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  1. merket added a post in a topic Attendance Reward stuck at 19th day!   

    It's not a glitch, turns out it was an event and it's over now.
    As you can learn from above, you may request a bonus day reward due to the extended maintenance. Only the reward a day after though.

    I don't know why the event window still pops up, but lacking any notification in-game regarding this, but you can find the official forum link above.
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  2. merket added a post in a topic Attendance Reward stuck at 19th day!   

    The whole game and the interface is new to me, I was focused more on the rewards rather than the small notification written at the bottom left. I noticed it after people were nice enough to inform me.
    I'm sorry if I disappointed you though... but may be you should go back to grinding instead of puking your negative boredom in the forums...
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  3. merket added a post in a topic Attendance Reward stuck at 19th day!   

    Oh this is great news then!
    Thank you so much GM_Zandar, as you can see I'm a newbie and bought the game just a couple of weeks ago. I'm doing my best to catch up, but of course I haven't been able to read everything yet.
    That is why I truly appreciate your official confirmation on the subject.
    I'll be reading the info now. Thank you once again.
    Have a great day!
    Thank you too Oceanos, I thought you were trolling (sorry) but turns out it's true! Yay! ^^
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  4. merket added a post in a topic Attendance Reward stuck at 19th day!   

    I understand that this was an event, but why the same window still opens when I log in?
    I don't think I have a right to do that, but thank you for the suggestion.
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  5. merket added a post in a topic Performance MX Mouse Key Assignments Don't Work   

    I especially chose to use the term "key strokes". But you still choose to be a j.a.
    Ty for the explaination Reckoner.
    Hello, ty so much for your detailed answer. I'm trying to assign my seventh and eighth spells to my mouse's forward and back buttons, the ones that are on the side.
    The thing is that the same set point I'm running, is able to do customization for other applications & games, like Firefox, Winamp or GTA, Fallout etc.
    I'm only having this issue with BDO. =(
    Thank you for the input, but do you have the same model mentioned (Performance MX 1000)?
    Update: Thank you so much, running as administrator solved the problem, but I don't get it, it's should be already running as administrator. As I said above, it already works with other software
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  6. merket added a topic in General   

    Performance MX Mouse Key Assignments Don't Work
    I got a Logitech Performance MX mouse, I'm trying to assign "7" and "8" key strokes to "Back" and "Forward" buttons, from the Logitech software itself, I did the customization both for "blackdesert64.exe" and the "Black Desert Online Launcher.exe" but it still doesn't seem to work.
    Also the game doesn't recognize my mouse buttons neither so I can't assign them in game.
    Would anybody be able to help me?
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  7. merket added a post in a topic Attendance Reward stuck at 19th day!   

    Oh I didn't know it was an event... As you can calculate I bought the game 20~ days ago, and thought that this was a thing for logging in everyday...
    Am I the unlucky one missing out on Penguin pet!
    Is this a repeated event, why was it made in the first place? Could you give me a related link about it?
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  8. merket added a topic in General   

    Attendance Reward stuck at 19th day!
    My attendance reward stuck at 19th day, for 2 days now. Is this a bug, or am i missing something?
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  9. merket added a post in a topic [EU] Scenery   

    I'd like to meet this Guigne fellow in Calpheon, perhaps we can trade stories if not some goods...
    Would you happen to know on which days and at what times is he available and at home?
    Please do send my regards, if you happen to see him. Tell him that, the Wizard Eruke from Tiryaki family, would like to visit him some time...
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  10. merket added a post in a topic Problem with MMO rp   

    Oh no I was born in Croxus too... No wonder I'm seeing all these crazy people running around... Nobody seems to converse and boy, do people have some serious problems with commuting here?!? Everybody but I mean EVERYBODY hits me or crashes into me while rushing somewhere... I almost died, under a wagon, the other day...
    and nobody, NOBODY walks! Don't people get tired running all the time?
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  11. merket added a post in a topic Crop Workbench says not enough ingredients eventhough I have them   

    Thank you all... Yes I am trying to use a worker from Heidel but I thought I could do that, in exchange of working time... What gives?
    like Fattykracken said I wish they used the ingredients from the city which the orders has been given. It's kind of silly imagining them carrying all the goods with them.
    Is this an unattended development issue or is it intentionally done this way? If second, why?
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  12. merket added a topic in General   

    Crop Workbench says not enough ingredients eventhough I have them
    I'm trying to craft G----- crates in Loggia Farm. Brought in 600 G-----s from Olvia to Velia and I got 68 Black stone powder in the Velia storage but when I try to craft a crate, it says "There are not enough ingredients in the storage." Also shows G----- 0 / 10, BSP 0 / 1 in "manage crafting".
    Is this a bug or am I missing something?
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  13. merket added a topic in General   

    Drying - Chopping, why don't they give processing XP
    I'm wondering why drying and wood chopping don't give Processing XP.
    I actually believe that chopping should give you strength too..
    What are your opinions?
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  14. merket added a post in a topic Flying Mounts?   

    Hello I just saw people floating in the air, around Tarif... I it made me wonder why can't we... There seems to be a knowledge of flying in this realm.... My character is a wizard... I'd like to be able to learn it...
    *Ahem!*.... I mean... it would be nice to have the hope that we can eventually fly in this game...
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  15. merket added a post in a topic character portraits should look like your characters   

    Is there an update on this issue?
    My wizard have that ugly hat, even though I choose not to wear it.
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