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  1. SoYinn added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    its hard to manouver  i agree but a little bit of practice makes a difference. Believe me . And that`s how it should be . At least i find it ok. ( kind of a challange )
    But even if its hard , boring or whatever u call it... sailing and ocean hunting gonna die soon....even if they add a big ocean boss., nobody will care about it.  New boat ? ...... PPl already did epheria sailboats...they have guild boats ..... and how many of them is using it to hunt anything at the ocean ?........5% ????? another 5% using it to trade to magoria.... .  There`s no support to team work at the ocean . U can gain a lot of cash for a guild from it but im wondering whos gonna be that kind of " donkey" to work for a guild . Imagine a 100 ppl  guild , and 10 ppl interested in sailing and killing ocean mobs . They can earn much much more then ppl who do guild quests , go to node wars, even sieges wont be camparable . And then all this cash will be distribiuted to all members while only those 10 ppl earn it .( dont forget to add all the bugs with cannonballs , mobs ,  npc ship, non tradable ship stuff like repair kits or origins which is dumb ) . Fair ???? I dont think so. Thats why i think in a nearest future  , sailing around the magoria will die , couze its better to solo grind for 10h then sail with 5 ppl  party for 10h.
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  2. SoYinn added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    are there any news about KR version vs EU about changing sailing/ ocean hinting / anything ?
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  3. SoYinn added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    rly ......
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  4. SoYinn added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    oh yea i did fight them at night , they are the same in a day and in night for me at least....but its kinda  extremly hard to keep them at spot couze they disappear underwater and u cant even see them and they do reset too often.
    about repair kits. Yes its annoying to gather all the mats for it . But i can live with it . As far as i see it  , ship repair kits should be lvl 1 Ship part workshop material ( NOT 4 ) and it should PROC at least for a 2-3 per craft not 1. Same with Origin of wind ( guild ).
    btw one more thing .
    None player can run thru a mob .......theres a colision
    None ship can sail thru  an other ......theres a collision
    Why those pirate ships ( small/medium/large) has no collision with any player ships ? and  monsters too ?  just curious....
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  5. SoYinn added a topic in Suggestions   

    Sailing / Ocean Hunting
    Here`s a few thoughts about sailing
    Some should be changed for 100% , some , maybe , adjusted.
    1. Monsters resets too fast :  (during storm its hard to stay in the range of the mob location, and simply after  few minutes spent to kill it,  mob resets itself ,  becouse its too far from the original  spot ) .  <<< ADJUST
    2. Party BUG - NO LOOT :  If there`s a party  on board and there`s a lvl 50 and 61 in a PARTY TOGETHER  , there`s no loot from the mob.
    (  however , when breaking the grp lvl50-61   ...... there was loot )
    I agree that on land its ok but  while sailing around magoria ? guild ship is for all members of the guild . No matter if ur 30-40-50 60 .... but seems its better to not make party
    3. Unfair - Sailing EXP   : why only the ONE at stearing wheel gain sailing exp ? Killing mobs in the middle of the ocean requires group work. Its kinda unfair. Why those who use cannons gain NOTING ?? ....maybe hunting skill exp should be considered ?
    4. Loot- material amount :  If theres a chance to get up to 20+ materials from hekaru/stalker/black rust/ nineshark ....why Candidum  max amount is 3 ? Either  increase it or make black rust/nineshark same  as a candidum ( those 3 are agressive ones ) which would be better couze those are much more harder then hekaru and stalker and its gonna be a challange.
    5. Captain vision range should be a little bit  INCREASED
    .....and a question : Will there  be any skins for Guild Galleys ? or at least dye ship parts ?
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  6. SoYinn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    i think i missed sth................. so whats with ppl who already got their rewards for 5000h ?
    its only a change to the list ingame ?
    or its a change to the list + recomensation for others who already got those 5kh rewards ?
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  7. SoYinn added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Ban all those forum cry babies , when ??/
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  8. SoYinn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    checked again and there`s no quest for me :///
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  9. SoYinn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Siruham has no quest , at least for me there`s none to take . (either regular daily one or  for amity).

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  10. SoYinn added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    for me funny thing is that.....
    instead of call up all team to talk about it and post any info for ppl who awaits for it  , its gonna take  a week or more (if they even ever decide to post any info ) to answer all this rage here on forum.
    No rush kakao right :P?
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  11. SoYinn added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

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  12. SoYinn added a topic in Guides   

    Guild lvl ( vs guild quests tiers) question
    Shortly speaking :
    What guild has to do to get  medium quests  avaiable  : either reach 30 members or reach 30 slots in guild for potential members ? or maybe more ?
    Are the """" ppl """" required ....or only slots are required ?
    Can a 10 ppl guild spent some guild points to increase slots only to be able to get those medium quests ?
    thx for any info
    No1 knows ?
    maybe anny GM CM or any1 else can answer ?
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  13. SoYinn added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    i dont see any reason why they should keep list of banned peeps for themselves.
    waiting to see the the list of banned ppl asap
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  14. SoYinn added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    post the list, post the list , post the list
    Keep the good work and ban every single exploit user   from now on .
    but also post the list of ppl u  banned for shovel exploit
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