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  1. Sixfools added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    So, there used to be this bug where guild's could declare war on other guilds even if the receiving guild has never entered a node war or has decked on another guild. I guess they found the bug and gave up on fixing it. Did they not think through the implications to life skill guilds and griefers?
    Patch notes from June 17th 2016 at the bottom in red state: "GvG can only be declared on guilds that have either declared GvG previously or participated in Node/Siege War."
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  2. Sixfools added a post in a topic Theology, Lionel Riche   

    Yeah you need to win favor through the Amity game with him then he gives you a new quest. Make sure that you have all quests showing as well. It's not a combat quest.
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  3. Sixfools added a topic in Suggestions   

    Blackstones, Upgrading, Fail Stacks, and Penalties
    I'm fairly new to Black Desert Online. Though I've only been playing a month, I can only imagine the frustration that other players have experienced at much higher levels than I. My suggestion is about the penalty and cost to upgrading weapons, accessories, and gear.
    1. The Failstack system is still a little blackboxed but I understand why it exists. However, my beef is with upgrading beyond +15. The pentaly should never degrade an item back down to it's former level if the upgrade fails. The penalty for having to build up blackstone failstacks, grind for more blackstones, and repair duability is more than enough. Taking away a sense of acheivement for getting Duo, Tri, or Tet is counterintuitive to enticing us to upgrade. As an example, I'm perfectly satisfied staying at Duo for most of my gear bcause I don't want to loose that upgrade ever. Especally when I'm trying to grind tougher and tougher mobs. Therefore I'll never try and therefore I'll never experience the higher level of upgrade. Many players have simply quit the game because they lost a tet or pen on an item. One friend of mine simply won't play because of this reason.
    2. Accessories. These should never "Blow Up" or be destroyed. It's already enough to have to find an item again or use memory fragments to repair the max durability of an item let alone build up the fail stacks to try a Pri let alone a higher level of upgrade. I refer again to penelizing a player for the work that they did grinding, playing and acquiring items to simply try for an upgrade in this manner is ludicris. I will never Pri my Ogre ring simply for this reason. Accessories should have a similar blackstone item such as a concentrated in order to attempt an upgrade. Another alternative is to reduce durability on an accessory by 20 or 40 pts instead of the regular 10 like with armor and weapons. Another alternative is to give a bonus penalty on the item until it is back to a certain percentage of max durability (eg. 80/100 duability = 80% effectiveness). Keeping in mind that Fail Stacks are still necessary for a potentially positive upgrade.
    My request is simple. Change the mechanic of blowing up an upgrade or an accessory. This will help encourage players to continue to grind because they already need to acquire blackstones at an alarmingly low drop rate through various means such as grinding, gathering, questing, and doing scrolls. These tasks are already fairly time consuming. By destroying items, as a game mech anic for all of my hard work, you're now taking away the time that I've spent to attain the attempt at the upgrade, as well as the previous upgrade. Which in some cases is months of work.
    Comments and additional thoughts are welcome.
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