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  1. nonless added a post in a topic Maehwa PvP Montage   

    I can see u only play vs newbies becauset they barely hit u or lower geared.
    Also they dont even try use knockdowns or stuns skills also.
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  2. nonless added a topic in Suggestions   

    Enchanting lowering
    I Suggest REMOVING that +15 +14 enchant lowering by dieing because its so lame, and game immersion breaking feature and its actualy abusing game feature.
    Its true meaning is penalty those who pk. now its just abused by everyone.
    Thx. ps: i would never do that because its just LAME!!!
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  3. nonless added a post in a topic no -----ing damage   

    Too weak class, u get so easy stunned,knocked down, grapped that mobility do not help + if are playing vs more than 1 opponent like in node war what make it complete useless class.
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  4. nonless added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    Its so funny all says git gud to play with ur class and most of players play as warriors / ranger tank classes. Only few players play as mahewa/kuno.
    Reason there is no balance at all and ppl plays only easyest and op classes right now.
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  5. nonless added a post in a topic Value pack   

    If everyone thinks that way in every game, then EVERY game is another money milking game from players.
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  6. nonless added a post in a topic Class Choice - Kuno/Maehwa/Witch   

    mahewa useless weak class right now , ibet kuno too. So witch is for you
    Or just make warrior, ranger like most of players does.
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  7. nonless added a post in a topic Value pack   

    They make enough profit when u buy the game. And there are many other less p2w ways to make profit.
    If they just sell costumes/ skins what dosent give advantages over freetoplay players then i would understand. (not single stats in costume)
    They need set limit how many value pack u can bid at month.
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  8. nonless added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

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  9. nonless added a post in a topic What should I upgrade? CPU or GPU?   

    Why typing if u dont know what u talking about? if others components like this guy has trash no ssd make difference. If u have 8gb ram and using insta accel +dfit with horse no world can load fast enogh.
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  10. nonless added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    They should REMOVE gifting its another advantage over free to play users. Ppl start request + pearl item even they got silver.
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  11. nonless added a post in a topic What should I upgrade? CPU or GPU?   

    Everyhing from u pc need to upgraded to play well. I suggest getting new skylake prossor, ddr4 16gb ram atleast, and good graphic card someting like 2 year old. r9 serie or something like that.
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  12. nonless added a post in a topic Value pack   

    First off i dont cry, this post was meant to devs to read as suggestion.
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  13. nonless added a post in a topic Value pack   

    Trolling nah? im realist. & everyone knows this game is p2w if have any common sense.
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  14. nonless added a post in a topic Value pack   

    I can afford but i try fight p2w game type games by not supporting them. Its my principle.
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