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  1. gurghul added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    maybe there would be server for new players.If yes that,s great new server new start.If they thinking that they can get new players for old servers that will be disapointing.
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  2. gurghul added a post in a topic Horse and Character stopping during loop   

    Same with me but I catch a moment when ." Loading" screen show up.Got this last 2 weeks quiet often.Help a bit when I run witch map instead of character view
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  3. gurghul added a post in a topic Show us your sexy characters and screenshots   

    Retarded orphan?
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  4. gurghul added a post in a topic Master trader 2 quest   

    thx for help
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  5. gurghul added a topic in General   

    Master trader 2 quest
    Anyone done this quest and could help me please
    Is there is any level request to do it,can I do it on me 49lvl alt?
    • 2 replies
  6. gurghul added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    Well,I hope they don,t change for f2p.If u don,t like game and u complain like old woman just stop playing simple answer
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  7. gurghul added a topic in General   

    Margoria food- 45 mil/h
    One of me guildmates ,start gathering underwater staff,and cooking margoria meal(food).He is claiming that profit is around 45 milion per hour.Is that is a new thing?Anyone cooking this as well or can check?
    • 17 replies
  8. gurghul added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    what math.. Samthing lovly bdo trade crate calculator.No math at all
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  9. gurghul added a post in a topic Instant Accel & Sprint Nerf   

    I got both on me first trening tonight...And to be fair I would fell retarded ,mentaly chalenged kid ,to spend real money for virtual pony to get some skills.
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  10. gurghul added a post in a topic ty Kakao   

    they relly ban?hard to belive
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  11. gurghul added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    sorry to say this but any modiffication in game could result in ban.And good news someone already done this and there would be new server for spanish/portugase players for south america.Just copy files
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  12. gurghul added a post in a topic Fix these servers   

    Playing from england,eu server.No problems or lags(playing on medium setting)
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  13. gurghul added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    First thx for help.
    Just quick question beacouse I heard this a lot whai is magmagnete debufe?
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  14. gurghul added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    slowly start thinking abut route in mediah
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  15. gurghul added a post in a topic Summoning people that fish a lot !   

    No It did,t not,all folks slowly roll to trade.
    On master 2 trader ,it is much better cash that fishing ,and they use afk time to process materials not for silly fishing worth few milions max.
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