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  1. DorkySushi added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Why are there suddenly so many kzarka kriegsmesser in MP?
    Few weeks ago, you can barely get one, now there are like several duo and tri kz kriegsmesser on MP. I don't get it
    • 13 replies
  2. DorkySushi added a post in a topic New old Skill Since Patch now in awakening   

    I just use it to go to sword and shield, then animation cancel it into a grab
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  3. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Valkyrie SP & HP recovery   

    Get HP recovery add-ons on your RMB and Promptness. Use Shift+LMB and Shift+E for more healing. SP shortage will only happen when you either kill mobs too fast due to high AP or you're dashing more often to speed up grinding
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  4. DorkySushi added a topic in Dark Knight   

    What do you guys use for Add-on and healing
    Just curious what you guys use for skill Add-ons and do you mostly use skills for healin g (Both hp and mp) or just pot away in grinding.
    • 3 replies
  5. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    I main valk and the 2 primary complains I have are only the grabs and how long it bloody takes to cast the 100%. There are some other small minor things I would like to see changed by these 2 are my main concerns.
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  6. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Valk progress   

    you got bhegs, so you can ditch vangertz. Switch to rosar for pvp, kutum/nouver for pve/pvp. Rings get at least duo MoS and work from there. Necklace is fine, stick to AP necklace. Belt you can go basi for ap, tree for acc. Earrings are 1 RCE at tri/tet and a AP earring like duo witch and above, or double tri/tet RCE if youo're facing an evasion build in pvp.
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  7. DorkySushi added a post in a topic What outfits do are cool on valk?   

    Cavaro outift looks really nice on valk too

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  8. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Nouver or vangertz shield?   

    Kutum for PvE, Rosar for PvP, Nouver works for both as middle ground.
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  9. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Aim assist?   

    That's it feels like to me, since aim assist allows you to easily lock on to targets further away despite the small frame due to distance
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  10. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Aim assist?   

    in group pvp, it can instantly one shot people if your ap is high enough, even through block. The thing is, without aim asisst, the range is decrease and if target is moving, you can miss easily. Even without the 100%, its still almost impossible to track target and land behind them without aim asisst.
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  11. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Aim assist?   

    I need it more for enslar, i can't seem to land enslar on enemies without aim asisst
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  12. DorkySushi added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Things I wish they would change on Valk's skills
    1) Making Enslar's Ultimate animation faster
    2) Remove Death Line Chase's cooldown
    3) Death Line Chase can be used in any direction
    4) Death Line Chase does not bring you into longsword/non-awakening stance
    5) Increase Grip range and allow grip to be used in Lance stance
    If they do this, it would actually bring valks on par with other classes...anymore other ideas?
    • 2 replies
  13. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Aim assist?   

    Alright, keeping it on it is then
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  14. DorkySushi added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Aim assist?
    Just curious about fellow valks out there, do you guy use aim asisst? I find it harder to land Enslar and the aim distance is smaller when I turn it off.
    • 12 replies
  15. DorkySushi added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Can't decide between these 2 styles

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