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  1. LordGwynn added a post in a topic Small Patch   

    I haven't tried another character yet ( i usually don't even get on them so it didn't even accrue to me to try one), after about 7-8 client restarts i have successfully loaded in, i'm going to do what i need to do in game and try restarting the client, and if the problem persist i'll try other characters before submitting a ticket.
    Thank you the info helps save time on both ends!
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  2. LordGwynn added a post in a topic Small Patch   

    ever sense that small patch, i have been unable to completely load in, i get to my char select it starts to load 10 secs later it just sitting at the end still loading then d/c >.> hoping its just a temp thing about to go put in a ticket
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  3. LordGwynn added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Hmm What Ever happened to In Game logins?
    Just wondering what ever happened to em most games now you log in through a patcher, which i only really had a problem with with BDO cause some days my internet is shit i log in load game, just to load my char to instantly get disconnected do it 2 more times, then im at failed to authenticate, and im just like be nice to just log in while the game is still open rather than restarting the dam thing. and i Don't really see an advantage or disadvantage to this, and rather than googling the hell out of it i'd rather get a bunch of players speculations on why its likes this, just like most of this games mechanics haha, jokes aside what do you think?
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  4. LordGwynn added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    i got bheg gloves, now im sitting with red nose and those taking up storage spacewith all my un used cookies unsure if i should sell them, or buy another peace though i'd rather have the hebe jebe armror
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  5. LordGwynn added a post in a topic Irl identity vs virtual identity while playing BDO   

    idk i act like i do in real life, i just use players names rather than their real life name, really no need to fill my brain with useless information about this name belongs to this characters name,
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  6. LordGwynn added a post in a topic [Giveaway] Halloween bundle   

    aww to bad i don't twitter oh well
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  7. LordGwynn added a post in a topic RNG is RNG but cmon!!!!   

    well, i got struck by lightning twice today and got 2 candies in a row, sorry for stealing your RNG
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  8. LordGwynn added a post in a topic What happened to this game?   

    omfg i cannot stop laughing
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  9. LordGwynn added a post in a topic a suggestion to Halloween event   

    soooo on an interesting note, i was hit by lightning twice today when i finally got on, once while waiting for kzarka, and the other time i was on my way to catfishmen to tryy and gridn for candies, as soon as i killed my first group of catfish men i got 2 candies XD, so RNG is on my side its just a shit RNG
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  10. LordGwynn added a post in a topic a suggestion to Halloween event   

    well i'm glad that both sides of this coin like the idea of this so far, i feel like it could be an easy solution to stop most of the threads about the drop rate of the candies, but then again ppl will complain about anything for no reason at all
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  11. LordGwynn added a topic in General   

    a suggestion to Halloween event
    well i read and read and keep seeing people complaining about the low drop rate of these candies iv been experiencing it myself up to 5 cookies now haha due to my limited play time of 4-6hrs, i think the most simple solution to this problem is make laras quest a repeatable one with no limit, rather than it being daily you can do it as much as you want, this would give the chance to those who have cookies piling up, doesn't have to change the drop rate of the candies and would be the easiest and quickest solution to implement with no fatal impact, considering we can only get one cookie a day as is, let me know your thought and opinions, all things consider though don't expect this to happen and i have no real way to bring this to teh devs attention, im just bored and chat is dead in game.
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  12. LordGwynn added a post in a topic Trade Issue Explained   

    i get the point but name one game that died and was completely ruined by gold/item sellers? hell i played Ragnarok sense it was released, same shit was said if they dont do something about them its going to kill the game, 14+ yrs game is fine, WoW is fine, Gw2 is fine etc, i just don''t get where people get this idea where it will totally destroy the game an player base, decrease profits and so on, seriously, if they get banned for selling/bottling, they would then have to re buy this game giving money to the company, and i seriously would like to see a better explanation of why this should be, i don't care either way none of my friends will play this game cause of that one fact they can't trade, and that all came about when i gave my friend a trail period and wanted like 300k just to buy some starter crap, i told em you cant trade but its not hard to earn silver just get your energy and CP up. and that reason alone he quit after the trail. but like i said i don't care if you can trade or not, i stopped putting effort into the game cause there is no point to i mostly just sit around now just chatting with players and guildies after being discouraged to play from the Halloween event, and the only reason i see some people not liking a trade system be put into place is someone is going to be able to come along and dump less cash than they did into the game and get just as good gear/items as they do, yes you can straight dump cash into this game and sell cash shop items on the market don't deny it, that pay to win in my book and yet again i still don't care every game now has a cash shop that can do this. i myself would like to see a trading system put into place, and hell you can even make it so they can't sell the item for less than the market price, be nice to offload the 8k gold/iron/silver and platinum ingots i got piled up in storage, cause ----- selling them 5 at a time on the market place., and all i am really in search for is a real reason to not implement a actual trade system, other than it will ruin the game or degrade players hard work. there is thousand of other real reason to implement it..
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  13. LordGwynn added a topic in General   

    Any other uses for the Halloween Cookies?
    Just wounder if there are any other uses for these Halloween cookies? so i'm not missing out on anything more. I only have about 4-6 hrs a day i can play if that. and the first few days i participated in the event i was at catfish men committing genocide, and i was spending all my game time grinding just them, skipping out on guild missions, quest and further improving my character, just to maybe get 3 candies before midnight roles around and the event resets, and so my cookies have been piling up taking up space( got 4 of em right now) and just wanted to absolutely make sure you can't use them for anything else before i through them into the trash.
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  14. LordGwynn added a post in a topic How to get Heating skilled for advanced processing   

    thanks for kinda info, would of been nice just to have the npc name, that's all i really wanted, now im off to play the guessing game on the map in keplen
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  15. LordGwynn added a post in a topic Does PA/Kakao just hate us?   

    i dont think they were mad at getting a free item, they are  mad at only be able to get only one item when it clearly stated you had a chance of different items,  and is it that hard to test an item? all they would of had to do is log into a Admin account give themselves a couple of the boxes open them and oh crap its only giving red nose we better fix this before its a problem, and that makes me wounder how many other items that might be bugged like this GM boxes and what not or even the new Halloween box for that matter we have no way of really telling. The easiest way i can explain it is you go to a casino and all they have is Roulette ( keep in mind this is just an example no real casino would only have that game) You get to play for free, but if you loose you only get  get a cookie if you win you get 500 dollars, You can only bet on 2,3, or 4 etc, but the Roulette wheel only has 1s on it, Well you Lost but at-least you got a cookie instead of 500 dollars. Care to spin again?.  idk either way i don't spend money on this game for my own reasons so i have no real room to complain about it, I'd just like people to understand we aren't mad/complaining we got a free item, we are mad/complaining about not having any chances of a different item. and failure to test  before it was implemented.
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