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  1. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    What kind of response is that?

    I was just curious to know whether he had hard numbers or was relying on feels to come to the determination that the playerbase has tanked.
    Not saying I doubt his statement, as I'm sure many former Archeage players are itching to return to Archeage with the promise of updates and a fresh-start server, and players who always have to be on the bleeding edge of "the next thing" are waiting to enjoy their Revelation Online founder packs.
    Just probing for data, chief.
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  2. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    Just curious, where are you getting this information from? 
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  3. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I made alts on other servers to take advantage of the merge.

    Some people will get ahead, some will stay the same, in the end we will all wind up with PEN boss gear if we play long enough. Makes no difference to me.

    MP taxes, enchanting costs, and other moneysinks will take care of the sudden inflation over time.
    It's really not that huge of a deal.
    Life goes on.
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  4. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Asa Akira Character Creation   

    what a time to be alive
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  5. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Amor stones   

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  6. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   


    If people spent half as much time playing the game as they did trying to demonize the companies behind it.....

    I say give it a month or three for the inflation and the flood of resources to die down.

    MP taxes, enchanting costs, and other assorted money sinks will eventually even things out.

    A smart person could make a fortune off of this merge with a little planning.
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  7. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic The disadvantage of players created by the Red Nose Box.   

    It's free bits of the highest-tier armor in the game.

    I have a hard time trying to understand anyone trying to rationalize being miffed at receiving two pieces of the same boss armor, regardless of the sell price of other bits. Sure, some people get lucky and get other pieces-- some people get lucky and find an ogre ring every day for a week. Some people managed to collect enough halloween candy to last them the entirety of the event on the first day. My point is, it's RNG.

    Keep in mind there are people that never even got an opportunity to get a boss armor box.

    How far are -they- set back and put at a disadvantage? What with everybody that made an account early enough receiving two pieces of boss gear?
    It's kinda petty to feel bad over getting a desirable free thing that isn't the specific desirable thing you wanted.
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  8. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic My Personal Experience with World Boss Drops   

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  9. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic [NA]<ORWEN> BLOO GUILD RECRUITMENT Family oriented and pvx all levels allowed!(update 11/24/16)   

    give me your spiciest meme and i'll consider it
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  10. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    I kinda get what you're saying, but I can dig it.

    The bigger pink elephant in the room is he unholy bastard child of Ric Flair and Megaman that is the Berserker awakening.

    Never thought I'd follow up a suplex and a dropkick with a charged buster shot, but buddy lemme tell you-- I'm not complaining.
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  11. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic How much Have you Spent?   

    what do you even do for a living 
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  12. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic The disadvantage of players created by the Red Nose Box.   

    "i am at a disadvantage because i got free stuff and didnt like it"

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  13. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic How come warrior black spirit rage 100% 1-shots people and the tamer one only does 50%?   

    I truly believe the devs should name a bait item in-game after Blondie to commemorate this thread.
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  14. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic ~MEGA POST~ Some Suggestions ~MEGA POST~   

    What items are you suggesting be available for direct player-to-player trading?

    Everything excluding character/family-bound items?
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  15. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic [Halloween] Candy   

    Max volume on loop until three candy is achieved.

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  16. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic So much QQ about shovels but...   

    Meh, everything will even out a month or three after the last awakening is added.
    No real need to let it rumble your jim jams.
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  17. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic The dye system sucks ass and is rigged   

    i love it when people complain about cosmetics in games
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  18. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Will there be any reparations for shovel exploit?   

    "Because it's a bug, and you're abusing said bug in an exploitative manner."
    Really tho. I'm going to try "The manufacturer build this car to go thirty over any legal speed limit in the country-- so technically it's their fault." if I ever find myself disputing a speeding ticket.

    That'll get me far, I'm sure.  
    It's an exploit because its a bug people used and abused for personal gain, knowing full well what they were doing and are now paying the price.
    Players who made use of the bug are facing consequences for their actions.
    There's really not much more to it unless you want to play a long game of either "what if" or "argument for the sake of argument", which I'm absolutely not down for.
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  19. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Will there be any reparations for shovel exploit?   

    Easy there tiger, just sprinkling a little benefit of the doubt on the situation.
    Probably shouldn't, but I do.
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  20. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Will there be any reparations for shovel exploit?   

    Point taken, but as I did acknowledge, not everybody who pinged usage of the bug was an exploiter.
    I'd hope Kakao has enough sense to know the difference between players in the "whoah cool im getting really lucky praise be RNjesus" and "whoah cool if i follow these specific steps i wont waste energy and will only get the best things, i should abuse the heck out of this even though it is probably a bug" camps.
    The fact that the forums aren't flooded with people complaining about being unfairly banned is particularly telling.
    I don't think this exploit really saw widespread use.
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  21. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Will there be any reparations for shovel exploit?   

    K, so, a few things.... 
    A bug is not "in game mechanics". It is a bug. These terms are not interchangeable. Informing the players wasn't exactly necessary, to my knowledge shovels were disabled upon discovery of the exploit-- they also made a post about it on the forums. Sort of a moot point. 
    I really question the intentions of someone that finds something that's clearly an exploit, something that you have to follow very specific steps in order to trigger the bug, and proceed to exploit said exploit without ceasing and reporting. There's a line between "whoah cool im getting really lucky praise be RNjesus" and "whoah cool if i follow these specific steps i wont waste energy and will only get the best things, i should abuse the heck out of this even though it is probably a bug".If someone triggered this bug and used it for a bit, but didn't return day after day to ream the massive rewards, sure. I'd imagine these people would be allowed to appeal their ban. That would be the even-handed thing to do.There really isn't a difference between exploiting and cheating. A bug in and of itself is not an exploit. The act of exploiting the bug for gains is an exploit. Exploiting is cheating. Duplication exploits are often the results of bugs in the code,Abusing AI monsters in this fashion is often the result of bugs in the code.You just listed two bugs exploits that you consider cheating, but the shovel exploit gets a pass? 
    All in all, I'm glad they broke out the permanent banhammer. No telling how much account-seller stock they ruined with this move.
    Have you even read their terms of service?
    12.1.4 and 12.2 in particular.

    It's pretty specific in that your account could be terminated for using exploits, as opposed to some blanket statement as you claim.

    And as a developer of twenty years, I'm sure you and whatever company you may work for makes use of a robust ToS agreement as well, so don't try to claim some high ground on this matter.
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  22. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic Resource nodes reverting to previous worker   

    Could always try withdrawing contribution from the node the worker keeps reverting to, but I'm gonna wager a guess and say you've got that node leveled up and that it's probably connected to a bunch of other leveled-up nodes.

    That's sounds like a frustrating problem.
    Is it just one particular node?
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  23. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic In world chat..everyone going back to Archeage ?   


    The only thing I like more about Archeage is that I can harpoon a tree and use my boat to swing about and wrecking-ball another player's boat for funsies.

    Well, that and their open-world PVP made more sense.
    And the mounts were more interesting. (srsly, fantasy world where i buy starter fishing stuff from a giant talking otter and you put me on a horse? get outta here)
    Also, hunting down and stealing from other people's hidden farms (gotta get that thunderstruck bb) and then proceeding to commit disgustingly egregious acts of perjury once caught was always a hoot. 
    All that aside, I'm liking BDO a bit more, Room for improvement, but at least I don't feel like I absolutely -have- to pay to be competitive. 
    P2W is bad, but at least in BDO it's not anywhere close to being as insanely advantageous to swipe a card as it is in Archeage.
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  24. Qzzrbl added a post in a topic And the point of OW PVP is?   

    Basically, yeh, but I'd hesitate to even say lower drop rates in non-pvp zones. I'd bet people would risk a fight over zones with an additive %0.1 drop increase.
    Desert would've been ideal for this sort of thing.
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