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  1. Souljester added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    So there still hasn't been an official reply in here or have I missed it? ...is this ap cap thing actually a thing?
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  2. Souljester added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    Has anyone tried with the subweapon off?
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  3. Souljester added a post in a topic Call me crazy but the game is running a lot better after today's patch   

    Game performance improved drastically last patch anywhere but at Pirate island. This patch, pirate island was flawless and I was maintaining a constant 50 fps no matter what...even in heidel.
    I also noticed that my CPU usage is up by about 60% since last patch and my GPU by about 30% !!
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  4. Souljester added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Trying to atone for the sins of renting such stable servers?
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  5. Souljester added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Good Game, Good Fight, Have Fun, Good Hunting and don't forget guys, we need to fix our computers and internets so WE git gud.
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  6. Souljester added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Val 5 frozen; the server fecal matter hit the server rotary impeller and splashed all over the server hardware
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  7. Souljester added a post in a topic Compensation for down server   

    Pretty sure it's not Man up doing it... Man ups are troll; they'll be looking to regroup for next week and take over some catle so lacari can throw out some more memes at them... you know. 
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  8. Souljester added a post in a topic How often have you personally experienced Sorc hate?   

    I'm at best an OK sorc and when I manage to perform I'm really proud of myself.  On her I have 204/191/270 and if I mess up a combo... bleh
    Now as I said, I'm just ok, especially against 200 ap ranger/overgeared zerkers/musas and good warriors and the occasional good wizard. Then those guys tell me to "git gud" and stop being a baddies (eg; the 200 ap ranger would connect with me, knock me down then 100-0 me before I could get up... i have 270 DP with TRI muskans.... how do you "git gud" and survive that...) anyways, when that happens and I'm a bit annoyed I get on my musa (174/169/233) and unless it's a zerker... gg.
    But even then, after I bring my no gear musa, the person will sometime whisper me with a get good shit OP sorc...
    WTH is wrong with those people? Like... just wtf... It's almost as if they're just looking to hate the sorc because the iframes are "unfair" and they'll continue to hate on it as long as she's got iframes. I suspect that in their minds; a sorc can use iframes non-stop forever
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  9. Souljester added a post in a topic Dawn of the final day 24 hours remain   

    My biggest fear is that the server performance go straight to hell and don't make it back. 
    That and them messing up the merge and us losing items/lifeskill xp and other stuff in the merge.
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  10. Souljester added a post in a topic Compensation needed for no blackstone event!   

    I don't want another blackstonr event but unfortunately... I have to admit we need a blackstone event.
    With the server merger and the additional publicity the game has been getting, new players need a chance to catch up. It was one thing back in march to acquire the gear snd upgrade it; people weren't THAT far ahead of you.... but now a new player has to plan roughly 600 mil silver to get +0 yellow armor and weapon... and an additional billion for TRI accessories (2x Tri red coral, TRi bares, TRI MOS, and shultz or three spirit or whatever new belt people are going for).
    Which is something great to look forward to in the long run... I mean a new player will need about what.... 5 months to get there nowaday? I mean they'll already get bottlenecked by gear availability and the limited blackstones for upgrades.
    You're probably thinking: hey dude WE grinded for our stuff; why shouldn't they? They should, but we need to make it easier for them. Why? Because there are people  with super gear running around controlling lowbie spots (catfish/hexe/manshas) telling them to git gud. This game is already complicated enough as it is. But if people with 210/250 go and gank new 50s, this game will eventually die out due to a lack of new players.
    Also let's be honest here.... between you guys and me. I've been doing daily scrolls and 10-20 discos every week along with access to multiple blackstone events. IF there is a blackstone event; people like me won't profit from it. I have almost 3000 of each blackstone and another 5k hunter seal lying around. You guys don't get to be smartasses about stacking blackstone because the truth is: a lot of people havent had access to more than one blackstone event since they started.... if they had access to one while you did. 
    Now the server merges will bring more blackstones for sale as people like me will be listing them (its a timing thing in my case but a lot of my friends are planning to make some additional money off of it regardless of sales price. Either way it'll be good for players.
    Those new people want to participate in node wars and be able to go farm the fabled sausans and the isolated pirates which they can't do without gear. Stop saying THEY are entitled for asking for one; we all had tons of blackstone event, they should be getting another one soon... maybe closer to the holidays.
    Note: Seriously, this whole entitlement name calling is annoying. New players are asking for something YOU had and YOU call them entitled. GROW the F up. YOU are the one acting entitled/like you're better than them. This is a game; people play it for fun and new players have all their options limited because of all the established competition. Cut them some slack; it was easier for us when we started.
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  11. Souljester added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q3 results are out   

    In light of those numbers: Epic/OP/Awesome/Sexy servers that never lag/d-sync when?
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  12. Souljester added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Ok so.. I've played on all 3 servers and focused mainly on Edan (level 59 and a few 50-56 other chars).
    The economy of each server is different to a point. Edan almost never has basic materials but while I was on Orwen Friday I could have bought a bunch. So with each having different productions overall (I spent a couple hours on each server over the weekend to compare sales volume/availability/material availability and prices between servers to see some of the differences). I am convinced that this merger will be beneficial for newcomers as well as veteran players.
    First of all, with the increase of available ressources all around players who already have money will be able to acquire a surplus of basic materials as well as finished products injecting silver into the economy.
    Newer players will be able to see what sells (materials or finished products) and get into production of either through workers and such.
    Sinc the prices are controlled; and because of it. newer players will see an increase of available items AND of demand which will favor them. Older players will be able to capitalize on their acquired wealth and get whatever they're missing or get wealthier. But, THAT number of player is limited and as such, will not affect the majority of the population. You guys complaining about the storage mergers see it from the point of view of other mmos.... where prices could inflate. Here the prices are controlled which will give major advantages to the newer players
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  13. Souljester added a post in a topic Any ideas why my game does this when i enter new town or busy areas?   

    Im just going to drop this here, it probably won't help you but a few of my guildies have complained about that kind of loading issues since the sorc awakening patch. One of them thought the game was loading too many secondary things.... bleh. Anyways their solution was to go to the game folder, right click on the launcher and start it in wi dows xp service pack 2 compatibily mode (I think it was 2... but it could have been 3).
    They've been saying how great the loading times are and stuff ... but once again: no clue if this'll help you out.
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  14. Souljester added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    Im happy to know I'll get another RNG to repair my other armor...gotta TRI it!!
    You people better sell me your other boss gear though..
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  15. Souljester added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    Personally, I've been playing the game since 1 week after the official release...and I got onto bosses as soon as I made 50...like 4 days after I started..and this piece of Red Nose armor is the first piece of boss gear I get ever.....
    If I'd missed scrolls and I had NOT spent periods of time farming additional scrolls to run them for boss gear I probably wouldn't feel cheated...but tonight it hurt pretty badly...not that I didn'T get what I wanted..that YOU PEOPLE didn't get other pieces so you could list it and I could buy it... that's right...I didn't care to get the boss armor...I just wanted to buy it off of you lucky people...but I guess that'll just be another nope. I'll just go back to NV/trying to snipe it off the marketplace since THAT has been working sooooo great for me.
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