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  1. Fygh added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    NPC's doing the same things all day, every day, on repeat every 10-30 seconds. In this vein, perpetual NPC wars where nobody dies (who wasn't already a corpse) and nothing is damaged even by massive blasts. I guess static world in general. I love many aspects of the game, but static world on repeat gets to me after a while. If I had my druthers, a dynamic, changing world with time limited quests (maybe the wars repeat once a week, and they rebuild in the meantime) would be fantastic. Shop NPC's should have shifts. Others should have more to do than just the. one. thing.
    But this isn't my game. I just play it.
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  2. Fygh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Why they do this I do not understand. I've raised plants in real life. Most of them you get hundreds if not thousands of seeds per seed plant. 1-3 is frustrating. That they take up an individual slot each is, well, ridiculous.

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  3. Fygh added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Grinding: Horse breeders do this, too.
    Enchanting: Horse breeders do this, too.
    Bank Investment: Horse breeders do this, too.
    Fishing: Inventory slots / costume 1 time investments.
    Processing: Costume 1 time investment.
    Cooking: Outfit 1 time investment.
    Horse breeding: Horse costume, check. Trainer costume, check. But also: Skill and breed resets for every horse you want to end up decent, to make the most of the 60-80 hours needed to train a single horse, and with the low, low chance you'll get something good. How many fishing rod resets do you need? How many inventory slots do you need to repurchase with pearls when you've "used" one?
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  4. Fygh added a post in a topic Textures popping in/out since last patch.   

    No, I am running Nvidia GeForce.
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  5. Fygh added a topic in Suggestions   

    Stop Clogging Alt Quest Logs
    When I'm in an area I like to get all relevant quests as this is faster than doing them serially. But these quests from my main and other higher level alts clog quest logs and make it more painful to quest them, I find I am often hitting the 30 quest limit and have to go back and forth repeatedly. Can we just not show quests for levels higher than the character?

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  6. Fygh added a post in a topic Better Social Player Relationship features.   

    This is a great idea and I hope to see it implemented.
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  7. Fygh added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Textures popping in/out since last patch.
    I've noticed this with ground textures, not sure if it applies to others yet. Very often if I move a bit they will pop in and out repeatedly. It looks almost like puddles when they are out.

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  8. Fygh added a post in a topic [Dark Knight] Beginner’s Serendian Soldier Suit - right arm missing!   

    Agree. This looks wrong. I hope they fix this soon.
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  9. Fygh added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Not 100% sure but when my pets go from hungry to fed I get a +luck notice. So I'm going with no, probably not.
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  10. Fygh added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    Also EU. Also about 20 minutes from Amsterdam, and not too far from the possible Germany site either (not sure precisely where they keep the servers, but it's likely one or the other based on what I understand). I have also been experiencing massive lag spikes and disconnects in the past few days.
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  11. Fygh added a post in a topic RamJamm's Two Irritating Things . Follower quests and Invincible mobs   

    Agree with #1, but #2 I'd add one thing: Other than NPC's where the story would prevent them from following quickly (injured), have NPC's follow at the same speed the player is going. Walking is too slow, but having to run 3 seconds, stop, run 3 seconds, stop, or run backwards, etc. is very annoying and rather quest breaking.
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  12. Fygh added a post in a topic Cash Shop Crafted Costumes kill your sales :)   

    I'd say fewer pearls or they get more of the (but maybe not all of the, because they already come with unique) normal costume buffs for the same price, because it's effort to craft them.
    They do need more dye slots, at the very least. 3 is ridiculously few, especially when it includes disparate materials in the same dye slot. Thanks for the heads up on the cape. I guess I'll figure out what I want to live with if I ever get the coupon. I have the costume already made and waiting so hopefully more of those coupons go up when I'm active.
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  13. Fygh added a post in a topic Cash Shop Crafted Costumes kill your sales :)   

    I want this so bad for my DK. Thanks for providing the dyed photo, I was wondering if the skirt thing was going to be undyeable. I am relieved to see that it is dyeable.
    But the coupons aren't going up very often on the MP. Augh!
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  14. Fygh added a post in a topic Underwear on market place plz   

    Even if it were allowed to be sold it'd be like pets, value packs or now the equipment tailoring coupon. Very few would be sold because it's not economical to do so.
    Also, I'm a little bit upset about that. I really want an equipment tailoring coupon.
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  15. Fygh added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    I live in the Netherlands where they are based for EU and gambling laws are quite strict, moreso than the U.S. I believe. I would have thought they would have researched the gambling laws, or hired a professional to do so before implementing such a system.
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