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  1. Qwixy added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Capotia (T2)
    Transcendence (30) vs SchattenLegion (?) vs Morghulis (30-40ish) vs Templar Regiment (?)
    Started fight pushing towards SchattenLegion but they were being attacked by Morghulis so we changed target to Templar Regiment, after about 30 minutes both Schattenlegion and Templar regiment were destroyed so it was a 1v1 against Morghulis. They had the most annoying base position in the area so we couldn't push on them much so we got took down at the last 10 minutes of the war, good fight guys
    TLDR: Morghulis won
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  2. Qwixy added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Forgot to write about last nights node war but here's the results anyway
    T2 Mask Owl Forest
    Transcendence (30) vs Harmony (20-25?) + Thelyn Ennor(30?)  (No Winners)
    At the beginning we were focusing on Thelyn Ennor's base but Harmony kept standing in the front of our base so we had to wipe them, we then began damaging Thelyn's Ennor's base but started getting attacked by Harmony again. Ended up in us defending for about 1 hour 10 minutes with both the guilds attacking us simultaneously from both the front and behind,overall fun fight though. 
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  3. Qwixy added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    musa farming is trash tier on higher level mobs, did pila ku for a long time on 230ish ap musa and still preferred even just 210ap ranger. Only use musa for squishy mobs like gahaz, pirates etc
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  4. Qwixy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    :^) just thought i'd join in on the "wheres blabla content meme"

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  5. Qwixy added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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  6. Qwixy added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    So you're basically just grinding with basic attacks all the time? Sure you've proven it's an i-frame even though it's not stated anywhere that it is, it's still awful to have to spam a slow skill which does really low damage when you can just melt mobs before they hit you barely. I see it being useful in bosses but for general mob clearing you might aswell just pot spam instead of depending on that.
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  7. Qwixy added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    The side strafing ability with blade isnt an i-frame in either PvE or PvP, you're probably just getting lucky with avoiding the mobs hits or very desync'y for example mobs at places such as pila ku or aakman would just molest you if you tried to use basic attacks a lot.
    Agreed, only thing we're good at is descending current and nowadays thats even mediocre
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  8. Qwixy added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    Ah thank you for actually confirming this, I thought I was seeing things in the past when I saw Korean videos and a charging bar at the bottom.
    That awkward moment when you elven rage someone and you don't realise they're desync'd or they block it andyou can't cancel the skill so you just stare them in the eyes as they proceed to cc chain you
    Here's pretty much bow skills in a nutshell

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  9. Qwixy added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    Kiting works decently well until you get hit by skills such as dream of doom or zerker cannon
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  10. Qwixy added a topic in Ranger   

    State of ranger (opinion)
    Hello BDO community, I just wanted to make this post to express my current opinions on the state of ranger and see if anyone else feels the same and I thought maybe it could clear a few pieces of spread mis-information , for those of you who don't know me I'm Qwix a level 60 ranger on EU with around 220ap/263dp.
    Here's a list of things I think is good with the class
    Damage output is very highGood mobilityRanged and Melee DamageVery good clear speed PvEIncredibly useful in Node WarsHere's a list of things which I think is bad with the class
    Can't animation cancel awakening skillsSurvivability feels quite badNo blockNon awakening form feels lackingSome skills don't seem to work as intendedI-frame feels quite mediocreOften CC dependent to burstUseless passiveNow for the explanation on the positives
    First I'll start with the positives, I feel as though the damage of the class is very good in the awakening form, pretty much all of the awakening forms deal quite high damage including the spammable skills such as Waltz of Wind + Breezy Blades, if anyone ever says that ranger burst is lacking then it's highly likely a gear issue.
    The mobility overall of the class is also incredibly good, the running speed is amazing thanks to increased movement speed, the dash is very fast and almost comparable to Maehwa/Musa dash (Musa is quite a lot faster than Maehwa but that will be changed soon) and bow skills such as Q cancelling are also good mobility.
    As for the general playstyle of Ranger, it utilizes both ranged and melee skills with both awakening and unawakening form's which opens up opportunity for changes of play-style mid battle, and due to this it is a very useful class in Node Wars as both an assassin close/mid range burst class and a ranged damage / CC class with skills such as descending current, due to the overall damage and ability to spam skills such as waltz of wind in combination with the mobility of the class, I'd say ranger is one of the fastest clearing classes currently.
    Every class has it's negatives, here's what I think is bad with ranger
    Whilst the damage remains really high on ranger awakening, it's impossible to animation cancel any of the skills which lock you into place, if you take a look at skills such as Waltz of the wind + flow, nature's tremble and elven rage + flow, these skills have quite long cooldowns and without absolutely insane amounts of attack speed or if you've been slowed during PvP, these skills can take quite a while to cast completely and under a lot of conditions can be avoided if the opposing player isn't cc'd.
    Survivability feels quite lacking on the class also which links into having slow casting skills at times, the main way of surviving during PvP is alternating between awakening dash and call from the sky in non awakening as i-frame's and trying to time your frontal guards / super armor accurately and in both PvE and PvP you have to depend on pot spamming most of the time for both mana and life as the leech on basic attacks for mana and cold blades for life feels very slow and clunky. Many people have told me that the dash of ranger is incredibly overpowered as an i-frame but if you check the skill tooltip itself, it's a 3 second cooldown i-frame not an unlimited one whereas the warrior awakening dash is 2 seconds and seems to travel further which extends the i-frame duration (but yes warrior's is much slower for movement).
    We may have a grapple which is incredibly useful for many situations, but I must say after playing Musa a lot lately, having no block on ranger feels so frustrating as we have to burn our i-frames and hope the ending of someone's attack doesn't apply a sneaky cc (I'm looking at you tamers with your cursed spinny moves of death) and if you get spam cc'd by mobs such as crescents. I'm aware that we have block / super armor on a good amount of skills such as wailing wind, elven rage etc but when you try adding in a couple of flow skills to the mix you realize that none of them have any type of block/super armor/i frame and leave you very vulnerable as you're standing still to cast them.
    One thing I found quite frustrating was how much I enjoyed bow skills in the past and how I didn't feel the need to use them after awakening, the only bow skills you ever use for PvP situations in open world is call from the sky for the i-frame and maybe the occasional Q+cancel or shotgun against certain classes, but I constantly have the feeling that bow skills leave you very vulnerable and deal mediocre damage compared to the awakening. Whilst being on the topic of negatives I felt like mentioning the passive of rangers which gives mana on basic attack with bow which is just plain useless and there also seems to be a issue with the skill Vine Knot in awakening form which it seems a few people have noticed, the skill supposedly applies floating if a hit lands but it is so rare that it actually works as intended.
    Thanks to anyone who has read this post, any feedback is appreciated as I'm quite new on the forums and sorry for the wall of text.
    P.S I wrote this after a long session of staying awake so it might be riddled with mistakes or too much rambling
    TL:DR Ranger is incredibly overpowered strong but I don't personally enjoy the class anymore so I decided to state my opinions

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  11. Qwixy added a post in a topic FPS issue slight fix   

    I mentioned this issue to KaoKao before
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  12. Qwixy added a post in a topic .   

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  13. Qwixy added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    It's fixed now, some people might have to change language but just normal logging in worked for me.
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  14. Qwixy added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

  15. Qwixy added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    Seems to be like they changed their login system, found these two files on task manager which I don't remember being there before.

    Probably just a quick hotfix, give them time people.
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