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  1. Vudani added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    wish we had someone with 550 gs, im only at 540 myself. my partner is only at 525 too, pri blue coral earrings FeelsBadMan. I wouldn't suggest the inexperienced players who get their shit pushed in when playing RBF to come  
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  2. Vudani added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    Why do people always refer to gear in group fights? Vertex average gearscore is about 505-510 atm and it hasn't moved much for months actually, I've never tried to hide our average level of gear. When a groups average gear shoots up into the 530 realm (majority tet boss armor) is when it can really be felt. We don't have anyone below 475 anymore but the majority are 500-515 range. Is this not typical now adays? Looking at most of the top guilds reqs it shows very similar entry level requirements to what we stick with. Sure when someone is 540 gs they will beat someone 510 most of the time but I see guys in the 530+ gs range all over the place in almost all relevant guilds. I remember watching a stream where geekgonemad rolled up and started massacring some guys bullying one of our alt groups at pirates and they were like "yeah that guys like 545 gs" meanwhile, at the time, he was sitting at 510 gs..... At what point is it not just the gear but also skill, class balance, and strategy? I think anyone around 510+ gs has a shot in a tournament like this or in group pvp in general, it will just require them to play together and know how to work as a team vs various other class compositions. No reason to immediately write something like this off if u arent quite at softcap gear! Find a partner and practice some, it will help anyone grow as a player immensely.
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  3. Vudani added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    It's pretty much free game in this department. Both teams will be reset after each match so people cant be chugging 30 elixirs with a pure black stone. It will be up to the team to decide which elixir each will pop, if any, before the round. That choice may certainly change adding another layer of strategy to the fight. Unfortunately we cannot enforce things like gear limitations or consumable use so the goal is to create as close to a spur of the moment real world fight as possible. 
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  4. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    I can see this awakened beauty with a wonderful green glow wielding her majestic short swords come Saturday.
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  5. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Still a Node war guild, still biggest manup threat!! Too bad Catsensuals not even in the guild anymore  Pretty sure shes makin a guild for lgbt lifeskillers now because of lacaris bullying. Is manup against being homosexual? That could be it! Were all poofters!! 
    O well! still 90% wizards, still never going to bring an alliance the size of a pre merge server to a war, and still never gonna be a mega hardcore guild that requires attendance to every Saturday war with the looming threat of a gkick!! Hell ya, we just here to pvp boys  
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  6. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Still recruiting to be more competitive with alliances on T3s and building up to be able to go toe to toe with the newer siege alliances that have been forming. Hard life workin alone  We will keep lookin for the best pvp and hittin that up as usual.
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  7. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    I am Vudani, we have another manager of PR and inter gay relations named Vudaddy. He is not me, he is a different person. 
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  8. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    I hear Blaxxy is now RNG carried. Also, a hot gamer grill.
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  9. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Shoutout to guilds like Deadserious, Equilibrium, Kyoukai, Mooncakes, and FML droppin on T3s despite the odds of getting zerged by siege guilds + allies. I wish more guilds would step outta their shells and participate on some of these nodes so these awkward 2v1 situations don't arise as much. These smaller guilds could most certainly help a weaker siege guild defeat a strong one trying to pay off allies for a zerg. I would bet siege guilds would be willing to give up a node in order to beat a zergier siege guild as well.
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  10. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    http://imgur.com/a/sxzdq Full history, we've done the T1 node with all the guilds on it the last 2 weeks worth 2.4 bil.
    I love getting zerged, it's just not fun being on the side zerging as the outcome is predetermined and it is an incredible headache to arrange. A headache that causes drama and makes your guild feel less accomplished in most cases. Most of my recruits whisper me about how they're tired of politics and what not. 15 fps is enough for a wizard obviously, my GF played a kuno back in late luciform sieges and I watched some of that, 20 fps is not nearly enough to play  at a high level on anything other than a wizard/witch.
    Our reqs are so high that people have to come from other guilds to join. Usually the guilds people come from are very different from Vertex, like siege guilds. It's a wonder that hardcore players tired of politics, drama, bad shotcalling, terrible sieges, lack of content, and the constant "laxing of requirements" would still want to chill with a community of hardcore players. TBH manup, vision, and barcode are all like idk.... bottom of the barrel in terms of pvp this game has. No where near pinnacle. We did fight each one this week so I would know.
    Most our fights get streamed, anyone can watch them. Anyone who thinks fighting siege guilds and their allies in node wars is bad content not suited for hardcore players is delusional. It just insults the guilds that merc for guilds taking castles. A guild doesn't have to be sitting in Valencia to still be respected and considered a good fight. I guess it just goes to the attitudes of each individual. You are clearly of the mindset that if you have no desire to be the number one guild you are not worthy. I wouldn't expect less from Legacy.
    You can see our war reports and watch our streams. The only guild that outmaneuvers us from time to time has been Vision. We usually trade good and bad engages which to their credit is something no other guild manages against us. If I can't pull a victory I will do all I can to practice engages with superior forces, yes. I don't like the all in strats some guilds use because they want to just get it over with and leave. In Vertex, we fight til the end and hold out until the last point of health on our fort disappears. I think if you talked with commanders of guilds who have faced us they would probably agree that our tactics are pretty sound for the positions we are put in knowing our goal is to survive as long as possible or win, not end it and get back to grinding.
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  11. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Wew lad, I actually just asked some questions and called ourselves gay. Are you proud that we took a T3 node yesterday? I hope big daddy Ol' Salty will recognize that we aren't just T1 bullies  
    Siege guild alt guild, def dont take pvp seriously tbh. All siege guilds do in alt guilds is bash noobies too! Check this out, Don choco himself not taking a node war seriously! https://clips.twitch.tv/ConsiderateJollyAxeMikeHogu 
    But wait!!! That was a T1 node!!! OMG BULLIES! WAIT!!! VERTEX WAS IN THAT NODE WAR TOO!!!! Omg... We are T1 bullies, -----.
    More of the don himself not taking a node seriously! https://clips.twitch.tv/AdventurousYawningCroissantYee Hey, that's our fort he just killed!! Damn, too bad were just noobies too.
    Here's more node war content that was totally just a prank. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/127579503 
    Damn dudes, this content is just so shit. I'd prefer swarming a castle with 10 guilds every other week tbh.
    Sovereign probably had a terrible time with the T1 node bully guilds Manup, Barcode, Vision, Audacity, Kyoukai, Grim_Angels, Baka, and DeadSerious in this prank of a pvp battle https://www.twitch.tv/videos/126947442
    I can't imagine any players would be hardcore AND dislike the truly skillful planning of getting 5+ guilds to plant on the same node with you to swarm down opponents. Is it possible that performance might take a hit when there are 500 people in render range? Maybe, but I doubt it. I wonder.. Maybe when there are less people around it takes more than a zerg to win a fight? I wouldn't know, we never get fights in Vertex.
    There are many reasons people come to Vertex, I post a picture of my buds in the channel in what I feel is a good way too show that our guild truly enjoys BDO and really pushes themselves to improve. We don't rely on others and I certainly don't push to overwhelm with numbers. Sure I could fill up, make a deal, and win a siege war, but me and my guys really enjoy the copious amount of content we get by not putting ourselves in a position to swarm every opponent we face.
    To tell you the truth, bud. I think unprovoked responses like yours are one of the prime examples of why people leave guilds. We are here to pvp and have fun. Best of luck to you in whatever you are doing, Ol' Salty.
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  12. Vudani added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Level carried? Gear Carried? Just gay tbh.
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  13. Vudani added a post in a topic ManUp manhandles Cuckcode 60v90+. Cuckcode officially a t1 guild   

    The meta has been shifting as medium sized guilds lose their top members to replace the people quitting in siege guilds. The guilds that used to put up good fights with us are mostly on T1s now. That being said, don't need numbers to have good fights. We had some pretty dank fighting with Audacity and Kyoukai today. Was a bit one sided for us but we had a few advantages over both guilds. We'd rather lose to the handful of guilds that are supposed to be in castles and are actively taking them, than be strong enough to steamroll 95% of guilds doing node wars while being forced to pass nodes to guilds in order conscript them to act as meat shields in siege wars. It's a whole hell of a lot of fun dropping to have fun without any obligations other than getting great pvp. The most powerful alliance won the fight last night, as should be expected. We gave em hell and almost pulled an upset  Just a few miscommunications gave the opposing factions the edge. We'll see about doin better next time. While numbers were in fact a key point in our defeat, it is not that it isn't enough. It is that we would rather pursue our favorite form of pvp without becoming something that seeks nothing other than victory. A victory not earned or that is gained through overwhelming numerical force, is not one that can truly be celebrated.
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