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  1. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic GBDI - Health BAR Testing Thing   

    I don't think there is any other way of dealing with getting a concise amount of damage done given that there is no log file to parse, and it is not reported in combat chat.  Using a consistent measurement "ruler" like you have certainly seems the best option.  I'm interested in seeing the results!
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  2. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic Tired of Guild Shopping? Join [Grievance] on [NA_World] !   

    I joined Grievance a little over two years ago in EQ2, but had to drop out of gaming for a bit.  I was pleasantly surprised on my return as I was welcomed into the BDO guild with open arms.  It REALLY is a family!  
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  3. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic Fishing node bug - wrong fish, etc.   

    The mini map told me that the affiliated node for the place I was fishing was Illiya not Racid!  Are you saying that I can't believe what the mini map tells me?   This is very confusing.  Where is this information posted so that I don't waste a whole day fishing again?  I'm a relatively new player and I regularly hit all the websites, but I haven't seen the list you posted anywhere.  Thanks.
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  4. OldGamerBroad added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Error message when finding previous nodes
    There seems to be a real problem linking Valencia.  When I click to discover "Previous Node", I keep getting an error message saying. "You cannot navigate because the path was not found".  Some of nodes that produce the error message are Kashuma Island, Derko Island, Kmach Canyon, Ancado Coast, and Ancado Inner Harbor.  Many of them appear to be "dead ends".  As far as I can see, none of the Islands link at all to the Valencian coast.  Should any of them?  Is there a way to connect Ancado Inner Harbor to Velia with the majority of the nodes in the sea?  Thanks.
    FYI, this is not an error that has to do with desert pathing.  I am aware that nodes cannot be pathed across the desert.  This issue is with nodes on the water.
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  5. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic Fishing node bug - wrong fish, etc.   

    Whether or not the markers are a red herring, I need to know where to fish to be at the proper node.  I had all the islands south of Iliya Island linked to Velia.  However, whenever I fish there I get fish labeled from a node well NORTH of Iliya!  Something is wrong there....  How can I get decent trade income based on that?
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  6. OldGamerBroad added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Fishing node bug - wrong fish, etc.
    Halfway between Ostra and Iliya islands is a fishing POI for Porgy.  The node is therefore south of (the large) Iliya Island.  EVERY fish I caught there was labeled as being from Racid.  Racid Island is considerably Northwest of Iliya.  Therefore, despite connecting the nodes, all my fish sold at reduced rates.  In addition, despite having fished for a considerable time at the POI, I have yet to catch a single Porgy, and nor have the other fishermen in my guild.  Everyone gets the same results.  Thanks.
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  7. OldGamerBroad added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    No Rolls for Black Spirit Adventure game after reset!
    It is now 5 hours after reset and none of our guild members has been able to roll the dice on the Adventure Game.  We have tried logging out and back in, closing down the game, etc.  Some of us were not even online before the reset.  Please advise if there is an issue, etc.  There are 8 of us with the same problem.
    Within a half hour of posting, the rolls became available.  Thanks.
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  8. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic Bugged Quest - Calpheon Redemption Statue   

    This is not bugged, it's just obscure.  When you are examining the statue, you can still zoom in and use your movement controls to look about.  Zoom in all the way, then look around and the quest will complete.
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  9. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic "It's dangerous to go alone" - Game Pass Gifting Option   

    I'm very disappointed in this event.  I started playing the game October 13th and purchased the Explorer package (I didn't use a trial and jumped right in).  According to the terms, I cannot take advantage of the offer which really upsets me.  I guess you want to penalize recent purchasers who joined and want to actively support the game.  I understand not letting people who joined AFTER your announcement, but your cutoff date is 3 weeks BEFORE that!
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  10. OldGamerBroad added a post in a topic Unable to Purchase "Empty Bottles"   

    Thanks!  Lots of solutions for established players, but what is a NEW player like me to do to level my alchemy???  
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  11. OldGamerBroad added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unable to Purchase "Empty Bottles"
    Tested with multiple guild mates in different locations.  We are unable to purchase "Empty Bottle" from Material Vendors.  The messages vary:  "Cannot apply item results to memory" or "This item is restricted".  This is the only item the Material Vendor sells that is bugged.  Tested in Olvia, Velia, Caltheon, Heidel, etc.
    Please fix ASAP, Alchemy is at a complete standstill...  Thanks.
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