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  1. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    "After the Palette of Merv has expired (30 days) your armor will return to its original undyed state."
    FAQ you.
    No money being spent here ever.
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  2. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Arrival of the Night Vendor   

    So, while you listed a huge list of items for sale, what you really mean is just black stones and 0.01% chance for anything else... and those other things costing a stupid amount of money? Awesome, glad everyone wanted this.
    At least people who don't already have the gear have a decent chance at it now; unlike with some other features in this game.
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  3. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic How to get certificate: hunting?   

    What certificate are you talking about exactly? What do you need the knowledge for?
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  4. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Questions & Clarifications with Pearl Abyss   

    So, what's the 411 on hunting life skill quests from the black spirit?
    Will they ever be a thing?
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  5. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    "They better add maid outifts" Put yo d*ck away.
    "Why is it taking so long when Valencia was shorter?!" Do you even know what a "Full check up of NA/EU servers" entails?
    "Ninja? NINJA!? NINJAAAAA!?/111one1! ----- YOU IF NO NINJA!!!" Science is wrong, Neanderthals still exist! My god...
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  6. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Beauty Album Events   

    make a random char, participate, delete that ugly mofo. > Profit
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  7. Nausical_Nudibranch added a topic in General   

    Hunting trinkets
    Does anyone know where or when these accessories will be released/gotten?
    I can't find info on them anywhere! ;-;
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  8. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Option to change character order at character list   

    This would be an awesome quality of life thing. <3 <3
    The order of the character slots does not matter, the order that you created them in does.
    For example; Lets say you create character A, B and C then delete B. Then A and C are seen as 1 and 3 but occupy character slots 1 and 2.
    This is important because some "secret" quests only show up for even or odd numbered characters respectively.
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  9. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Disguised Pay2Win vs Pay2win   

    It was given out for free as part of the current event. *The More You Know!*
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  10. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Get your Hunting Quests here!   

    Shooting cute fluffy things with guns hype! :D!
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  11. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 08th   

    Shit. Happens.
    Localizing and polishing a game isn't as easy as waving your magical internet d*ck in the air.
    What people need to "learn" is some f*cking patience. If they just threw ninja in as-is from the KR version you'd all be crying about how unbalanced it is and why didn't they take their time on it. Obviously they're hitting some snags, snags I'd rather them iron out.
    Chill your collective fan boy tits.
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  12. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic <Serenity> NA | Edan | PvX   

    Family Name: Nudibranch
    Character Name: Cervidae
    Level: 50
    Why do you want to join Serenity?: Looking for a laid back PvE group to hit some hunting targets with once it is made available. (Already apprentice 6) I was in a guild but most of it's main members haven't been on for a month or more... I also like the guild name, but that's neither here nor there.
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  13. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Get your Hunting Quests here!   

    As Azta said: That quest uses a hunting rifle but gives no Hunting EXP. Which makes it useless for leveling hunting.
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  14. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Excavation Nodes   

    How much do you have to invest in a node if ---
    "Knowledge requires discovery of Ancient Ruins, investment in node, and 35 Energy" ?
    Edit: Never mind, you meant the contribution points not energy.
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  15. Nausical_Nudibranch added a post in a topic Looking for hunting party~   

    Yeah, thanks. Typed this up too quickly on my phone while i had nutrient agar cooking in the lab.
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