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  1. Rhiow added a post in a topic Guild level restrictions for guild missions?   

    Before the last patch we were labelled as an "Extra Large" guild even though we had trimmed our numbers of those who were no longer playing and were down to approx. 40 players in the guild.  After the latest patch we are now a "Large" guild, so we have been scaled down appropriately. My question was more to understand if it is an automatic thing now in that a guild's state will go up/down based on members?  or a one off recalculation.  (Nothing in the patch notes of course)
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  2. Rhiow added a post in a topic Guild level restrictions for guild missions?   

    Was this sneakily fixed in the last patch?  Our XL guild is now L.. was it a one off adjustment?  or does it now scale automatically?  Would be good to get some info.
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  3. Rhiow added a post in a topic Pre-Order Issue   

    Getting this a lot today.  I have no pre-orders placed and nothing currently for sale on the MP but can't place a pre-order as when I try, all I get is this error telling me that the number of pre-orders has been exceeded. 
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  4. Rhiow added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    Any chance we can hang onto the medals gained through this event for another week or so?  So we can actually make use of them if we don't win a prize?
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  5. Rhiow added a post in a topic Inventory Expansion Quests... Question.   

    I was just tracking back to figure out why I couldn't get this last backpack expansion and it was extremely frustrating as I have done all of them on another alt, and that alt didn't have to do all of the above Plantation quest lines.  What I found in the end though was that the "Ruins Excavation Disruption" quest was a 100 Amity Quest from Martha Kiyen at the Plantation. (Once I did that - and I don't recall having to on my alt btw), the quest line completed from the last four bits as above.
    (I didn't have to do all of the above quests)
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  6. Rhiow added a post in a topic Sniping, it has to be said.   

    I have been successful on more occasions than not but there are some strange things going on with it that's for sure.
    An example:
    My Wife also plays and we were both wanting to grab the same thing so we both tried to 'snipe' it. I see the item with "B" there so I type in my code and wait for  the 'B' to vanish so I can take my chance at sniping it...  she does the same.... her "B" vanishes and she makes her bid (Unsuccessfully)... about 10 seconds later, after she has already had the "Item already Sold" message and it has vanished from her Marketplace screen, I am still sat there with it on my screen, with a "B", still 'waiting'.... then the "B" vanishes, and of course I then get the "Item already Sold" message.
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  7. Rhiow added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    Aside from the fact that this event is once again targeted at a very few and most will have no chance to win a prize... What is even sillier is that the items will be removed when the event ends,  so you have to save them up but can't use them if you want to be in with a hope of winning a prize but if you don't win you lose everything you saved up and don't even get to use the buffs these things give.  At least extend the period of time that these can be used by a couple of weeks so people can actually used them, or better still, leave them in game when the event ends like you did with the Easter Eggs.. What's the point in removing them after?? 
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  8. Rhiow added a post in a topic Giant's Lightstone Story Quest bug   

    I have the "Giant's Lightstone Powder" but cannot get the "Remains of the Bautt Lithograph" from the "Shattered Bautt Lithograph" - Am I missing something? 
    I have tired all 4 marked spots, one gave the powder, two just say there is not enough power and this one (the northern most) does say "The shattered remains of the Bautt Lithograph" when I interact with it (Press R), but doesn't actually give me anything to use to complete the quest.
    @CM_Aethon, please can you check if this is bugged?  thanks.
    Have tried channel hopping but to no avail.
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  9. Rhiow added a post in a topic Is the Quest "Giant's Lightstone" bugged? Shattered Bautt Lithograph gives nothing   

    Is this still bugged?  Have gotten the Lightstone Powder but cannot get an interaction with this one (in the screenshot).  The other two just say that they have no power.
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  10. Rhiow added a post in a topic House of Night - EU [Alustin] [Casual] [Age 21+] [PvX] [GvG] [Website] [Discord]   

    The server my be down but why not make good use of the time and fire an application off at hon-bdo.enjin.com. 
    Recruiting all levels, all classes, all playstyles.  No pressure, no drama, we're just here to enjoy ourselves with everything BDO has to offer.
    CU in game soon I hope!
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  11. Rhiow added a post in a topic What do you win? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Totally agree. 
    For some, getting BiS gear due to luck with RNG is fun. For others, RNG is not-so-much fun. (People complain about RNG).    For some, grinding for hours on end to earn in-game money to buy that same BiS gear is fun. Others, hate grinding. (People complain about grinding)For some people with less free time to play, spending a bit of their RL hard-earned cash on outfits and pets, selling them in game to get the silver to buy that much coveted BiS gear that everyone else has 'worked' hard for is their kinda fun.  (People complain about that too)So yes... why is one person's idea of fun any more important than anyone else's?
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  12. Rhiow added a post in a topic House of Night - EU [Alustin] [Casual] [Age 21+] [PvX] [GvG] [Website] [Discord]   

    House of Night is and continues to be a great guild to be a part of so if you want a laid back and fun place to hang out with other likeminded gamers, free of any pressure to play any other way than how you want to, then look no further.  As stated above, we're from a wide range of MMO backgrounds and from several different countries and timezones so there's always plenty of us about. 
    We're into pretty much everything and although we may have a lot of mostly PvE and lifeskill focussed players (You'll see a fair few of us running about with rank medals floating over our heads from time to time),  we're not afraid to get our hands bloody and have dabbled in Node Wars and even took a node in the practice run just to see what all the fuss was about.
    Come join us for regular guild missions, boss scrolls, hunting and farming parties, or just to chat about horses with other our resident trainers on Discord. 
    Applications : hon-bdo.enjin.com
    See you in game soon!
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  13. Rhiow added a post in a topic Guild Scale clarification (large vs. extra large)   

    Just be sure you really want to grow to a larger size as it's a one-way thing.  You currently cannot shrink back so if you lose members down the line or people start playing a lot less then you are kinda stuck and won't be able to do any small or medium Guild Quests which get locked from you as your guild gets larger.
    Check this thread...

    Just a warning .. and one I hope they fix one day.
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  14. Rhiow added a post in a topic Sealed Book of Combat (7 years!(jk) 7d)   

    So it doesn't stack with the scrolls, but what about the 50% weekend XP buff? 
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  15. Rhiow added a post in a topic Ladders into abandoned monasteray basement moved and now unusable.   

    Similar thing happened again today at the Bandit Well  in Biraghi Den. The ladder was laying down on the floor so unable to climb out of the well. (Had to 'Escape')
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