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  1. Shenryll added a post in a topic Warrior Gear Accuracy   

    Hello there,
    I don't have much knowledge on Warrior, but I think I know at least the basics and can help you out a bit. First of all, Warrior do not depend on Casting Speed at all, it's all based on Attack Speed. I saw you were using an Ancient Magic Crystal - Addis, which I would replace with an Ancient Magic Crystal - Carmae. Based on the same point, I would then replace the two crystals in the gloves for pure Attack Speed ones: Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault. Since that would overflow the maximum Attack Speed, you could then replace the second crystal you have in your main-hand for an accuracy one - or any other thing you find useful.

    Obviously, it depends on your wallet, but if you decide to go with an accuracy crystal in your second slot, you could probably drop one of your Red Coral Earring and get a Witch's Earring instead. You seemed to say you wanted to focus more on PvE for the time being due to the choice of your Shield, so I would say that you don't need that much accuracy. If you were to apply all the changes I talked about in my post, you would go from 169/236 to 172/236, which is a small gain; but would also dump 3 Casting Speed (which, I remind you, are useless on a Warrior) to gain 1 Attack Speed, then maxing it out. Here's the modified build.
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  2. Shenryll added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    I'd also like to be 59 within 2 weeks of grinding due to a constant double exp channel. Sadly I can't join Olvia because I was playing back when the Red Nose box event occurred. Not to mention that the event destroyed the price of Red Nose, enough where it was cheaper to get than a +15 Grunil (still pretty damn close at the moment, if you ask me). Assuming you just returned to the game, you should've had enough Attendance Reward to easily get 25mil and get yourself one. In my opinion, returning players have huge benefits compared to players that stayed, benefits that are equivalent if you consider the time players spent on the game to get their own stuff while others were away.

    About the red part of the quote, one simple sentence: Like veterans players never had to grind.
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  3. Shenryll added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

    I've hit TRI more often on my first attempt than I've hit +15. Tell me it's not possible? I usually get my TRI stacks out of my +14s. I'm not talking about enhancing cost there, I was replying to him saying that getting successful enhancement on the first try was bull. If you have the failstacks for it, you're more likely to hit TRI than to hit +15. Why don't you understand that I totally agree with you on the fact that TRI is more expensive than +15? That's not my point. It is more expensive, doesn't mean the odds are lower. You do have more chance to hit TRI than to hit +15 with capped failstack, since it's RNG, it doesn't mean you'll get either, and if you fail, obviously TRI will be more expensive. Happy now?

    PS: We can continue to debate in circle for ages - about you telling me that I'm wrong even though we obviously agree on the same points, but are talking about different things - but we should not talk about enhancing on a topic that doesn't talk about that. If you want to continue this conversation, I'll gladly talk with you in private messages.
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  4. Shenryll added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

    But I wasn't talking about the money in most of that quote. I said, and since you quoted me, you should know, "you're more likely to hit TET on the first try than to hit +15, or even +14 for that matter". I never said it was cheaper to fail TRI than to fail +15. Please don't quote me to talk about something I didn't bring up, thanks. Chances to get +15 with capped failstacks is lower than getting TRI with capped failstacks. That is a fact. That's all I said. Now, yes, enhancing to TRI or TET is more expensive than enhancing to +15, because TRI/TET is better than +15, that's pure logic. The quote below was what I was replying to, just in case.
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  5. Shenryll added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

    So first of all, I understand the point of view of the OP, saying that TET armor is more easily obtainable for people playing casually. PEN Grunil is only 100mil over any TRI Boss Gear; that is a fact. So if you're only looking at the gear ranking and the price, Grunil is cheaper than Boss Gear, but that should've been obvious by only looking at the base item. If you're looking to get to TET/PEN with a lower amount of money, going for lower tier armor is the way to go. That doesn't mean Boss Gear isn't the best set out there. MMORPGs are all about long term gaming, hence the need to get as optimized as possible. If you intend to get 500GS and then stop there, there's no need to bother with Boss Gear since that's achievable many other ways. Yes, Boss Gear is harder to get. Yes, Boss Gear is harder to enhance. And yes, someone wearing Boss Gear will be harder to defeat. Say "no" to the good, to say "yes" to the best.

    Second, people saying that getting TRI with the first try is all about being lucky not probably, I see it otherwise. This game's enhancement system is all about failing to succeed. Yes, getting TRI is risky, but let's face another fact, you're more likely to hit TET on the first try than to hit +15, or even +14 for that matter. People need to understand that once you decided to enhance, you're in it for a while. Failing TRI many times only increases your chance to get TET. Once you've seen it that way, the game is a bit less dark. Actually, enhancing Boss Gear is as hard as enhancing any Grunil piece, only difference is that you can rush Grunil to PEN where most of us can't afford to do so on Boss Gear due to the cost.

    Finally, as many pointed out, there's many builds out there, people play the way they want and there's many class differences. If you're not looking to be optimized, Boss Gear might not even cross your mind. You don't need Boss Gear to do PvE; Boss Gear is a must to free up crystal slots when you're going to do endgame PvP. 

    PS: I can already see Wizard/Witch say that they don't need the extra accuracy from Bhegs. True, but you'd definitely take the 5 Casting Speed, without any crystal, you get from a complete Boss Gear set; then freeing both crystal slots on the helmet. Assuming you're using a Black Magic Crystal - Agility instead, it's +4 Evasion; which can also be seen as +4DP - basically making a TRI Giath equivalent to a TET Giath in DP value.
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  6. Shenryll added a post in a topic Stuck in Berserker Tutorial   

    That's how it should look - sorry for the crappy quality; my laptop isn't optimized to run this game.If it still doesn't work, you can always try to contact the support about it or, since you're still in the tutorial, delete your Berserker and start over again.
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  7. Shenryll added a post in a topic Stuck in Berserker Tutorial   

    What are the required key combinations? I can't recall them since I just rushed through the Tutorial when I created mine - being only used as failstacking toon - but I didn't have any issue with it.
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  8. Shenryll added a post in a topic Stuck at level 49, 99.9999%   

    The name of the quests is pretty much self explanatory and is part of the Let's see some skills category.

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  9. Shenryll added a post in a topic Extremely Squishy? - PvE   

    So about the health issue, that's a bit weird, indeed. I'm Lv.56 sitting on 180 AP/288 DP and I've never had any problem, even when I accidentally auto-path into a pack of mobs. There's many ways to heal, as pointed out above. Corrupt Ground (Shift + Q) regen +40 HP/Mana on successful hits. Ultimate: Stinger (F), the follow up of Unveiled Dagger, heals up for 25 HP per hit. Spirit Satiation (Shift + Space) is genuinely an HP/Mana regen skill, giving back 30 HP/90 Mana per tick - only downside is that you're vulnerable to mobs attacks, though I can mostly outheal their damage.

    On the Mana side, the side dash, Dusk and Chain: Dusk, restores 100 Mana when using both or 60 and 40 respectively. Kamasylvia Slash (Shift + LMB) also restores Mana, from 20 Mana per hit, to 25 Mana per hit when charged. I figure that most of the Mana DK use is due to Smoky Haze. A way to counter that is to use LMB when reaching mobs, which will then use Sudden Attack instead of a basic attack, restoring 30 Mana per hit, and follow with Pervasive Darkness (Space).

    I've never used any HP potions nor Mana potions ever. I guess it depends on what skill rotation you're using too.
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  10. Shenryll added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    The problem is still present and the lack of acknowledgment on this issue is quite perturbing. I've had no issue logging in for a while now, but when this switching characters has become more stressful and frustrating than attempting PEN on an accessory, you know something's up! 

    I've realized that the lower the graphics, the easier/faster the connection was made. If any of you can run the game in high/medium graphics, try changing for Optimization Mode when logging in. I've also came to the conclusion that Alt-Tabing while in the loading screen made me disconnect more often then when I focused solely on the game window. Being in Full Screen also helps (not Windowed Full Screen).
    I know most of you guys probably tried all they could already, just putting this out there for people that might've not thought about it! Hope it helped some of you!
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  11. Shenryll added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    It does work, meaning the connection loss is due to the high amount of things to load at once on the first attempt. That is, I was lucky to have an alt outside one of the main cities. If anyone doesn't have any, they'll still be locked out of the game until they fix it, which means that still requires a fix. Thanks for that temporary solution though!
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  12. Shenryll added a post in a topic Question Awakening Kunoichi ?   

    Le Chakram (je n'ai aucune idée si le nom français change) est relativement viable en PvP, surtout lorsque l'on considère que grâce à l'Awakening, tu va désormais passer 75-80% de ton temps sous Super Armor (immunisé aux sorts de Crowd Control) et avoir deux potentiel Lifesteal. Nous perdons l'option d'agripper l'adversaire, mais après avoir utilisé Block Jump (Substitution) j'utilise souvent Smokescreen (Écran de fumée) pour retourner vers l'arme de base et ainsi m'y redonner accès. J'utilise aussi le lancer de Kunai suivi de Shadow Stomp (S + E) pour retourner en Awakening une fois que l'ennemi est au sol.
    Pardon pour tous les termes en anglais, si jamais ce n'est pas clair ou si tu as d'autres question, n'hésite pas!
    Edit @warriors: Il semblerait que la communauté Kunoichi française soit aussi peu active que celle du côté anglais. Ceci dit,si @RagnarTheWarborn est prêt à fouiller de ce côté la, quelques joueurs sont tout de même prêt à aider, voire ont déjà des guides d'établis à ce sujet.
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  13. Shenryll added a post in a topic What items are tradeable between players?   

    So as said earlier: Food and Potions. That also includes Purified Water and Star Anise Tea that are only really used in the desert. Also note that once traded, it becomes bound to the character, meaning you won't be able to trade it back nor put it up on the Marketplace. If you're not sure, just look under the item's picture or weight information line, should tell you if Personal Transactions (Trades) are available or not.
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  14. Shenryll added a post in a topic Anyone open a Shiny Box yet?   

    Only the Diamond ones. The Golden/Silver Rings are equivalent to food/drinks, giving specific buffs on a 30min CD.
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  15. Shenryll added a post in a topic L'impact de l'arme normale sur le dps de l'arme éveillée   

    Source > Source de la source
    Cependant, si tu ne veux pas parcourir les forums anglais, tu peux aussi faire le test par toi-même. Équipe une arme de base à +15 et une autre (et la même, pour contrer l'argument de la précision) à +0 et tu verras la différence.
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