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  1. Manimani added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    lul iframes lul mobility..
     dude as musa i have 1 iframe every 4 seconda on 1 dash ... and that's all. mobility? ranger goes faster with buff and non retard warrior (i admit means really few of them) goes faster than me if switching weapon.. while im dashing out i just usually get 50-60% out..  btw i just stopped the game so I don't know if they are patching things bit i dont thin so
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  2. Manimani added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    I think you don't play this game. 1st how do you grab a -----in wiz with musa/mae/sorc? ok and then plz a wiz with guili coming in the backlane and going for 100% (ofc with tard rbf def buff) has 80% chance to have at least 200 free points ... and yes a 330 dp wiz can one shot me with 283 dp, a guimd mate one shots me with this.. so plz stop talking a out git gud. in this game it means nothing since gear>class>skill. it was way more skilled pre awak since people could not retard spam spells being perma sa and had to think how to play. now it's just a melee of people spamming sa. no one can be cced until you gwt grabbes ans it's just a burst race
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  3. Manimani added a post in a topic Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.   

    yes musa is bad. you can still do great things but it will take more effort than.any other class, same applies for mae,kuno and ninja. and for ninja and kuno they are in a better spot in 1v1 since they can extend combos almost forever untill you're dead but ofc after 230 ap musa is as fine as the others but without sa on block and without grab and without iframes. our dash ? everyone has the same now but with iframes more often than us ^^. ofc if you outgear anyone you will think it's op but play against same gear and you will see your lack of tools.
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  4. Manimani added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    is op drunk or something ? musa preawakened better than maehwa ? reallyyyyy ?? did you play the class or at least read the spells ? seriously there is not any point of reading this since it's full of missonformation and btw awakened plum is better than blader in many aspects, just much harder to play, bit as plum you can one combo any class after 1cc, you have more range on spells so dealing against grab class is easier. just don't take average reroll bad players as reference, take good players with decent gear/lvl. btw musa becomes better than plum at lvl 61... but hey lvl 61 plz unless people using bikini panda, not a lot of us can reach this lvl .
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  5. Manimani added a post in a topic Is the class currently worth playing as in terms of PvP?   

    I think you do not know really tamer class ^^ it's the class with the best burst output in the game actually, a tamer with 170 ap will melt me even on SA (not being CCed) at least ranger need to grab before the 2 shot. But I think the class is pretty hard to play so you won't see lot of good tamers. And the iframe on the jump is awesome to escape before dashing. we're totally not perma SA, the dash yeah nice we can run ^^. we have 3 spells (usefull, not counting the ridiculous charge...) SA and with CD, maybe read the class skills  , you have crazy gaps in 2 of them, like when you land the belt, you are sometimes CCed at the begining of the spell, same for the other spell with SA. what I mean is if a sorc wants to disengage, he can just spam iframes not taking any damage. Fun fact, if I want to run away as musa, I have to think that I will lose probably 10-20% hp while running back... Anyway I don't really care since this game is definitly not competitive and unbalanced so, just see what will happen in the future. Actually musa seems really weak even in damage output.
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  6. Manimani added a post in a topic Is the class currently worth playing as in terms of PvP?   

    Hey, as Musa since it cames in Europe, this class since awakening is awfull. stats : 204 ap / 283 Dp with red corals, kutum and spirit belt, I'm full boss TRI and TET weapon and guess what I can't one combo anyone that have more than 280 DP. Fun fact ? with my ranger lvl 58 with only tri weapon so with 196 ap I one shot almost everything with just : grab and 2 spells that I don't even remember the name because I almost never play it.
    And it comes only to 2 things. No iframe (please don't even come with the s+f or I slap you !! :D) to spam like sorc to escape and not any single CC that goes through super armor (grab). 

    So what does it mean ? If a warrior has 5% hp he can just hide behind his block and get back his life to 100% and you can just look at him because... well you have nothing to do agaisnt this ^^ wanna break the block ? he will grab you and 1 combo you or jus run away. Well the fact is that we have a good class but unless every other class we have nothing just a bit OP that makes us competitive, for example, sorc have Iframe spamming, ranger has grab, warrior - lol - tamer has iframes + huge damage, ninja can extend combo until you're dead, only kuno and mahewa are in the same spot actually. 
    When you see very VERY good Musas playing in arena against warriors, you will see that every round he will take is with HUGE effort, he will not 1 combo and he has to make absolutly 0 mistake during all the round, the warrior just have to wait him to make any mistake and this means grab --> huge damage and then you can't trade anymore against the warrior. 

    I think this game lost a lot of skill because of the grabs, they should let the grab only to warrior and zerks. Giving it to ninja, kuno, ranger, wizz and pretty much to everyone is seriously killing the game. You know why ? because it offers an easy way to CC anyone on superarmor so here if you have no grab you can't CC a great player and if you can't CC someone you can't 1 combo him sooo. Here are most of my 1v1 : dodge grab, dodge CC, cancel anim blocking, both HP are going down, it's pretty interesting, then i make 1 mistake, I get a grab, it's over for me. And if the other makes 1 mistake, I can pretty much take 70% of his life if all my spells are not on CD.
    So overall I feel Musa is the only class that is "high risk, high reward" because spamming the pathetic 3 skills SA you have won't land you anywhere (and you know spells on wich you still can be CCed on some frames...) Other class are more, do everything safe you have and if it kills it's ok if it doesn't go back and leave the fight and THIS is enough to get a kill. If you do that as Musa, unless you have 240 AP you will never do anything
    Sorry for bad english, and I wrote that much because I'm bored today during the patch  I know this post won't change anything and we will always be in a pretty bad spot but well at least some of you will understand what I mean ;).
    In every MMO you definitly see what is the best class by the amount of players playing it, guess why there are that many Rangers and Warriors ? The sad part is that usually in MMOs the balance changes, but not on BDO ^^ I've played WoW enough to always play the class I liked because someday the rogue will be op, then hunt, then warriors... but in BDO they change nothing  so the balance stays the same 
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  7. Manimani added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    I'll change that sentence to be more realistic
    Average/low skilled Warriors are in the middle considering overall aspects. In order, wiz/witch, berzeker/sorc, ranger, warrior 
    I've seen some really high skilled warriors doing something else than spamming 3 spells in arena and it's definitly top tier, Maybe only zerk can get them in 1v1
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  8. Manimani added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Ranger   

    ranger are top class of the game and perma crying... blader has the same offhand problem but we don't have ranger effixiency in pvp... and we're not complaining all day along... just be happy your class is really strong right now amd accept at leat 1 thing witch you're not the best...
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  9. Manimani added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Solution to Karmabombing   

    pathetic thread... if you're so happy to pve without pvp there are tonnnns of spots empty all day... if you want the best it's like in real life, you fight hard to get it and harder to keep it... Do you day the same to your boss ? ooooh man cmon you earn more than me, give me what you have ! 
    if soneone comes on my spot, usually i speak with him, we make 1v1 fight and the winer stays (and dont think i'm overgeared...) i just have a * work to earn what you deserve* mentality. If you don't eanna be bullied it's like in real life, fight and become strong even if it means working more than others
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  10. Manimani added a post in a topic How is this class doing?   

    why we do suck in this game ? good players easy react and grab our belt, every body have a grab in this game now --> gg wp 
    our only real weakness if you perfectly play a round 1v1 as musa is a grab that's all... the real thing to do in thoa game is to make the super armor avoid the grabs and grabs should be used to break blocks or longer a combo on knockdown, not to make a retard and easy engage like 100% rangers do with the crazy grab range they have
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  11. Manimani added a post in a topic Bad pvp system   

    to all guya crying about PK on grind spots : if you're not strong enough, you don't deserve the ressource that's all... i mean... it's life guys... you wanna get the beat withput farming the worst like we all did... when i'm on farming spot and someone comes we always find a way to duel and the loser leaves, even if he's a freaking retard warrior player i will leave the spot that's what everybody should do instead of karma bombing... but to people prefer being je*ks and just come back forever
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  12. Manimani added a post in a topic How is this class doing?   

    guys as musa we just rekt easy wizzards ^^ just learn the 3 spells they spam and it's pretty much everything they can do bit yeah we should get guard breaker or grab to desl 1v1 against war/valk
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  13. Manimani added a post in a topic loss two percent on one death   

    Hey, in desert the exp loss per death is 2%
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  14. Manimani added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    you!!! finally someone pointing this instead of crying about f1-f6...
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  15. Manimani added a post in a topic New bidding system   

    There is something I don't understand... What is this life about ? I will explain it in a clear way and really fast then devs can get it easy : 1 item for 1000 players ? up the price, 1000 items for 1 player = lower the price, that's how it works in every single part of the world we're living, DON'T make stupid limits in the price you can put on the market and you solve EVERY single problem. Just keep you useless system for pearl items to avoid crazy p2w and... "Voila"
    Else everybody would be driving ferrerris and shit... Guess why it's not happening !
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