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  1. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic My first actual node war lots of fun also deaths :D   

    Doing nodewar with 115 awak ap...You are brave at least ill give you that.
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  2. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 3rd   

    Please dont insult us with a week of 1 mem frags per day this time.
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  3. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic That moment when...   

    A friend got it first time for 75 mil (lowest price).He just said that it was nice and didnt buy it i got so triggered.And a guildmate threw out +7 muscans.Those boots are cursed.
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  4. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Okay i know ppl like the way things are hidden it brings excitement and diversity BUT the only thing we can jundge ppl by is ap/dp.I dont think this is optimal.There may be ppl with 550 gear score but no acc so they will not do sh*t vs evasion build.ALso there may be ppl with 400 gs that have good acc and can fight strong ppl.What i am saying is I beleve it would be best if we get exact numerical values for acc/evasion.This is vital for a PVP oriantated game.Hidden stats and modifiers are fine like that but i want at least evasion/acc.
    Ofcourse you dont care.This is mostly a problem for PvPers cause those stats are important in pvp.I personally dont want it all revealed i just want numerical values for evasion/accuracy so that pvpers have a base to work with.
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  5. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    I agree but tell me one reason why it should be that long?I dont care if i wait 10 hours for something that acctualy good and impactful.There is just nothing here.
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  6. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Okay i understand server management is hard work BUT 7 hours for practicly nothing is unacceptable.At least specify why its so long.You doing prep work for expansion?Or perhaps chaging some hardware to improve gameplay.What we see is 7 hours for nothing of value.If you at least communicated with us ppl wouldn't be that mad.Or just make those maintenances when noone is playing like nighttime we would love you.Unlike most ppl i am used to it but this way you only add to the already somewhat fury inducing nature of the game.In the last month 2 ppl from my guild have quit the game due to unbalance and enchanting fails.Its a part of the game so i dont expect it to be changed instantly but things like maintenance that you have control over can be.Class balance is hard to do and i know why so i am not qqing and ill wait patiently one thing is tohugh bugs are cancer and you should focus on those the important ones.Some ppl say kuno, ninja and tamer are unplayable due to bugs.I dont know how much of it is true but all classes have some bugs that can be frustraiting.Again adding to the fact that your game angers ppl.Make the game less frustrating should be your first priority and not costumes and jukebox rly?thats what i wanna say and ill say it every maintenance.
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  7. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic What do you guys use for Add-on and healing   

    Shift+e in pre awak is good.
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  8. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    WHERE IS DK AWAK???????
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  9. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Nice 7 hrs for thrash patch.Hope that class changes will be good at least.Oh yes and DK AWAK FFS!!!!GIVE IT!!!
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  10. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Warr buff??U on drugs m8?
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  11. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

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  12. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Tell me mr.Knowitall is there a class that can compete with classes while being at 3-4 lvls and 100+ gs disadvantage(not counting fkin wizard).Ppl in my guild are decent playes those that you'll see out in the world not op af 500+ gs ppl (we have some of those too).If dk is capable to effectively fight those ppl i think that makes it strong.HOWEVER i do agree that on nodewars and sieges dk has a huuuuge disadvantage and that is its lack of superarmor and frontal.Right now dk is good for smallscale and 1v1s not siege warfare.Oh yes and i fought some ppl that you spoke of the 500+gs monsters even a lvl 61 witch.Gave all of them a hard time killing me and even beat then a few times.(impossible vs good warriors and prob maehwas)
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  13. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Git gut.I am fighting 190 ap ppl in my guild with a 165 ap dk. "cant compete with other classes" - IS the most overtuned preawak and as strong as awak of many classes.And its not like i am fighting idiots those ppl are the best players skillwise in the guild.Even killed the 230ap witch that is our leader.So dk is underpowered is the biggest BULLSHIT i have heared all day.
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  14. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic HEAL   

    Easily answered:You're bad.DK is THE most overtuned class preawak as of now and even rivaling some awakaned classes.The fact that you're chugging pods can be explained by 2 things.1:No gear.(you have 200 ap thats stupidly op) or 2:You suck.(GIT GUT)
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  15. DarthRevan106 added a post in a topic Remove EXP/Gem Loss on World Bosses   

    100% agree.Keeping in mind how the game was built and the melee disadvantages i beleve that removing the crystals and exp penalty from world bosses is nesessary.Then some will say "git gut" or lvl an alt or just say they have no lagg issues and all.To those ppl i say:Sorry but i dont have all day to play in order to regain my losses and neither do i have 2000 euros for a pc that can run this game in worldboss fight with 60 fps nor the wish to lvl a wizard/witch/ranger only to do those bosses.This is a must change so that ppl acctualy have an incentive to do those bosses instad of scrolls/camp market/preorders.
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