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  1. LastWish2 added a topic in General   

    Valk's Cry
    Just wanted thoughts from the rest of the community about it. I personally would like to see it implemented but i know there would be cries of P2W. If it were implemented i would want a loyalty version of it just like with artisan memories so if you don't want to spend real money for it there are options to obtain it. 
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  2. LastWish2 added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yesterday I bred a T5  5G (level 22) with a Level 30 T6 6E  that i  bought off the marketplace.  I reset the breed and got my very first female T7 7H.!!!!!  First two skills are Hind Kick and Forechop but hopefully when i train her she will get better skills.  I'm so glad I look over this thread daily and thanks to all your breeders for doing God's work. Hopefully you guys get your own forum to help us casual breeders out.  And a special thanks to the breeder who put the T6 on the market where I was able to reset the breed. I want to do more horses now but the ones i have on my wagon are not ready yet. 



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  3. LastWish2 added a topic in General   

    Please Kako fix your Servers
    I hope that any of the community or game managers sees these  images and actually tries to fix the channels that are already here or expand channels on NA. Today after beating  Bheg on Calpheon 5 channel that already had extreme lag on it i hopped to Mediah 1 where my characters couldn't load in. I had to close the game all together.  Cal 5 and Med 1 are not the only channels that have been identified as having such issues.  I have already sent in a ticket and am creating this new forum topic in the hopes that the rest of the community can make enough noise about this issue so that they can finally do something about it. Everyone made enough noise about the Pay to Win issue and they made adjustments. Hopefully they could look into this server issue because its impossible to do anything on the weekends because its too many people loading in to many of the common areas, or if your not by alot of people there is a delay in every action your character makes including a 5 sec delay while active fishing when you hook the catch. This server issues have been going on for far far too long for you to just keep ignoring it. No more patch notes about how you fixed the way a character looked and include something that addresses the stability of your game please. 
    My computer specs are: 
    Intel Core i7-4790K
    16GB RAM
    Game is installed on a Samsung SSD
    NVIDIA GTX 980
    (I tried to upload the pics directly to this post but the file size was too big) 
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  4. LastWish2 added a post in a topic Master 2 Bonuses   

    Just to piggy back off your Imperial Cooking/ Alchemist you do not need to be Master cook/alchemist to turn in items to the imperial trader you can start at Apprentice. The amount you are allowed to turn-in per day is determined by the amount of contribution points you have and if other people on your channel have turned in the item your trying to sell are sold out. The higher level you are the more profitable crate you can make. 
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  5. LastWish2 added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    With this event is a one time once per day or one time overall? 
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  6. LastWish2 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

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  7. LastWish2 added a topic in General   

    PM_Jouska, CM_Aetheon or CM_Serenity can you please expand the servers to reduce the lag on the channels?
    The lag on these channels are severe enough that even if your not in a highly populated area you are getting knocked off the channel. Ever since you introduced the Olivia servers during the one world merge you have steadily expanded those channels. I think its time for you to expand the regular channels as well. Even when I'm in Valencia, a practical ghost town,  I'm getting knocked out of the game completely. Thank you for any reply you can provide. 
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  8. LastWish2 added a post in a topic What kind of Bartle are you?   

    You are 73% Explorer
    What Bartle says:
    You are also:
    53% Socialiser
    53% Achiever
    20% Killer
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  9. LastWish2 added a topic in General   

    Just a small request/change for active fishing in BDO
    I am an avid and active fisher in this game. I absolutely love looking and being in the ocean and I am asking for one small change for an active fisher such as myself. Like the harpoon that is mostly used to catch big fish, is it possible that you can implement a fishing net tool? I also do imperial cooking and would rather not lose durability on my main fishing rod fishing for one starfish/squid/crab/lobster etc . Basically the net would allow to catch many of these white fish just like IRL w/o the use of the triple-float fishing rod , that I would like to keep for hotspot fishing. If you want to throw some RNG into as well it can be enhanced with weapon or armor stones so that you can get even more catches. 
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  10. LastWish2 added a post in a topic For the Farmers of BDO a quick question   

    I usually harvest between 101 to 115%. I have a maewha farmer alt parked right on the farm for regular water and pruning. I also use organic fertilizer to speed up the grow time while I'm out grinding on my main. It seems to me  the waterways might make  a bit of difference, because I have noticed that when I plant the onions/sunflowers/peppers together on the main fence there is a considerable amount of water consumtion. Thanks @Psychotica. I will wait till after merge and craft a waterway and invest in a bigger fence and see if this helps in anyway. I don't really want to move from the spot that I am because Im getting at max 76 Milk plus meat and Ox hides from the Special Haystacks on my 4 small fence farms
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  11. LastWish2 added a topic in General   

    For the Farmers of BDO a quick question
    Just have a quick question about temperature conditions of growing sunflowers in Hidel. A little bit of background,  I first started my farming in Fleme Hills just growing sunflowers and strawberries to prep for making tea with fine scent. To avoid parking an alt in Olvia to get milk as an energy dump and  after acquiring more CP, i wanted to start growing hot peppers/ garlic/milk to make other consumables. After finally splitting my haystacks for the  Special Blue haystacks, i was not getting as much yield as have been reported on older posts in the forums. My peppers/hot peppers were not getting enough yield as well due to the extreme humidity. To remedy the situation i moved my farms to hidel and notice a considerable increase in my milk/pumpkin/hot pepper harvest but my sunflower yield is now taking a hit. Instead of getting 53 flowers per seed as before, I'm  only getting between 23-34 in sunflowers. I have thought of three solutions to my problem but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a better spot that i can still get decent yields for the milk and sunflowers at the same time. I thought of  turning in my plain fence for a strong fence and installing a waterway to control water consumption, moving back to fleme hills or moving my whole operation to Olivia as a test run. Any other suggestions? 
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