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  1. Quest added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    What is happening really, is that DAUM is reading the complaints from the 12 year olds that cant take the time to learn their class, so they will start to nerf everyone equally over time so that skill will no longer matter. Soon is will be whoever gets the first shot in will win. I can see in a few month they will nerf armor as well. Or take away the +15 +20 and just sell highend gear. I see it coming. Thought i left Archeage....oh well.
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  2. Quest added a post in a topic Stuck on Now Processing (June 17th)   

    Game Window  212885
    Version.Dat File  1282
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  3. Quest added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    boo hoo.
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  4. Quest added a post in a topic gold/power lvl spam   

    I said my chat channel was being spammed by a person trying to sell power lvl'ing for a website.
    anyway I think the problem has been solved now
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  5. Quest added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    gold/power lvl spam
    None stop spam in chat, make a new channel still see it with everything unchecked.
    Came from Guild Early Bird
    Family name Pendulum
    char name Funhaus
    server Edan Calpheon E2
    have picture if needed.
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  6. Quest added a topic in Suggestions   

    Some game Ideas....
    FIrst I want to Wish all the Dev's working on the lanch  the very best. I know it's been a ruff week for many, But I believe they will work things out and make it right.
    Ok thought i add more than one idea, but just one. When using the lamps to light the night, could the lamp appear off to the side and over our heads, like it's magicly floating. NOthing big to block any screen space. but something a bit more than just a light that turns on around us. and a potion to turn it off the screen incase people dont want it. thanks! see ya ingame!
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  7. Quest added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    wow...this really sucks for the people stuck on the wrong server. cant be that hard to transfer characters right? Is this a to bad so sad thing from the devs? I hope they can make this right....
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  8. Quest added a post in a topic BDO Character Creater   

    Well poop, wanted to tweek my character i was working on, or make a few more for fun. BUT i can wait another 6 days.
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  9. Quest added a post in a topic Options for Voiceovers   

    Yep it's very very annoying.
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  10. Quest added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

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  11. Quest added a post in a topic Options for Voiceovers   

    YES put in a option to turn all voices off. I know ya guys tried, but yeah....put that option in plz
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  12. Quest added a topic in Suggestions   

    BDO Character Creater
    So whats the reason for turning that off? Log on says thanks for playing. unless i'm missing something.
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  13. Quest added a post in a topic Options for Voiceovers   

    Only part i could not stand was the voice for the intro...wtf. Like he was reading the script and not understanding what was going on. Did not capture the feel of it to me.
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  14. Quest added a post in a topic Pearl shop prices.   

    I agree the prices are to high. 15 US Dollars for a costume and weapon skin is fair. I do understand alot of work goes into these creations. but 30 is just to much. It's easier for me to spend 30 dollars or more for 2 or 3 costums, but not 30 on one. which means I will spend 30 bucks every few months, or longer, than 30 to 60 bucks a month. NOT that i will do that every month, but spending 30 bucks for a costume, and some items for my house and stuff would get me to spend more. 
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  15. Quest added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Well, this will have to do for my family name...

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