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  1. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    I'm not sure they're ready.
    cracks knuckles
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  2. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

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  3. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic New Year Event in Velia   

    So glad you guys had fun! Always great to hang out with everyone
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  4. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic Lunar event with GMs   

    I'm glad you had fun! 
    Was awesome hanging out with you guys  (and the elephants)
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  5. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic Margorian Pirate Field Trip, Courtesy of the CMs/GMs/PM   

    The event was super fun and I'm glad you guys all enjoyed it too!
    Looking forward to more in the future!
    (p.s. Capt'n Zandar will always be the true winner you scallywags)
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  6. GM_Gemu added a topic in News & Announcements   

    April 27th Maintenance has ended
    Dear Players, maintenance has now ended!
    There was an issue where EU players were disconnected but please bear with us as we resolve it.
    We thank you for your patience and understanding.
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  7. GM_Gemu added a topic in Text / Localization Issues   

    Report a Text / Localization Issue
    Greetings Everyone,
    This forum is going to operate a little differently than the others.  You will not be able to start new threads, instead we ask that you use the format laid at below to reply to this post.  This will allow us to keep the issues contained for easier review.  When including a screenshot first upload it to a hosting site, such as Imgur, then add it to your post with the "Insert Other Media button".
    Description of the issue: Details
    You may also fill out this Localization Bug Form.
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  8. GM_Gemu added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Report a Technical Issue
    If you are experiencing a technical issue, please first look at the existing topics to see if your issue is already reported.
    If it has been reported, feel free to vote and/or comment on the post.
    If it has not been reported, feel free to post it and be sure to provide as much information as possible.
    If you put in a ticket for your issue, include the ticket number in your post as well. Be as descriptive as possible, we are handling tons of tickets currently. The more information you can give the quicker we can help you.
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  9. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic I have a date with an old man   

    Moved to off topic.
    Also have fun playing monopoly!
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  10. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic WHY I'm interested in Black Desert   

    This thread started to derail a bit to much, locked before it gets any worse.
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  11. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic Yolo Season on AA   

    Moved to off topic
    (also I could never destroy my celest t5 katana, to much salt and tears went into that, it will forever sit and collect dust)
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  12. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic I cant play this game!!!   

    Try this link: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=90345
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  13. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic I cant play this game!!!   

    I have responded to your ticket
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  14. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic I cant play this game!!!   

    if that doesn't work, make a support ticket, give me the ticket number, and I'll take a look.
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  15. GM_Gemu added a post in a topic Purchasing Black Desert Online...   

    Our top priority is getting the payment failed issues fixed, if you are still having troubles give me your ticket number and I'll see what I can find.
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