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  1. Shallow added a post in a topic Does Musa Feel Stronger?   

    Pretty sure your not gonna be at the top spamming stub arrow lol, but feel free to try. Would make a entertaining watch
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  2. Shallow added a post in a topic Does Musa Feel Stronger?   

    Could post pics of my scores in the node wars, where i am top 5 on kills nearly every week  but dont want to make you feel bad
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  3. Shallow added a post in a topic Does Musa Feel Stronger?   

    Dont even know how to reply to this, sounds like a bad musa being salty
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  4. Shallow added a post in a topic Greetings fellow players   

    There is many friendly guilds on all servers, but some servers have more competitve PvP then others etc. So you should pick depending on what your looking for
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  5. Shallow added a post in a topic Feedback on ranger play {vidoe insite}   

    Its hard to say much due to the people you are farming being massively undergeared, but one thing i would say is your movement is a bit reckless. For example at 20.45 you literally run straight into a sorc ult. If these people were geared you would be dead. So id say you should really focus on whats going on around you.
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  6. Shallow added a post in a topic How are wizards in group pvp? and how will they be with awakening?   

    Wizards in PvP right now are stronger then people think even in 1v1. If you know the chain freeze combo which lasts around 5 seconds you can pretty much shred through most peoples hp. In group pvp they can still dominate due to the large aoe etc. Awakening of course is going to make them stronger so if your enjoying it just keep going with your class, and learn the chain freeze combo!
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  7. Shallow added a post in a topic Does Musa Feel Stronger?   

    poop? No my friend, the class isnt poop. it is you
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  8. Shallow added a post in a topic Armour choices   

    If its going to be a while till you get full boss set, 2x taritas 2x grunil works well too. the 100 wp from taritas is quite useful. Although this is a preference thing otherwise your gear is fine as it is till you get boss gear.
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  9. Shallow added a post in a topic Best Horn Bow for Evasion?   

    why are you even playing a evasion build?
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  10. Shallow added a post in a topic Musa Awakening Timer: Patch is Today \o/   

    the one you are better at
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  11. Shallow added a post in a topic Does Musa Feel Stronger?   

    Same to me mate
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  12. Shallow added a post in a topic Sorc 101   

    Good guy Erebus. always here to teach others
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  13. Shallow added a post in a topic So what's the role difference between Warrior and Musa in wars?   

    I find musa to do the small scale side of gvg pretty well ( cannon group hunting and outpost destroying)  they can join the zero but don't expect to survive in the middle of it. Like the previous person said it's picking off players from the backline mostly playing a assassin role. A lot of fun though  
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  14. Shallow added a post in a topic Musa Awakening Timer: Patch is Today \o/   

    27 days to get 60 and mats for tet dandelion. Work to be done 
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  15. Shallow added a post in a topic Ninja/Kuno Fix? IF/WHEN??   

    Ninja as a class is fine atm. it's strong as a 1v1 class and holds up well in small scale group fights. I don't understand why ninja needs work? I agree on the kuno tho 
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