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  1. LynnChalice added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    This used to be good, but it somehow cancels petal drill into sleet sometimes after the minor maehwa changes (the one where TE got buffed for PvE), not sure if other Maehwas are experiencing the same problems? I used to be able to do this more consistently, but not anymore. Could just be player issue, but I no longer encourage this because of how hard it is to do while moving after this started happening to me...
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  2. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Maewha during PvE   

    Well to be fair there are no other classes in the game with higher small aoe bursts than Maehwa, ninjas and zerkers can do alot of damage over their combos, but all of them take literally 10-20seconds to execute, a geared Maehwa will kill most targets in 1-2 seconds. However, the problem is that we suck in straight up fights where two groups of people just run at each other. We are great in rbf, we are great for defending grind spots, but when there is important, meaningful gvgs like in nodewars and siege, we can sometimes be situational because we are basically a full glass cannon melee class (Can't contribute much at doing some key things like slow sieging bases, defending gates etc.). It doesn't make us useless, our role in that situation is just different. Also, if you really think about it, Maehwa as a duelist has so many benefits... Yes if we have to straight up fight warriors we generally lose, but in reality, the warrior can't really kill us unless we commit to the fight; Maehwas are in reality very powerful because we have the ability to choose all our fights! It just takes alot of gear and patience to get the picks we want, and not many people like running around/hiding/waiting for opportunities before going in.
    As for PvE, I'm not anything close to the most geared maehwa around, but I can tell you even with double tet RCEs and 240+ap, Pila Ku is a very far cry away from optimal for Maehwa. If you want to farm there solo and earn 2800-3000 trash loot/hour average like your fellow 240-250ap friends, you're playing the wrong class. Yes its possible in the day, but night cycles slow us down ALOT at Pila Ku. Within reasonable AP, you can safely assume that Maehwa's best place to grind up till 61 is probably pirates, and Pila Ku is acceptable after. Its never anything amazing, and party aakman is likely right up your alley if you intend to push super hard for 62, otherwise your only other option is a painfully slow grind up to lv62 at jungle. 
    tl;dr, maehwa is better at pirates because party play ameliorates our not so good pve, before 61 don't bother getting fancy if you wanna be efficient. Pvp wise, maehwas are good, but if you want to smash peoples faces in at arena and be good in group; theres a reason why Maehwa is not considered OP.
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  3. LynnChalice added a post in a topic stub arrow hype   

    Going back to unawakened form reminds me of how there was a time in BDO history where baehwas were universally considered the worse class in the game...
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  4. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Best elixir pvp   

    Strong life, Detections and Brutal Carnage.
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  5. LynnChalice added a post in a topic maehwa vs warrior ;w;   

    Hey Woohoo how can i git gud like you :thinking:
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  6. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Sorc vs Maehwa O_O   

    I lav you
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  7. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Best Level 60 Grind Location   

    If you can get past 220ap and have a bunch of storage waifus, Pila Ku has been sorta decent for me!(This is for wp pots) The money isn't terrible since theres a crap tonne of scrolls and the exp is great! Plus you rarely ever get griefed or run into anyone for that matter... Its better money then fogans, and oberin is pretty close by when you need anything  Personally I don't like gahaz too much, its not that quiet plus whenever one of those elite hunters come into your map they clear everything and you have to durdle there for awhile :\
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  8. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Maehwa PvP   

    Well to be honest, I don't think its hard to pvp as a maehwa, the class is actually surprisingly linear. You have a bunch of engages, you go in and you attempt to cc whoever it is and if you do, you blow them up with 1 combo (or try to anyway). Hitting 59 for the kd on december isn't TOTALLY useless, its still okay in some situations, but its more of a pve skill that kinda helps us clear abit faster...
    The general problem with maehwa is their weakness against a few classes, the main ones being warriors in general and specifically dp/defensive witches and wizards. We don't have much reliable health regeneration and it really hurts us in these fights. This extends to valks too but god bless they're dinosaurs just like Maehwas. For warriors, our class is just naturally weak against them because of the lingering super armour they maintain when they stop blocking (Like 1~2seconds after, you can test this yourself. Just get a warrior to block, move and u use a cc move 1second after). This essentially means that our windows of cc is very small, something like 0.2-0.5 seconds unless the dude really messes up or like... hits spacebar and jumps during his combo. Without a reliable way to cc them, conflated with the fact that their slash of the dead(?) can literally back attack us past our block, on top of how reliably they can grab us during petal bloom (during the flow, as well as the window between the flow and bloom and our 100%)... And don't even get me started on gravedigger, it literally just exacerbates all the things mentioned above. The only way to beat a warrior reliably in 1v1 is to do a 5 minute duel with you just waiting for him to waste solar cancel + slashing or him to miss his grab before you poke him, which is just not realistic in a meaningful fight. For wizards and witches, we lose trades so badly. Our movement is basically relatively ineffective against them because if you have relatively equivalent gear, a witch with 180~190ap will still be able to blow full tet out of the water (like 50% of your hp) with double lightning (unless you block), and they can easily hit us even by aiming in our general direction (You can't reasonable assume you can dodge everything with sleet...). Even if you get to a witch, but cannot blow them up instantly, they can teleport away and heal, making the trades terrible (this is especially so with low ap, its a big problem actually) since you almost always take chip damage when a witch attacks you. Wizards have a ultra painful punish in water prison every 8 seconds so if you cannot blow him up chances are tanking the water skill will just also lose you the match instantly, because they can just teleport and regenerate all their health back while you probably lose anything from 40% to 80% of your health.
    That being said, Maehwas are still good. Once you hit a solid 225~230ap, and if you know the cooldowns on the skills especially for the warrior matchup, have good knowledge on who you're fighting/what you're doing then its definitely winnable, i'm just saying that for the average maehwa player, it is challenging to fight these 3 classes, all of which are easily amongst the most popular or considered tier 1 in the game. Nevermind most popular in the game, in fights that are meaningful (and i mean siege/nodewar/defending your grind spots) these classes show up the most, and the only one that we are really pretty good against is ranger. At lower ap levels (anything sub200 or pre bhegs), it can almost feel abysmal to fight them, even with similar gear. Warriors get too much free stats, and both the caster classes get so much more benefit out of wet noodle fights. If you want to go Maehwa, you need to bite the bullet and grind your way past the 220ap barrier before you really feel like you're strong. Sure you can 1combo anyone standing still with 200ap and maybe with even slightly less then that, but all things considered, its quite depressing that the bar is so high for maehwas to be competitive in a 1v1 fight... So... as for your question about levels... Well I would say 60 is enough if you get all your income passively, but to break that high ap barrier, chances are you'll already have made it to 60 or 61 by the time you're almost done your build. 
    Hope i helped!
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  9. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Getting weird dots in certain screens   

    Hey! No sadly, I've even used DDU to remove all my display drivers, reinstalled my AMD drivers, reinstalled the game, and after a few hours of playing BDO, the problem always returns
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  10. LynnChalice added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Getting weird dots in certain screens
    Post magoria update, I started getting this weird bunch of dots appearing sporadically. 
    They appear in the f3 character costume preview (disappear when i rotate my character around), black spirit screen (> button), warehouse screen and when I am switching between characters.
    I have tried reinstalling my graphics card driver (despite this problem ONLY appearing in BDO, I play blade and soul, dota2 and a bunch of other games daily, but none of them have this weird issue), doing the game files repair by changing the version.dat to config.filecheck. Do you guys think this is a graphics card issue? Or will a reinstall of the game help? Everything about BDO is completely fine, gameplay is the same with the exception of when i swap characters/failstack/upgrade items/talk to the blacksmith, my game fills up with these dots that sometimes spasm for abit then disappear. (Noticed that tabbing out helps not sure why)
    Anyone with a solution/possible cause why this is happening?

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  11. LynnChalice added a topic in Suggestions   

    Accidentally posted thread in wrong section!
    Posted in wrong section!
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  12. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    I just received my title from the BDO account page!
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  13. LynnChalice added a post in a topic Premium horse appearance change ( learning skill )   

    I recently bought 1 prem skill coupon and my horse learned a skill at around level 15! Definitely works, but like i said i only bought 1 (Didn't expect it to learn anything just wanted to try it out)
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