples to apples. The problem with that is you rely heavily on RNG. if you do not get scrolls there is no way you make that kind of money. In 1.5 hours in bandits I made about 4 million in trash loot, granted I did not have the main to myself and I did not have a good rotation either, but in sausans I would make about 7 million on trash loot. I do think that Bandits is a good alternative though, specially if sausans is heavily contested.
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  14. Leon0 added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    you are right I didn't accoutn for that. I fixed the table on only the things I sell, the others I usually keep or grind so that is what I would pay for them if i had to buy them.
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  15. Leon0 added a post in a topic Bad pvp system   

    Funny you would mention this, I just made a post about this same issue:
    Sausans is the best silver / hour spot. If you know of better one please advise. I have tried all of those spots you mention. Desert nagas I did about 5 mill / hour. Fogans about 6. Bandits was better if you are constatly changing channels and just farming the elites. Pila jail, I cant solo there (need 200+ ap), and on a group its probably about 4 mill / hour.
    XP in the desert / pirates is a little better but whats the point of being lvl 60 with 180 AP. I rather be 59 with 200 ap and for that I need to stay at Sausans. I make almost double what I make in any other spot (unless I get a very lucki drop with is up to RNG gods).
    I am really tired of sausans. I have been there for over 3 months, but other places have nothing going for them. 
    As far as letting others enjoy the game, thats not the way open PVP works my friend. Remember when you were a little kid and where on the basketball court / soccer field / any kind sport. When the older kids showed up, it was over. They would take over the field. I know its "bullying" but they were stronger / better and at some point they had the same problem you are having now. In this case many times I was forced to go to elrics / manes / iron mine. Which is where people with 100 AP should be. Because of the no xp loss upon deaths it just encourages karma bombing, making people grind a sausans for a lot less and for shit xp. 
    If xp loss was up, lower levels would actually be forced to go to other grind spots, and they wouldnt be so deserted. If you go to abandoned monastery / calpheon shriene priests / serendia shrine... So many spots / content that is not being used at all.....  Harash cliff / marni's second lab... everything is empty except sausans and pirates... thats because of the money drops are unbalaced and there is really nothing better than sausans between 120 and 200 ap. And after 200 ap I am still not even sure you would be making more money than sausans, probably about the same.
    Do you think that the silver needs of a guy with 200 AP are the same of a guy with 100 AP? you give 100 million to a guy of 100 AP and he will be able to move forward with his character, get better enchants and if he's lucky get to 110 AP and better dp. you give 100 million to a guy with 200 AP and thats nothing. If he decides to spend it, he might even go back in progression if he blows something up. 
    Its not about leting other enjoy the game is about getting a sense of progression, and once you reach the 160-170  ap / 260 DP your progression gets stuck, you are at the mercy of RNG and thats why a lot of the mid game people quit due to rng. Because its impossible for them to progress.
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