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  1. Kitala added a topic in Off-Topic   

    100,000+ energy at night vendor...no boots
    So...as the title says...its been a long time since launch. And too many attempts since muskan boots release to have not even seen a single pair. I haunt the mb but anyone with an autoclicker is gonna beat me out and has. I've put up 800,000,000m preorders...ive done muskan scrolls in and out of groups(roughly 1000 scrolls) And then theres the 100,000+ energy at night vendor. No damned boots. They skip preorders. This one facet of the game is making me want to toss it in the trash. WTF? 
    Yea I realize I'm complaining. But...i think you would be too at this point. Troll away. I just needed to vent. Unless you have something positive to say ur comment will go unread so don't waste your breath.
    ^place swearing here.
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  2. Kitala added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price List   

    prices are definitely rng. The price for a boss gear ranges from 75m-460m from what I've seen out of several thousand night vendor attempts. Still not a single pair of muskan boots has appeared for me.
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  3. Kitala added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    this guy is awesome +1 (No sarcasm btw I fully agree with you)
    was supposed to be mailed out with maintenance completion(apr12th) according to their response to the 5000 hour reward remarks from a week ago. They forgot. Or are pretending to so it just fades out and is forgotten...kind of like desynch....and soon...bdo.
    except... it never happened.

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  4. Kitala added a post in a topic [Notice] Event Item Removal - Apr. 12   

    or you could just do the events when they were here and functional like everyone else and not annoy the developers with your pettyness.
    they cry even when theyre warned. Every event there is some idiot whining about extending the event because they were too stupid to turn the items in. They should make it a policy to forum ban these people because they waste ALOT of internet space.
    What did they expect from a LIMITED TIME EVENT...man people are so dumb it hurts my brain.
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  5. Kitala added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening coming next week / new content reveal this Saturday - Updated*   

    Ugh twitch stream...lame. just post the shit on a video library on the black desert site so we don't have to feed into that shit plz. Not everyone wants to be mainstream and have a shitty twitch account.
    giant spider world boss and mobs that give better xp not good enough?🤔
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  6. Kitala added a topic in PVE   

    Range of party xp bonus?
    What is the range of party xp bonus? Do you have to stay fairly close together? Like is it 50 feet? Just wondering because there seems to be no indicator...plus all the groups at sausans and pirates seem to ignore the group and just run off In their own stupid directions. Are they stupid? Or is the range that great that they can be on the other end of an area and still be getting group xp bonus?
    Another thing I noticed...xp is divided when grouping with another player...2 other players...3 other players...to the point where no matter how fast you kill as a coordinated group...you gain like 1/2 the xp/hour for each party member while grouped. 
     I just stopped grouping at all recently and my xp rates have been way higher solo.
    Are we being punished for grouping? Cuz it seems insanely slower once I join a group over solo.
    Am I missing something? Can someone clarify or enlighten me? I'm lvl 58. 
    So far it seems counter-intuitive to a mmo. And more in line with a single player game as far as all pve goes anyhow.
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  7. Kitala added a post in a topic Dastard Bheg knowledge?   

    Don't group for the scrolls. Get a week's worth of em and solo them. That's the most definite way to ensure you get last hit on the boss. There's always some overzealous hitter who smashes it "just a few extra times". Solo is the best bet.
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  8. Kitala added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    only in PvP tho.
    what even more confusing is why we've got to do the quest once... for no reward...to unlock the exact same quest to do for a reward...baffling! They should do this exact same thing for all quests so maybe other people will see how annoying it is...
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  9. Kitala added a topic in PVE   

    Muskan Boots hate me...
    So...i have been playing since launch. And since the release of these precious boots and over 100,000 energy spent at night vendor(not a typo) and roughly 1000 or so muskan scrolls still have never seen a pair. Is there a possibility that the game is coded to just never give them to my account? Rng is rng i guess but this is madness...actual madness.
    Guess preordering a pair at 1 billion silver is my only real option(I tried preordering at 700m for like a week and it kept skipping my preorder and going to mb where some lucky guy would buy them at cost. So then I take my preorder down and camp mb for hours only to have preorder scoop them.... Anyone else have cursed items that just never drop/aquire ever?
    If they weren't insanely important to competitive PvP I'd just not bother...
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  10. Kitala added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    he is sorta right tho...about the incessant unchecked whining. Nobody does anything...parents can't hit their kids...so everyone thinks "whining is ok" and then we're led to this place where every entitled idiot thinks they deserve the right to whine. I can guarantee half the people whining don't even play the class they're whining about...and half of the remaining people don't even play black desert. They just haunt forums to troll people.
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  11. Kitala added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    only in PvP tho.
    Love how forum layout just shoved my reply into your message...ffs
    wtf is jo-jo 
    after reset and channel swap/relog the quest will show up. Just like every single other time there's been an event quest after maintenance.
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  12. Kitala added a post in a topic 550 muskan bundles and nothing?!   

    not really.
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  13. Kitala added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    you realize it's a PvP game first and pve second. Without the threat of death ALWAYS looking overhead there is zero thrill to anything. In fact. You'll be pissed off even more because groups of weak players/bots come in and clear all your kills without anything you can do to disrupt them. Its all relevant. It is a working system. Don't wreck a game cuz you're afraid of being killed. Just get better. 
    You sure It wasn't someone else's grind spot and you weren't just an annoying fly in their path? Cuz ive had people show up thinking it was their spot...when I had been there for hours already....so you gotta kill them of course. Or what...give up my spot to a whiny player who writes forum complaints immediately when presented with a challenge. 
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  14. Kitala added a post in a topic Patch Notes   

    You gotta farm Reality for awhile. Patch notes are a rng drop item from there. I'd suggest getting s rank and at least node lvl 6. 
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  15. Kitala added a post in a topic Loyalty Rewards Blocking the Screen!   

    It's a clock. Look at one now and then.
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