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  1. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Non pvp channels   

    so griefing would be the main method of obtaining a spot?
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  2. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    You keep ignoring my points.The issue is irrelevant because it barely happens and can be easily solved by swapping channels.What you are saying to me is if you are grinding at a spot for 5 hours and someone comes and start taking your mobs you should simply just stand there or switch to another channel.The karma system was implemented so that people don't just go yolo and start griefing people and annoying half the community, it isn't there to just let people get a free spot by annoying the other person while the guy could simply swap to another channel(since for examples pirates isn't that populated) and get the same spot easy.You are basically defending a group of people who are doing nothing more then annoying people.the issue doesn't even need to apply to low geared people it can be applied to anyone who wants to grief and karma bomb.Pls stop defending a group of people who do griefing and karma bombing to get a spot for free by annoying and harassing someone instead of just swapping channels and find the same spot uncontested.
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  3. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    >Just kill the mobs faster than the low gear can.
    You are still taking mobs from the low geared guy stopping him from grinding.what's your point?Also even if you outgear the guy he could possibly be faster then you because of his class.
    >Why do you think you deserve a grind spot because you've played more, and/or have better gear?
    If spots are contested you will need to fight for them.This is a pvp game where people want to get better gear in the fastest amount of time.If you win the duel by pking them you deserve the spot because of something called competition.You don't see goalkeepers in football letting their opponents who are bad at football score a goal or two.What i am finding funny about this discussion is that you are bringing up a issue that barely happens in bdo.Spots are not as contested as much as they were back in release  and only on weekends you actually see people pking each other for spots(talking about pirates at least).you are bringing up a issue that is completely irrelevant in the current state of bdo and encouraging a behavior that simply annoys whoever is grinding at the spot,when that issue can be often solved by simply switching channels. 
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  4. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    You are so out of sync with the entire hardcore community.Do you even pvp?I know many of these players and i can tell you that most of the hardcore community doesn't even grind that much because they have gear.Whenever i go to pirates i see more casuals then actual hardcore players.You talk about hardcore players running the entire spots when in reality that isn't even the case.It's not even assuming,go talk to most hardcore players.For ----- sake one of the most respected warriors in eu took like a 4-6 months break to play in kr lol.I started bdo right when it released so i know a lot of the hardcore community,and believe me when i say i am not assuming.But sure you are the pro here who thinks taking spots by being a annoying little karma bomber/griefer should be allowed.Keep on talking about a nonexistent issue.

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  5. Donegoofed added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    1.i don't grind in partys
    2.I have played with such a system and it made pvp more exciting and stopped all the griefing and karma bombing bullshit.
    I know what i am talking about.
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  6. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    >There is that entitlement i'm talking about "he has never worked for his gear, and doesn't deserve it" 
    It's not entitlement. I am simply not going to give my place to any guy, no matter if he is a scrub or a high geared player just because he wants to have the place.If he wants to have the place he will need to fight for it.
     >Secondly, did those who played the game before others, those who didn't have to compete for grindspots with lower levels, did they deserve to grind there also?
    Oh pls what a shitty argument.Most of the hardcore players right now have taken huge breaks or have started later then most(mediah expansion) which puts them in a disadvantage with gear and level.Some of them couldn't compete in sausan so they had to grind in some other place to get gear to be able to compete in whatever was the best spot at the time.Actually even in the release of the game spots were filled with pvp and competition so not like people didn't have to compete for them.You must have started the game quite late and have no idea how competitive spots were at the time.There wasn't enough space for everyone so people had to compete.You are lucky these days that there is always a channel with pirates spot empty and gives the chance for low geared players to grind at the best spots.
    > Also, did you give up the best grind spots because you didn't have the best gear when you were low geared/level?
    no,if i lose the fight i will leave.I am not going to be some try hard scrub and grief someone just because i feel entitled to the spot. 
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  7. Donegoofed added a post in a topic PvP 2017 Tier vote   

    >but they struggle against super-armor into grabs as well as classes that can constantly move. What I'm surprised at is that more mages don't build grab resist, since it's their hardest counter.
    From personal experience most people don't know how to deal with witches/wizards and not all classes have grab so i guess they think it is unnecessary.Also most wizards/witch have no -----ing clue what they are doing or what they are supposed to do against a certain class so they just do random shit  and have no idea that they can get countered easy by a grab class
    >f you don't have a grab up, you get to watch in horror as they heal back to full.
    true but as a tamer i can often cc them pretty much right after the heal is done and pretty much almost one shot them.
     >while Ninja is forced into keeping his distance until he's given an opening to lay waste. Unless you're an Evasion Ninja, which is one of the strongest 1v1s in the game
    i haven't never fought a evasion ninja but i doubt it's much different then all the other ninjas.the only difference is that their  survivability  is insane but with 230 ap their dp and evasion should be nothing with a good landed combo.Another thing is that i haven't fought many ninjas but whenever i 1v1 them i can see their patterns straight away since they all do the same shit,it's also not hard for me to cc them.
    to be honest overall i think most classes(apart from non grab classes) have the ability to 1v1 without the issue of balancing popping up(as long they have the same gear).it depends a bit on the skill of the player.
    it depends.As a tamer grab engage doesn't give me much issue since i will probably have them cced already or i am already on safe distance.Now for classes who have long animation skills (for example witch/wizard)the grab chain can be pretty dmging and since zerks are quite mobile and have a excellent amount of superarmor they should be hard  for a witch/wizard to cc them.
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  8. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    >Yet those places to grind will yield worse results, meaning it'll take longer overall.. If the results were as good in the alternate grindspots, why are the high geared people not grinding there? I rest my case.
    This is a open pvp world game.If the best spots are contested you either fight for them or go grind somewhere else.It doesn't take that long to get tri grunil and tri weapons and start to be able to pvp in these contested zones,most of the times it's actually low geared people in these spots since most of the hardcore people are actually doing life skills(since they are really tired of the grind)or just log in for node war and pvp.You seem to think that casuals will not be able to grind in pirates no matter how hard they try.Let me give you a example a few days ago i encountered this ninja with 124 ap and 200 dp grinding in the mountain spot peacefully,and from personal experience that spot isn't bad at all and barely have had people trying to pk me there.for discussion sake a uncostented jungle spot isn't hard to get at all since there is at least a few guaranteed channels with no one grinding in jungle.
     >The pvp in this game is gear based for the most part
    yes for node wars,group pvp,sieges it's mostly about gear and which class you pick.But for 1v1 it gets a bit different;you see with a low ammount of ap 180+ most classes can one shot(i have 178 ap and can almost one shot a zerk with 350 dp).At that point it's mostly about the skill you possess over your class and your match up knowledge..Most of the times you can deal with whoever is trying to kill you at the spot  if you have enough skill.
    Anyway what pisses me off mostly about your points is that you are basically saying that we should allow a guy who has never worked for his gear and skill never in his life be able to get the best spots in the game  because he griefed and karma bombed someone.This is not fair because the griefer has no rights in taking the spot since he can't compete for it and despite that he can easily swap channels and avoid all the karma loss and bullshit drama  and find the same spot uncontested.Actually this doesn't apply to only undergeared people this applys to anyone.it's just a cheap way to get a spot without even needing to pvp.i wouldn't mind the karma bombing if there was a xp lose or something on the griefer because at least he would think twice before griefing and taking someone else spot.   
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  9. Donegoofed added a post in a topic PvP 2017 Tier vote   

    Plums and bladers can be strong but the amount of strong bladers and plums out there that are good in 1v1 are literally like 5.Ninja and kuno is down there because as a tamer they have never given me a issue.Rangers are also at the end because they can easily get cced.
    I haven't given the list much thought since most classes have the ability to 1v1, and it usually depends on the ability of the player(for example most rangers don't know how to use their superarmor so they get cced easy.)
    You are forgetting that zerks have long animations and you can literally go in and grab them and take half of their hp away.I wouldn't exactly consider them the best class for 1v1 due to their long animations.
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  10. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Ask any high geared valk  if their class is shit.
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  11. Donegoofed added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    Pls bring this back so that filthy plebs will think twice before griefing.Anyone that played back then before exp lose would know how great of a system it was and how it stopped the amount of bullshit you see these days in pirates. 
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  12. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    >If you had a game without karma bombing, the later you join the game, the more difficult the game will be for you...In other words, you'd kill the game.
    implying there aren't other places to grind.
    implying that all channels  in pirates are filled(you can usually find a empty spot and grind there for a good while).
    Also quite funny you are pointing this out because i grinded in pirates shittiest spot for like 1 week hardcore so that i could get enough gear to even 1v1.Gearing in this game to a decent level to be able to pvp in 1v1 ins't hard at all.
    >the people who've played longer will always have the upper hand on those who have not
    basically bullshit.It basically translates to i have no skill in pvp so therefore i should karma bomb.(before you saying anything let me remind you that i have killed people who are 530 gs combined with nothing more then 439 gs)
    >You don't have special rights to grind somewhere and ask everyone else to leave that spot, that area doesn't belong to you
    never has happened to me and i grind in pirates a lot.
    >The karma system is there for a reason, so stop crying when you try to hog a grind; because you're just being selfish.
    The karma system is not there to favour plebs who can't pvp.The karma system now is nothing more then a joke since they removed the xp from dying in pvp lose.
    Guildless karma bombers/griefers are the cancer of grinding since you can't do nothing about them apart from swapping to another server.It's pathetic that people do this and this sort of behaviour should not be encourage anywhere.
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  13. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    >high burst
    tamer burst is not even comparable to witch/wizard burst
    >weak defense
    Are we forgetting that witch/wizard is one of the tankiest classes in the game,while also having the ability to do the most dmg in the game?
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  14. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    >Any class can be OP with the right gear and play-style
    when was the last time you saw a tamer,ninja,kunoichi,plum,blader out perform a good wizard and witch?
    >The devs are smart, they always have been, and they see right trough some of the plans i invision for the class
    GG man if what you envision is creating a op class that can remain in superarmor for literally ever(due to weapon swap bug) you are off to a good start in balacing a game.Also you will be glad to know dk (a extremely balanced class) is coming out next wednesday where you can literally just spam shit and do more dmg then wizard/witch and be from a safe distance away from your enemy.Let's also not forget how there is a bug in witch(similar to weapon swap bug) where the only difference is that you don't even get cced by grab.(barely any witches know this,and yes the bug exists and it's further proof that Pearl abyss doesn't test their classes).
    I would love to see you *getting down and dirty* and make up a bunch of bullshit to excuse the trash tier casuals who think they are trash because of the game and not their actual skill.  
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  15. Donegoofed added a post in a topic Pre-Awakening PVE dmg too low! Help!   

    do you know the cancel for bolt wave?tell me the combo you have been using for grinding.
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