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  1. Ryousan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Serendian Soldier Suit and Beginner’s Serendian Soldier Suit have been modified to include a helmet.
    Yea, ugly as hell helmet that you cannot take off. patch fix this or get rid of it. ugggg. leeeeee.
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  2. Ryousan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    aaaaand 3 mins in, disconnects start already. why o why am I still surprised. 
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  3. Ryousan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    exactly, mine said 600mb then I got blasted with a "corrupted file." lol. there was no corruption last night when I shut it down before sleep. >.>
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  4. Ryousan added a post in a topic New players   

    ive played since october 2016. been solo most of the time, got pked fewer times than i can really count. joined a node war guild and still maybe pked a few times. usually by some random pker who just wants to steal a rotation, or i inadvertently started killing mobs in their rotation. that will happen. but again, not nearly as often as i thought. this is one mmo i have actually enjoyed playing due to its diversity of game-play. everyday there is something you can do, whether you want to grind, farm, fish, craft, create, or just watch worldchat and talk with friends while your workers work for you. you can level as slow or as fast as you want. its probably one of the only mmos i would say you could have fun running around with your family. and as for your comment about the killing of your healer while killing hard boss, unless it is a server spawned boss, (which then yea, its a free for all,) you wont have to worry about random pkers killing you on certain scroll bosses. some of those spawn, then the whole party just disappears to others around. kind of lets you run multiple party scrolls in the same location without stepping on others. not all are like that tho. i would say, have each of you try it for the free days and see how it goes. i dont regret my investment.
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  5. Ryousan added a post in a topic Life Exp Elixirs and tea   

    just in my honest opinion, i dont think it does. unless stated somewhere, not one mmo has ever included "quest gain" in the buffs. just normal grind while doing the quests will you get that extra bit. kinda similar to where some specific exp gain scrolls specifically state at the bottom that they do not stack. so yea, i would think unless they say so, you should assume it doesnt go towards the quest reward.  if i am wrong, im sure someone will let me know. lol 
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  6. Ryousan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    yea, that would be nice. also I agree with the seed stacking in inventory, I mean unless that's the way they get you to buy more slots. 
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  7. Ryousan added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    it is not a pet, it is a summon. correctness counts. and it is a grab. a pissy one but still. and kinda useless.
    "i am not a witch."  Becker
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  8. Ryousan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    if it was 7 hours to defrag the server and help with some of the lag and desync I would be happy to wait, but here's to wanting.....
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  9. Ryousan added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    ima witch. I think I do pretty well, strong skills, nasty cooldowns. sometimes I have been know to get in a panic to ensure survivability and pressed the wrong button causing a cooldown, but yes, when these things mentioned above happen, I am a toasted witch. maybe op or not, but one thing is for certain, you get the drop on a witch or wizard and they are finished. find that opening.
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  10. Ryousan added a post in a topic Watch Barbarians in Altinova (suspicious behavior)   

    totally welcome. glad to have helped.
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  11. Ryousan added a post in a topic Disconnects while using PDANet and tethering from phone   

    I myself have found pdanet to be not that stable. especially if you use it as wifi. I have used easytether from mobilestream. last time my home internet went out, I used that on my phone and stayed connected for many hours. also, as black desert seriously relies on return data signals for connectivity, any lag in connection will drop you or lag you. I would suggested tethering with a cord to eliminate that possibility of wireless lag and connection issues. its not your game, its your connection. give easytether a shot and see how that works for you.
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  12. Ryousan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 1st 2017   

    you did open the slot from your characters inventory you bought it on right? I know, I just had to ask
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  13. Ryousan added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    yea....^^^^^.....what he said.... seems like we just sit and deal, hoping for changes. sit and deal, get hopes up, get let down. sit and deal, groan and gripe a bit knowing it is fruitless. hey whats that?  outside? maybe I will go check it out.
    I have learned in my past that my two cents are usually useless or ignored. that and I usually just read forums. true I haven't been with bdo for a year, been since beginning of October, but yea....
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  14. Ryousan added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    they mean actual "pearls" on the pearl page. and since they give you free loyalties it would only seem legit to NOT discount those items either.
    and just when I thought NO mmo could "reward" worse than PerfectWorld.  so mistaken, I am. they had crummy anniversary rewards, but they were at least decent crummy. this temporary buff cake reward is liken to their "3 day outfit" reward.
    nah, now I can get my witch's looney outfit
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  15. Ryousan added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    yea I read somewhere (cant remember now) that coupon wont work on pearls, cart, or loyalties. its a single use. so you cant put in 50 bucks worth of stuff and expect to save 10. one item. so yea no, I don't think I will get pearls this time around cuz as much as I was willing to spend on stuff.......
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