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  1. TheMercOfFury added a topic in Suggestions   

    ♫ Effects Plus ♫
    This is a rewrite and rethought suggestion that I have taken much more time to think out and write out correctly. Most of my old ideas have made it into this post but not all. New ideas have been added as well, but this is simply a better more thought out system of effects that can be added to the game.
    My First ten ideas for new effects (Short):
    Regeneration effects: The current version is useless. simply put Buff Regen effects in game and if you need to simply debuff health potions while it’s active or even have it to where it only activate below a percentage of health, but simply make it worthwhile to use in game.
    Second wind: A buff that you can apply to your character that makes you invincible for several seconds if you are hit with a killing blow. Have this in the game to help with World bosses and the buff is consumed upon use and needs to be reapplied every time. (maybe certain skills have killing blow to insta kill players with this buff.)
    Alchemist's breath: Simply put a buff that improves the effects of elixirs a player consumes when they consume them, effecting Duration, strength, cool down time. It might even add extra effects such as a small regen buff Health or mana dependent on how many elixirs are active.
    Potion Happy: Another simple buff that either increases the effects of potions or decreases the cooldown time or both.
    Over health: Allows potions to heal above player’s normal health, however extra health will quickly be lost over time, much faster than potion can over health. (Perhaps make it part of potion happy?)
    Status Shaker: A buff that simply reduces the duration of negative status effects besides CC effects like stun and knockdown.
    Sprinter: Halves or quarters the stamina drain while Sprinting.
    Turtle shell: reduces the damage players receive from back attacks.
    Midas touch: Causes players to destroy “Trash loot” upon pickup in exchange for % of silver “trash loot” is worth. (lesser idea but putting up all the ideas I have)
    Dispelling touch: This buff causes all attacks by the player to directly attack enemy skill buffs lowering their duration with each hit by a %.
     Explanation (long):
    I have always felt that Black desert online could use a multitude of new buffs for accessories or abilities that could give the game a better variety of effects to choose on besides the straightforward +10 attack. Adding these into old accesories would be a major gamechanger as it could make accessories that are never used such as the centaurs belt and cadry guardian rings desired and well used.
    Simply put i want to see regeneration potions used to help with grinding and to a minor degree pvp. What would be convenient is a buff that gives large passive health regen to players that don’t take damage for 20 seconds to help heal between attacks when potions are running low.
    This is a simple premise that i simply would like to see for world bosses with execution level damage abilities. Kutum would be fought if you could survive his random attack and then after that wait for your buff to recharge.
    Something that could be applied to all accesories in order to make them comparable with other accessories, or even add this in as a passive to scale elixirs with later content. The point being that this would add some new variety to effects in the game.
    Another simple add on to accessories/elixirs this would allow potions to be more usable, and would be fair and balanced because players would have to give up an accessory slot that could have an ap accessory to fit.
    A simple modifier that would allow players with full health to absorb some of the benefits of players healing, temporarily increasing their max health, but since it would drain away on its own it will not be very abusable.
    This ability would just lower the duration of bleed or fire to allow players to get rid of their debuffs faster. Another example of variety that could be added.
    This one you could add to the centaur belt that no one uses. Players could equip it to run longer and faster but at the same time give up ap for dp. Would love this for grinding as a valkyrie.
    An optional ability that would lower the extra damage without getting rid of it that you receive on back attack.
    I threw this in here cause why not. Why not just add something that lets players turn their trash loot into silver automatically. It's not like it would break the game. Besides in high level grind spots it would become a burden because you would lose out of silver gains, at the same time if you don’t care about turning in trash loot because you are in a low level area then equip away.
    An interesting ability that shortens skill buffs on players and monsters. Can pull off valkyrie's dp buff over the course of 20 hits or so but once again put this on a accessory and make the player give up ap to have this ability.
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  2. TheMercOfFury added a post in a topic Make Accessories Great   

    I will work on a better thought out suggestion that I will rewrite to be more clear and concise later on.
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  3. TheMercOfFury added a post in a topic Fix Enhancing 3 ideas (Poll)   

    Thank you for the input actually I thought of a forth idea since I made this Simply have it to where cron stones are worthwhile. hell give em to players more often in quests to make upgrading easier, and just keep them the same price. I may add more to this suggestion later on. Basically remove the penalties cron stones have to make em more worthwhile for protecting your gear. Take away the ability to earn fail stacks and keep the item from downgrading. But don't take away fail stacks on fail. some day I will type this out in more detail but thanks for your input.
    One more thing I made this guide in rage after failing to duo my Kzarka 63 times and failed tri 3 times. My money... its gone.
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  4. TheMercOfFury added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fix Enhancing 3 ideas (Poll)
    One of the biggest grievances in this game is the RNG for Enchantment. Simply put the enchantment system is roundabout and is a time vacuum, a vortex that time cannot escape. Its to much so i came up with some ideas that will take most of the bad luck out of the equation.
    Short Explanations:
    Add a Sacrificial alter that accepts black stones in exchange for Fail stacks. The more fail stacks you have the less likely you are to get more Fail stacks. This is basically a time saver, allowing you to get back to grinding.
     Make Forcing worth it! and not lubriciously expensive like it is now.
     Add a progress bar that gets randomly filled every time you add a stone to it. Each attempt will still decrease durability on the item, though less than normal due to the lack of fail stacking in this system. maybe 1 Durability on + enchantments and 5 durability on Pri Duo Tri Tet Pen Enchantments each time a stone is added to fill the progress bar. The bar can just fill up in one stone or Thirty, but it will always eventually upgrade.
    Long Explanations:
    Here are my ideas for better just simpler ways to handle enhancing gear without decreasing the difficulty to get it (On average) Feel free to of course modify this
    Have a alter or piece of furniture that accepts stones to randomly give you fail stacks( 1-5 Guaranteed. 6 -10 75% chance, 11 - 15 66 % chance, 16 - 20 50% chance, 21 -25 33% chance and then after that start needing to sacrifice sharps). If a stone fails to give you a fail stack then it just eats the stone.

    Simply put this won't make fail stacks that much cheaper it will just streamline it to where you won't have to build fail stacks on Reblath armor and then degrade it every time it goes to +15. Lower the average chances to get fail stacks by a bit to make it fair and put this in the game so that players will not have to go through the roundabout route of upgrading and then downgrading Reblath armor. Add a slight cost in silver to make up for the fact that they aren't using reblath even.

    Drag and drop this alter into the game if you want. limit the fail stacks that can be built on this alter to like 35 - 40 to keep players from abusing it to much.
     Make forcing enchantments worthwhile instead of so expensive. The cost of forcing is far more expensive than the cost of rolling the dice. Its five dollars to get a teddy bear from the top shelf of the prize booth or one dollar to flip a coin and get the teddy bear. We get it, the top tier items in this game have to stay rare and difficult to get, but can't you make forcing upgrade competitive with Rng instead of the clear loser.
     Standardize upgrading: Each time you throw a Armor or weapon stone onto a item it rolls a random number that applies to an upgrade status bar. Going plus 15 takes 30 progress. armor stones can roll 1-30 progress each time. ( 50% chance of rolling a 1, 25% chance of rolling 2 - 5, 15% chance of rolling 6-10, 5 % chance of rolling 11-20, 3% chance of rolling 21 - 29 and 2% chance of rolling a 30.) once the item reaches full upgrade capacity it simply upgrades automatically. maybe make it to where you can even not get any capacity with each stone used. Make it your own

    For going into Pri Duo Tri Tet Pen apply the same rules but make the bar vastly larger. Example Pri will take 250 points to get too, but concentrated stones will give much more ranging from 50 - 1000 instead of 1-30. 

    This system wouldn't necessarily make getting enchantments easier or faster it would just take out the players who consistently fail to upgrade, each stone applied can decrease durability, therefore increasing the costs to be competitive with the current system as well as to keep memory fragments relivant. All i'm asking for is a light at the end of the tunnel, not just a system like fail stacking that makes you more likely to succeed but a system that grantees success in the end, and will always reward persistence. Giving the most unlucky players a light at the end of their tunnel.Building Fail stacks right now is cancerous. It can give you your fondest dreams or your worst night mare off the bat. You can sit at a standstill trying to upgrade an item while your enemies in other guilds get their weapon to tet within a few tries, or you can do the opposite. What i'm suggesting is to simply take away some of the stress of upgrading in this game, to simply allow players to get that end game gear, and to rid the game of players that leave because they simply get some bad luck. There is no safe route or skill to this system of upgrading, its simply who wins big at the casino in a take all or lose all competition. Consider each of my options for the game, make this game funner for everyone and give everyone a light at the end of their tunnel.
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  5. TheMercOfFury added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make Accessories Great
    In my own opinion, this game could have more interesting Accessories than simple stat modifiers like AP DP health and Mana/sp pool increase. Lets be frank that most of the accessories in this game are worth ignoring and only a handful are even worth considering, those of which are exclusively AP heavy. I personally think that it could be reduced to Weapons give AP and Armor gives DP. Instead of accessories giving AP or DP, give them modifiers and status effects. Here are some ideas of mine that don't come down to simple stat or resistance modifiers. you can apply these stats to any and all accessories, i just want them to be in the game. The goal is to create a system of accessories that encourage players to develop their own play-style of ether being a tank or trying to avoid getting hit more. By building their accessories correctly they can develop all new ways of play-style that might include unused skills that are left for better higher damage pvp skills.
    Speed modifier: Every second you aren't hit, this accessory will give you an extra 1% move speed up to so much move speed. (Great for classes that dodge and for low level grind spots where you don't get hit that often.)AP modifier: Every second you don't get hit up to lets say for the sake of it 10-20 seconds gives you an extra AP that will disapear on getting hit. 5 second cool down before the stat kicks in again. (Good for rangers once again and encourages a play-style of not getting hit cause it will boost ap.Simple reduction of all status effect timers. Just get rid of bleed much faster than normal, not talking cc effects just bleed and such.Simple increase of the effects of potions a player takes. Just make potions heal them more while this accessory is equipped. Hell double the health the potion gives em but increase the cool down even. Just remember to not increase the cool down timer to much, i know you want balance but also remember they would be equipping this to forgo other accessoriesElixertizer(like this name) Adds buffs to elixirs such as longer use and lower cool down timer as well as maybe an AP buff for the amount of exlier buffs you have active. turn five min cool downs in to 2 min cool downs and raise the base 5 min elixir into 10 minutes, we can already do so with party pots anyway. Also add like a 2 ap buff for every active potion maybe, or a 3 dp buff.Regen necklace: I know there is already a bunch of accessories that do this, but guess what, they don't heal enough to make em remotely worth using. Make them have like a 25-45 health per second buff but then double the cool down time of potions and other healing items. (Great for players who wish to farm.) if they equip more than one the benefit of having 2 is reduced 2 25 health per sec accessories means 40 health per second 3 and you get 50 health 4 and you get 55, 6 and you get 65 and then potions are perm disabled. OR since there are such things as low health beginning players that would make this accessory OP just have it be 25 health per second and up to .75% of health per second.Glass shield: Applies a single stack of +20 - +50 at pen every 6-10  seconds up to 3-10 times. Every hit you take reduces the stacks you have saved up.(bad for tanks,GREAT FOR DODGE CLASSES)Second breathe: This one i want cause of kutum in the U.S. Stops a hit that would normally kill you and keep you at one health and give you 3 seconds invincibility. This would take   time to reset so its not spam able you know 90-180 seconds, maybe make it pve only or whatnot.Assault: Every time you hit someone within 15 seconds you would gain one ap per consecutive hit up to 15 or so. Anything that is fast and made to hit allot whiten a few seconds would beneficent.Rage bringer: Guarding and blocking will build more rage for the black spirit.Armor brace: Forces a players AP down and increases DP at low health. Making the player less of a threat but harder to kill.Trigger finger: double cast speed and more damage on a single ability if player hasn't used an ability in the last 7-10 seconds. Players can opt out of attacking for a few seconds in order to try a quicker first attack with this accessory.Turtle shell, Reduces the amount of damage received from back attacks by a percentage.Weakening braces: This accessory is going to make it to where you will never hit harder than your opponent's ap and never use more dp than your opponent has when you are hit. disables potions and places an icon above your head. Basically you where this accessory so that you can duel players on more equal footing in duels.Want to add more in the future. these are of course untested ideas for accessories and likely half of them would break the game or be just as worthless as the ones we have now but i would love just variety in the future for this game. BTW my dream is to become a video game programmer so this is what i think about a lot.
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