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  1. Strajker added a topic in General   

    Starting a new guild from scratch, or joining already existing one? - Discussion
    Like title says, its about guilds. I started playing this game with 5 friends 3 weeks ago if i remmember correctly, we're all now around 50th lvl. And im starting to understand this game better than before(great thanks to @Forbannet for that, used a lot of his free time to explain everthyng to me!) We enjoy playing with more people, so we talked about forming a guild. Most guilds i've came accros - at least ones i liked, required some specific things (e.g.300AP/AD, to be from specific country etc), and since we dont have full gear yet, we couldnt join them. Thats the main reason we wanted to start our own guild. We wanted to make  guild not related to any specific gear, level, country, basically for all players, be that PvP, or PvE, it doesnt matter, it would be "casually hardcore" guild . Main purpose of it would be to offer a place to all solo players, who may have hard time doing quests solo with inappropriate gear, to players who dont have luck  in finding groups on chat for specific quests, basically to all players who yet have to understand this game properly. Learning stuff together is a lot easier than doing it solo, and after some time, guild would be filled with, if i can call them like this, "better players", who can then mentor and support newcomers - in basics, silvers, anything.
    I know i myself am long way from fully understanding my game, but i believe i will do my homework in some time, and i will be able to help other people. Main inspiration for this, like mentioned above, was player from NA called Forbannet, who took his time to explain everything to "noob" like me, and that truly helped me get a hold of this game. Im from EU server, guild would also be on EU server, and we would have our own TeamSpeak3 server (im still thinking 'bout switching to Discord).
    To all of you who do it, i wanna apologize for making you read such a long text ,  and i want to ask for your opinion about this idea. I will be glad to hear your suggestions!
    Also i wasnt sure whether to put this in here, or in subforum "Guild", but since there i saw mostly ads for already existing guild, i decided to go with this one.
    If you have any question, suggestion that you dont want to make public, feel free to PM me! 
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  2. Strajker added a post in a topic Christmas & New Year   

    Nice one!
    But no, im thinking 'bout somewhat greater discount, who knows, maybe this time they actually will be very generous.
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  3. Strajker added a topic in General   

    Christmas & New Year
    So, i wanted to asked if anyone know, will there be any special events & discounts on Christmas  and New Year?
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  4. Strajker added a post in a topic Warrior consultation - new player   

    Well, i wanted to ask about skill points, what to max etc, how to use combos properly, best PvE & best PvP gear..And about enchanting, i want to know how do i stack fails, if i expresed correctly? I've read somewhere that i need to stack some fails, in order to upgrade weapon to +16 and above.
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  5. Strajker added a topic in Warrior   

    Warrior consultation - new player
    First of all, hello everyone,
    I started playing few weeks ago, tried different classes, and found out that warrior is best suited for me.
    Today i hit lvl50, ,so i would like to talk with someone who is main warrior, and plays for a long time now. I need few advices & tips regarding some stuff, so if any warrior main player has 5 minutes of free time, send me PM, or reply here and i will contact you. Also besides warrior related questions, i have 2-3 questions about enhancing weapons.
    Thanks ahead  
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  6. Strajker added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

    Hey guys, i bough game yesterday and put it to download today, an i think my download has stopped. Is it because of maintenance? I mean, can i download the game while maintenance is happening
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