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  1. Kiruna added a post in a topic PLEASE EXTEND THE ATTENDANCE REWARD EVENT!   

    Calling people greedy, irrational half-wits because you couldn't find 17.5 hours in 35 days to login out of the like 47 or 48 isn't the communities problem. You are acting incredibly greedy asking for the event to be extended because you can't get a prize. It has nothing to do with not wanting people to catch up, I'm all for people needing to catch up a bit.  It has to deal with combating entitlement which is exactly what this request is. 
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  2. Kiruna added a post in a topic PLEASE EXTEND THE ATTENDANCE REWARD EVENT!   

    Alt tab, send to tray for 30 minutes while you do your research, alt tab back into the game, collect reward, close game, go back to research, win. 
    I travel for work and don't trust the unsecured wifi at hotels so I missing out and I'm not asking for it to be extended. Live with the decision you make and not try to blame others. 
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  3. Kiruna added a post in a topic In-Game Chat Moderators   

    What wrong point exactly? Your initial post said you wanted a chat moderator because of toxic people who were basically offending you. I made a post basically telling you to get over it or don't be on the Internet. Exactly how are the 2 not related to each other? 
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  4. Kiruna added a post in a topic Grind Spot Etiquette   

    While everyone jacks around with Sausans I just go to a void area of Valencia and do what I do. It's easy as pie man. 
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  5. Kiruna added a post in a topic Grind Spot Etiquette   

    This is the only game I've played that tries and claim "grinding rotations". It's not a thing, they don't exist. Period. If I see untapped mobs, I attack them. It's that simple. 
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  6. Kiruna added a post in a topic In-Game Chat Moderators   

    I'm sick of everyone thinking the entire planet has to be politically correct. Guess what, life isn't politically correct and whoever told it was is lying to you. If you can't handle the Internet, go find a cave and go off grid. Or you can thicken your skin and learn not to be butt hurt at every little minor thing, choice is yours. 
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  7. Kiruna added a post in a topic In-Game Chat Moderators   

    Or you can just shut off channel and world chats and not worry about it. 
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  8. Kiruna added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    First, MMO's in general are the wrong game genre to have "faith" in people. Second, this community in general is one of the more toxic I have seen so definitely the wrong game to have that misplaced faith. Third, You are paying someone using real money to receive an in-game item which is called a RMT and is a violation of the ToS. 
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  9. Kiruna added a post in a topic Value pack   

    Two of the largest player based mmo's still running have forced subscriptions to even access the servers at the same cost as the optional value pack. Yes, one of them can do with it in game currency but only after paying to access the servers for at least one month. Other mmo's have optional subscriptions that grant small perks to using them. The value pack is no different in any regard. I don't see why everyone screams p2w for something that acts like what you used to have to do to play any mmo that is now optional. Will you be at a slight disadvantage if you don't have it, yes you will. Is the disadvantage the end of the world, no it isn't. 
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  10. Kiruna added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    While I'll agree we need a more fluid market system without kakao controlling it, I have sold like 3 or 4 DUO and 1 or 2 PRI items in the past week alone. I even managed to unload a TRI Ult Estique Kunai in less than 2 days. While many don't sell right away all items sold within 3 or so days. The NA market is fairly flooded but with new players and returning players everything seems to sell at some point. 
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  11. Kiruna added a post in a topic Help Slackshot find a guild! *Petition*   

    Somehow I doubt it's just Donahey. Orwen server and channel chats lit up everytime you posted you were looking for a guild. I know you were in a former guild of mine for like a week, not even sure if you have ever gotten a contract renewal with any guild you were in. 
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  12. Kiruna added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    *Credit to the original author of the template, whoever it may be*
    I edited a template I found. This is probably my favorite character in terms of play-style and appearance. 

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  13. Kiruna added a post in a topic Help make steel   

    If you have done the quest, than you can make steel. If you can't make steel, than you haven't done the quest. 
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  14. Kiruna added a post in a topic Help make steel   

    You need the beginner heating knowledge from a quest in Heidel. 
    http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/30/ This is the quest, there is prereqs for it however. 
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  15. Kiruna added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Sales   

    No, it happened because of Black Friday and again for Christmas. Last sale before that was sometime in the Summer if I recall correctly. They don't happen all that often.
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