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  1. Ratrod added a post in a topic We Need To Help Each Other   

    Did you check all the pinned messages in the channels of the berserker discord?  There are lots of guides and info in multiple channels.  Forums can be very hit or miss with getting info you want at times as a lot of people will refer you to google.
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  2. Ratrod added a post in a topic [NA] Acolytes   

    Still looking for more members to fill our ranks.  Our goal of becoming more competitive in node wars has made strides in the last few weeks and we are looking to continue this trend.  Please visit the above link for the application and hope to hear from you soon. 
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  3. Ratrod added a post in a topic Zerk Discord   

    Free bump for my fellow zerkers!
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  4. Ratrod added a post in a topic Berserker healing skills   

    What the two above stated. If you open open your skill window and scroll over Beastial Roar, Fearsome Tyrant, and Wrath of the beast they state the healing on them.  All 3 of these abilities just recently had this added so if your just returning it would be quite easy to pass.  They also can be used in awakening.
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  5. Ratrod added a post in a topic <Highly_Suspect> Free play, all aspect guild!   

    Bump.  Still looking for a few more like minded individuals.  Active and motivated to progress!
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  6. Ratrod added a post in a topic <Highly_Suspect> Free play, all aspect guild!   

    The server merge is upon us and we are still looking for a few more good members.  Look forward to meeting new faces in the new world!
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  7. Ratrod added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Focus: Play as you want.VoIP: Teamspeak 3Website: None CurrentlyRecruitment thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/115394-na-uno-brand-new-guild-highly_suspect/Server: UNO soon to be the New World
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  8. Ratrod added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price   

    And that maybe so.  I have zero hard data at all other than personal experience and in-game friends/people saying the same.  Sorry I wasn't more help.
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  9. Ratrod added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price   

    The price of items can be one of three options: Low, Medium (around normal going price), or High.  Completely RNG.
    Now with that being said I have yet to see a low priced Boss Armor piece.  The only time I have managed great deals has been on shards or awakened weapons.  Hope this helps out.
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  10. Ratrod added a post in a topic <Highly_Suspect> Free play, all aspect guild!   

    Hey there Ironheart.  As I am sure you have read the above posts we are still looking for more members.  If you would like to chat some time to see if you would be happy among us then gladly send a message to either here or in-game.  Thanks in advance.
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  11. Ratrod added a post in a topic <Highly_Suspect> Free play, all aspect guild!   

    LordCyrus I apologize if you messaged me ingame. I am currently AFK fishing while at work. If you would like to talk later I will be on around 7:30 EST.  Hope to see you ingame.
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  12. Ratrod added a post in a topic <Highly_Suspect> Free play, all aspect guild!   

    As far as I know Vhallon named it for a different reason.
    We still have room for more people looking for all or some of the above reasons.  Come join up with a great group of people looking for the traditional guild feel where you are not just another stat.  Thanks everyone in advance and hopefully see you in game.
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  13. Ratrod added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Tamer   

    Good luck to all the tamers out there!  I know I am excited to see this one personally and especially the Valkyrie here soon.
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  14. Ratrod added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    How I feel every patch day.
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  15. Ratrod added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    Good luck on future endeavors.  Hopefully your next project is a good fit for you. 
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