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  1. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    I'm sure the GMs notice but can't do anything except talk to the devs. I'm sure the devs don't care.
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  2. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic [Notice] Known Issues - Apr. 26 *Updated*   

    I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet (or if it has been fixed since yesterday), but the Anemos horse gear isn't an available option on the marketplace. I'm not certain if it's because someone just hasn't posted one since the fix or not.
    EDIT: It's working now. Pretty sure it didn't show up because someone hadn't posted one yet. 
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  3. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    I feel like Training has similar numbers. I'd probably feel a little better if Training had a daily quest that granted xp, or byproducts of training that gave xp (horse poo amiright?)
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  4. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Instant Accel & Sprint Nerf   

    It can run through bloodlines. You have slighter higher chance of learning it when you breed two that have those skills together. I have no issue getting Sprint, but I've always been unlucky getting instant accel. I just recently learned sprint on 2 of 4 horses on my wagon last night.
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  5. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Resources in Kamasylvie?   

    Famme has their map updated with the information. Click on each node to see which ones have a production.
    EDIT: Actually the production information isn't there. Just trade. Hm...
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  6. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    People who paid real money for an outfit got their outfit removed. The fact that it's a horse costume is what's pissing you off. If it were, perhaps, a scantily clad outfit that you oh so loved to wear, you'd be up in arms demanding for an immediate fix, especially since you spent your hard earned money on it. The fact of the matter is that people paid real money for this item, and the item was completely removed from the game. No one could buy it, no one could post it on the market place, and it was removed from every inventory and every horse from those who already owned it. 
    Besides it's literally the best horse costume out there. Well, prettiest that is, in my opinion. I'm sure others might prefer the more armor style costumes. The other issues you are wanting fixed are things that the PUBLISHER CAN NOT FIX. By publisher I mean the ones who announced this short maintenance. They can ask the developers to fix it, but it's completely down to the developers. Now, putting the costume BACK in the game when it was in the game before is something they can do. Something that wouldn't take the developers a long time to put together.
    As for the issues you're having accessing the game....heh...dude, set up remote access. At work on your computer or at home, access your computer after maintenance is over and set up your afk activity that you're so desperate for, and then just leave it going while you're at work. I've literally NEVER had an issue starting up afk after maintenance because of this. All it takes is a minute of not being watched at work and boom.  Afk set up and I check in every so often to make sure I didn't dc. There are solutions out there. The only thing we can't really solve is the optimization of the game. Sadly, that's something you'll want to contact PEARL ABYSS about. Not Kakao. Leave the GM/CMs out of this because putting together fixes for optimization IS NOT THEIR JOB. Their job is to poke and prod Pearl Abyss to try and get the fixes we want. Sadly, Pearl Abyss' priority will go to the Korean version of the game. Be patient. Set up afk and PLAY A DIFFERENT GAME like all the other normal people out there. BDO doesn't have to be the only game you play, and it shouldn't. Otherwise you'll get bored. Just like those members that dropped from your guild.
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  7. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    I'm not sure where to post this as it's probably too small for a ticket, but I'm panicking because the gorgeous Anemos horse gear has been removed from the pearl shop. I have my heart set on buying that gear whenever I have the money, and I didn't see any time limit on it the last time I tried it on...and it's just not in the pearl shop anymore. What's going on here?
    EDIT: I just saw the answer in the beta forums. I'm glad it's not gone for good. ; ; 

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  8. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    1V1 ME M8. On horseback. Via racing. Because I have a very squishy gear score and will 100% die within 2 seconds in a fight.
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  9. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic What will happen when Kamasylvia launches?   

    I honestly don't care too much for the actual region, aside from gathering materials from areas with non-aggressive monsters. What I really care about Kamasylvia is the fckn T9s finally being released. I have a T8 Courser at the ready that I wanna set myself up for disappointment with. (I was sad because it learned 2 seater, which will disappear once it's an Aduahnott, but my spare T8 just learned 2-seater, so I'm good.)
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  10. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    This is a system in place in Russia for those who pay the subscription to play. I'd probably pay for something like this because of how useful the resets are.
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  11. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    Hense the statement that "I'd like to see". I know there aren't any instance based dungeons here. As of right now I'm just using the game as a glorified horse breeding simulator while playing other games that actually have instance based dungeons.
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  12. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    I would love to see a different set of gear that is comparable but more PVE based for instance based dungeons. Such as...BIS gear will always be the boss gear at TET. But something that gives you a fighting chance without being top end gear being a set of dungeons that will drop said gear. No healer would be needed if players queue assuming they'll have to spam potions and self-heal abilities.
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  13. LadyRhapsody added a topic in General   

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  14. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic T8 horse price   

    My T8 Courser is around 233 mil. I'd never sell her. T8s should be upwards of 400mil for the time, effort, and real money that goes into making them. If they upped the breeding rates.....yeah 100-240 mil is a reasonable price due to the ease of getting one. I'll never sell a T8. Ever. It's not worth the time I put in to it.
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  15. LadyRhapsody added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    So people who already played 5k hours get two rewards, while new players will never get the chance? Real politic. Real politic.
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