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  1. Escapism added a post in a topic Blue Parts for Epheria Sailboat   

    tried that countless times, have only been able to actually hit them once, i tried everything from ramming from further away so i "stop" right in front of the monster, to starting to ram when the monster is right in front of me and everything in between, any tips on this or are they just desyncing like crazy?
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  2. Escapism added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    fixed it.
    but he alrdy stated several times that he griefs in many different forms and also war protects his own guildmembers if they are doing it with a pearl-price to remove the protection. Its not just griefing anymore, its advanced mafia business.
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  3. Escapism added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    If you have a landlord, then yes, you dont own the house, you rented it.
    But the big difference in this comparison to bdo is that "society" established working rules, a "system" as to how we split or divide land and other things among each other to which eventually EVERYONE AGREED. Atleast that's usually the case, wars and political disputes still happen regularly over this topic. Yes obviously we have been through darker times in human history, where disputes and fights over land and other ownerships were simply defined by the winners (the stronger side), but we've gone a long way since then. People who have no respect for the belongings of others and just think they can take what they want are considered mentally ill.
    If you bought a car, not a single person in his right mind would question or disagree with you being the legitimate "owner" of that car, except some stoned trash hippies in their first semester studying philosophy.
    but whats happening at a grindspot in bdo in this comparison is: You telling the other players that this land is yours now, and noone elses, no matter if or how they disagree with you, your word stands above theirs because you can just kill them. This is the law of the jungle and the exact opposite of any form of society or system.
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  4. Escapism added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    exactly what i was gonna say as well, no matter how much luck he has at boss loot he says he got 100+ kzarka auras already. Kzarka has 8h+ respawntimer, if he plays since 4 months, thats an absolute maximum of 360 spawns he could have attended, assuming the first 1-2 months he would have been too low lvl and/or too low geared to even get any loot during primetimes, and assuming you get 1 aura per kill loot on average, IF you get any loot at all (which even with his ap, at primetimes, isnt guaranteed) he would have had to attend almost every single kzarka spawn in his whole playtime.
    Either his whole statement is bs and this is simply an alt or his "play only 0-3 hours per day actively" is bs.
    and if we look at the screenshot. 113 days playtime, with ~4-6 hours downtime for maintenance every week, not even counting in occasional dc's over night. thats a near 100% online- uptime and would probably require him to almost instantly log back in after downtime and constantly rechecking if he wasn't dc'd, which doesnt check out with the 0-3 hours active play per day either.
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  5. Escapism added a post in a topic Crit dmg crystal   

    what is the base crit dmg multiplier?
    2? 1.5? i even heard numbers as low as 1.2 somewhere.
    is that 4% additive to the base multiplier (f.e. 50% + 4% = 54% crit dmg bonus) or multiplicative (50% * 1.04 = 52% crit dmg bonus)?
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  6. Escapism added a post in a topic How 1shotting monster is fun??   

    i remember dieing alot to <violent> or <quick> elite enemies at several spots, from goblins near velia to balenos bears to red orcs and khurutos, sometimes even died to regular mobpacks at mid-level range because i decided to use unupgraded gear i just randomly found or got through quest rewards until around lvl ~45 and didnt really figure the combat system out. I even remember trying out 3-4 different classes to finally find one that had enough mobility & damage to kill the <violent> goblin elite soldier (he used to oneshot all of my alts with one of his attacks) and it felt like a great achievement.
    So yeah i feel you something about this has changed dramatically at some point, but its not like anyone cares for those low level areas anyway, with the increased softcap of 56 and lvl 56 now basically being required to actually start playing your class, they just made everything pre 56 much easier and faster because a lot of casual players would never even reach their awakening otherwise.
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  7. Escapism added a post in a topic Blue Parts for Epheria Sailboat   

    finished all of those mats yesterday, except for the blue whale tendons (noone wants to whalehunt it seems)
    with green +2/3 parts you can solo hekarus and stalkers pretty easy, you will have to go back to repair your ship after every fight. (with +3 green cannon it takes ~42-43 hits) Once you get 2-3 of the blue parts (get the sail last, since the sail needs the most resources of all and doesnt provide any ap/dp) you should be able to kill 2 monsters each time. My 3 blue boat parts were all +4, and i usually had around 5-10% ship hp leftover after killing 2 hekarus. with the +4 elena cannon, they take about ~34-35 hits, so not that much of a difference even though the ap is almost doubled.
    You might want to try making some of those new ship repair kits (repair 2% ship hp each) to be on the safe side and so you wont have to drive all the way back without a sail. (the mast breaks below 10% ship hp which drastically slows you down)
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  8. Escapism added a post in a topic Class that hit like a truck.   

    implying wiz ult (or any of his skills for that matter) were fast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  9. Escapism added a post in a topic Sick and Tired of being sick and tired   

    fully agree with that title!
    did not read the whole post though.
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  10. Escapism added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    nah, not in every game, in most games they just seem like that because all of the still active players on those servers are sitting/laying around in stealth/camo/invisible near spawn points or have burrowed themselves down in some deep impenetrable underground bunkers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  11. Escapism added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    ^ exactly that.
    most of the players which don't want to waste time or try to outfarm the "griefers" until they get bored just dont want to because they are afraid they might actually lose that way. Since classes aren't balanced, some classes are way better at 1v1 and ganking, some are way better at grinding & clearspeed. So the people who chose "duelist" classes with less grind efficiency are just trying to force rules on everyone else which benefit them the most.
    The Players who KNOW they can beat the shit out of others and/or outfarm them hard or can manage to get them killed by npcs, just do so and have nothing to fear when going negative.
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  12. Escapism added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    i see a lot t8's here with only around 12-13k stamina and then there are some with up to 21-23k. Was hoping this would be more consistent on t7 and t8 and in general noticably higher than on t6's.
    Whats the general experience with mount branding tokens? how is the "increased chance to learn skills"? im always using horse costumes on my best ones while training (i got 3 of them) but i dont see much of a difference, if at all.
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  13. Escapism added a post in a topic The Perfect Patch   

    removed pearl gifting.reduced prices on cronstones by 50% + removed them from most/all of the event rewards & golden chests.implemented algorithms to gradually adjust droprates on specific items like blackstones, shards ect. depending on their current marketplace availability.FIXED SERVERSFIXED CPU USAGE (coherent ui *cough*)
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  14. Escapism added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    how would this result in less griefers? if there is no penalty for killing other players (and also none for dieing in pvp, which should be obvious here) then whats stopping people from keep coming back at your spot to attack you repeatedly or try to kd or grab you into mobs all the time even if they keep dieing?
    who would actually grind more efficiently on this channel than on the regular ones?
    make this whole idea into a constant 24/7 nodewar channel instead without mobs, where you can keep building new forts and attack others forts at all times just for the fun of it and we have an actually intresting ffa pvp channel there. Add in some additional elements like resource-nodes which can be fought for to obtain materials for the fort + siege weapons (killed players may drop some of those resources, just like trade items), maybe add in a reward for the guild funds depending on how long they are able to hold a fort to give some incentive (and if that guild leaves the channel again, or doesnt have atleast 5-10 members in the channel, their held fort on that channel will be removed).
    Then you would have a ffa 24/7 open world pvp channel, which would even be fun to play on, would give some form of reward that couldnt easily be exploited, and you would have constant pvp going on.
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  15. Escapism added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    I highlighted above where the only small flaw in that logic is. Player A never at any point claimed any rights to the spot. If Player A thinks he deserves to keep the spot for whatever reason (has better gear, higher level, needs to xp/silver more or was just there before), and that the other players should waste their time looking for another spot or channel instead of him, that is NOT a sign of respect for the other player. He is simply valueing his own time and needs way above the others (everyone does this, its just human, but its not respectful) and is hoping for the fastest and least-conflicting way to achieve that.
    "Culture" is just a collection of behaviours, believs or habits which are common in a community, in that case the playerbase. If the majority of the playerbase would act as described in situation A, it would be the "culture" of this game when it comes to grinding spots. Being cultural just means you conformed to these behaviours and habits, it doesn't mean they are "good" or "bad", as cultures often also come with bad habits.
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