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  1. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Dyeable Life Clothes   

    +1 +1 +1
    Cannot like enough. The life skill outfits are great for getting away from a class' signature look, ideal both for roleplaying and even non-roleplayers who want a different look. Outfit variety promotes individuality, and individuality makes players happy, because who likes being indistinguishable from everyone else? If the outfits were dyeable - and outfit-to-costume coupons were available in the shop - we'd see a lot more people wearing them for sure.
    To make a slightly more business-savvy argument, the work required to turn them dyeable would pay for itself soon enough. More dyeable outfits = more reason to buy a lot of dyes, which I assume are a pretty staple part of the cash shop's income.
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  2. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Walk toggle   

    +1, you put walking in the game, don't make it a useless feature with bad key bindings! It just needs to toggle on or off.
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  3. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    Pleeeease increase the chat limit. Whether I'm roleplaying or just trying to explain some of the game mechanics to my friends, I always, always get cut off mid sentence.
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  4. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic CBT-2 Events   

    The exact same thing happened to me too... I know I can get more at 12 UTC but I'm sad at missing out on 3000 pearls I should've had to play with.
    Server: Alustin, Balenos #1
    Familyname: Grimmonsoon
    Character name: Elena_Valente
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  5. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Gender Bending - Making The Best Of A Bad Thing   

    reconcileˈrɛk(ə)nsʌɪl/verb 1.restore friendly relations between."the king and the archbishop were publicly reconciled"2.make (one account) consistent with another, especially by allowing for transactions begun but not yet completed."it is not necessary to reconcile the cost accounts to the financial accounts"  On jiggle, unfortunately there's not much you can do except try to cover it with baggy clothes. Witch is actually quite good for this what with all the baggy, gender-neutral robes. Tamer doesn't actually have jiggle I believe, but her armours almost entirely consist of frilly dresses so it's hard to look boyish. I can't really consider my sorc a success, because despite the compliments I get on the face I can't scale the chest lower than a B cup and the jiggle is ALWAYS noticeable. The life skill outfits are quite good for escaping the signature look of the class though, namely pretty dresses and thigh-highs. Put the gathering outfit on a short-haired tamer and bam, instant boy. Gonna test the outfits on other classes in the next beta I hope.
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  6. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Gender Bending - Making The Best Of A Bad Thing   

    Sadly not. Sorry, I plan to main both him and the ladywarrior and I'd be annoyed if I ran across someone with the exact same face. We still have plenty of time to launch though, so I'll probably try to make a few more male witches (and maybe other classes) and post their CC on this thread.
    I'd really encourage you to try and make your own though. Start by removing all the makeup and turning the density/area of the eyebrows up so they look thick and boyish, scale down the eyes and lips and you'll be off to a good start.
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  7. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Heh, I actually deliberately avoided giving her blue eyes so she wouldn't look like an outright Brienne ripoff (despite Brienne being a big influence, naturally). I also made her a joke/challenge to myself after making so many female-classes-turned-male... then I fell in love with her and made her my rp main D: 
    Let's not get too off-topic though! This is meant to be an introductions thread after all.
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  8. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Gender Bending - Making The Best Of A Bad Thing   

    As promised, have my witchboy/young wizard, my sensible plate wearing woman, my boy tamer and my male sorc:
    I would absolutely encourage anyone struggling to reconcile what they wanted to make and what the character creator will let them do to try their hand at genderbending! Even if you just make one for fun it's an excellent way to get to grips with the character creator and get away from looking like the presets.
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  9. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Hmm. How about you post the genderbending thread you had in mind, and I'll put my pictures on there?
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  10. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Sure, here you go, have a bonus male sorc too (sadly only a partial success - impossible to scale the chest down and the jiggle is always noticeable). I can't share the CC for the witchboy and ladywarrior as I'm maining both and don't want to run into any clones, but I'll give tamer and sorc to whoever wants them. I'd love to see more genderbent characters defying the expectations of the character creator!
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  11. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Hi there, I'm Grimmonsoon!
    I'll be on the EU server. I suspect I'll stick to OOC gameplay for a few weeks before I start roleplaying properly. I currently have an astrologist wizard (or witchboy... seeing as I can't have a young wizard face), a female warrior (actually warrior... seeing as I can't have sensible female plate armour) and a boy tamer. If you hadn't guessed I like genderbending with the character creator 
    I'm looking into starting an order of wandering knights - less militant, more like a brother/sisterhood - but I'm not sure I'll make it a clan as just an organisation people can claim they belong to. I'm more of a PvE than a PvP person but for the sake of this game, I'll try to learn! I'm looking forward trying out mounted combat too.
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  12. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    Experimental lady warrior for people who don't want to wear silly trouserless valkyrie armour. I want to be Brienne of Tarth, or Aveline Vallen! I'm... not really convinced this was a success, though. You can soften the face quite a bit and make a faux-hourglass figure by widening the hips/chest, but the thick neck and shoulders gives the game away unless you cover it up.

    Edit: used a different preset, much improved results. A better montage of pictures!

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  13. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Handsome Berserker?!   

    Sure, here you go - probably going to tweak him a bit more before launch.
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  14. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic Handsome Berserker?!   

    I thought this one came out okay! There's no real way to make the chin normal, so you kind of have to lower the rest of the jaw to meet it.

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  15. Grimmonsoon added a post in a topic More Racial Facial Choices   

    The current presets are all very similar and I support the implementation of new, diverse faces - especially those of different ethnicities. You can change things up quite a bit from the preset once you figure out the creation tools, so it would only take one preset with a broader nose/larger lips for people to base templates off! (though more than one is preferred, of course)
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