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  1. Cogno added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    Sounds good.
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  2. Cogno added a post in a topic How to list item lower than the lowest market value?   

    Prices updated between your attempt at listing and his.
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  3. Cogno added a post in a topic For the Server Merge to matter to MP - Remove floor prices   

    Look at it this way, eventually the items will sell, or the market order will expire. try again in a week.
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  4. Cogno added a post in a topic Does anyone actualy make profitable money with crafting?   

    Here is a tip to get into crafting, look at every crafting workshop, right click on the recipes and do rough math on what the item costs to make(hover over the ingredients). then check to see what is in stock and not.
    It's really not hard to find something people want and is profitable. Open your eyes and look at what you see everyone using.
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  5. Cogno added a post in a topic Nice Math   

    He broke it down to me in PM and out of common courtesy I will not share the message verbatim, but he is pretty much assuming everyone playing 100% of every day.
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  6. Cogno added a post in a topic Question regarding the Announced Combat EXP Event.   

    Perhaps they need to hire a few adults then that understand the value of written promises and the expectations they bring.
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  7. Cogno added a post in a topic Question regarding the Announced Combat EXP Event.   

    I think many would be happy with 100% weekends, 50% weekdays., not even needing to stack.
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  8. Cogno added a post in a topic Question regarding the Announced Combat EXP Event.   

    They announced both events as happening, that means both events should happen, right?
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  9. Cogno added a topic in General   

    Question regarding the Announced Combat EXP Event.
    What has changed since this event was announced? It does not seem to be active currently.
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  10. Cogno added a post in a topic Exp Events   

    4. Combat EXP Event
    Start: September 2nd
    End: All class awakenings have been released
    We will run a +100% combat EXP boost event until all classes have received their awakening weapons. The boost will always be active between 16:00 UTC Friday and 8:00 UTC Monday.
    The BDO Team @CM_Aethon
    Are Musa/Maewha's not classes?
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  11. Cogno added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pearl Item Suggestion: Infinite(Magic?) Lantern
    Why: Sometimes your stuck without any lantern oil, and needing to go into dark caves/areas. Or even if you have oil it may be a bit of a chore to refill it daily.
    It fits in with the theme of pearl serving the purpose of conveniences. I would pay 600-700 pearls for such an item.
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  12. Cogno added a post in a topic What server should I join?   

    What if I'm NA, and have 3 friends that play on EU?
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  13. Cogno added a post in a topic NA Server Name.   

    Because it will not be the same server as Edan. it will have plenty of new arrivals.
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  14. Cogno added a topic in General   

    NA Server Name.
    Because NA/EU lacks character, this is needed.
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  15. Cogno added a topic in New Adventurers   

    What server should I join?
    Is New Edan the place to be, or are the EU servers better?
    • 8 replies