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  1. Darkon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 8th 2017   

    thanks yea, I found it later after the posts. only thing about that is stacking buff types, a ring would stack WITH a meal.Snicklebits, they don't always remove "after event" they are extremely sluggish about that, and consumables like that shouldn't be docked IMHO. You have couple hundred gold rings, thats 50 + hours of gathering....yea, I'm gonna do that in a week. (or warm milk, hot tea etc)
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  2. Darkon added a post in a topic [Quests] Lost track of the story quests   

    Update: Same thing on an alt, but just punch the little flag on available quests to the bottom right, off you go.
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  3. Darkon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 1st 2017   

    Thanks for the Patch note link in the launcher now, though was probably just me, but had to do the config.filecheck just to start. Eager to get to 55....tonight
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  4. Darkon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 8th 2017   

    I did all my boxes, etc, but the gold buff rings I kept for gathering sessions, I feel ripped off now, no more warm milk or rings, how about a new recipie for gathering +2 or better?
    Thats not a "retarded" reason to retain them
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  5. Darkon added a topic in General   

    Stage at Calpheon
    There is a new structure (or did I just notice) to the left of the marketplace on Calpheon? What's its purpose?
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  6. Darkon added a post in a topic Gold isnt Gold?   

    True, I don't disagree it would unbalance the economy, but that's what an assayer could do, is "fix" the current rate.
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  7. Darkon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Collect/Cancel All Market
    As a crafter, I'd like a way to collect "ALL" from the marketplace "my registrations"  and when the economy drops prices or re-rolls them, you have to remove items from the marketplace and replace them at the new rate or they wont sell. For fact, steel fishing rods bounce between 30-50k each for sales price,if you list 30 of them at 45k , then the next day they drop to 36k you have to pull them all out and re-list them.
    Further, there are far to many actions to list multiple items, perhaps make a checkbox instead of button for min/max/average price and not ask for price verification each time.
    (PS Feed ALL Pets 1 action-like workers)
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  8. Darkon added a topic in General   

    Gold isnt Gold?
    So after dozens of processing/gathering quests , and thinning/mining, only to find out natural gold is not currency gold. What?? pound for pound / ounce for ounce its the same material and in real life, you take it to an assayer for a fee to certify grade, why not on bdo ?
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  9. Darkon added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Moderators needed
    BDO is not an appropriate forum for extreme political views and racial/sexual harassment. Moderators should be hired and/or Volunteers appointed to silence users abusing world chat an exposing children to moderated and inappropriate content. After three silences (lasting 24hours a day) a permaban would be performed by BDO personnel.
    Chat is for game related issues.
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  10. Darkon added a post in a topic Failed to load the browser.Please restart the launcher. with error (-310)   

    from twitter, seems to work
    Black Desert Online ‏@BDO_News 4m4 minutes ago
    If you are getting error -310 in the launcher, try switching back and forth between NA and EU.
    but maint is still going on
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  11. Darkon added a post in a topic Failed to load the browser.Please restart the launcher. with error (-310)   

    09:14 PST Still not up after patch....GM Blessings?? (Outages last week and now this?? )
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  12. Darkon added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    On that turkey feather train as well, system says I dont own the requried item, yet I have  29 in inventory Not really in the mood for leftover turkey, but the meal was handy.
    I assume @CMxxxxxxxxxxxx that this is being looked at and I dont need  a ticket. 
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  13. Darkon added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    No, but they could install a punisher service in the client to do just that, but any hacker worth thier salt would use a virtual machine to be immune.
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  14. Darkon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quest alignment/party
    When out with friends, not guild. it would be nice to have quests that can be alinged, eg daily's helms, etc or a means to obtain party quests for grinding. Though no quest is needed for pure griding, its nice to highliight the target mobs a some contribution pts is not bad either.
    I'd suggest a regional npc issue a quest to a party, like kill 500-1000 manshas, helms, rouges, sausuans etc
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  15. Darkon added a post in a topic Arrgh Get Rid of Donkey   

    Lol thanks all I'll find him a home
    Found him a nice home giving kids a ride for the circus.
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