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  1. Panterio added a post in a topic [ECHO] Guilde Semi-Hardcore et full PVP recrute !   

    Toujours été bluffé par vos montages vidéos ^^ bon courage l'ami! 😉
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  2. Panterio added a post in a topic [ECHO] Guilde Semi-Hardcore et full PVP recrute !   

    De rien l'ami! 😉 et bien tous va bien écoute ^^ nodes wars ^^ des départs ces derniers jours malheuresement, mais c'est la vie ^^ on est pas les seuls ^^
    Avec plaisir Moustik 😉! plus que curieux de voir comment rend votre nouvelle guilde!  😉
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  3. Panterio added a post in a topic No damage buffs for ninja and kuno why?   

    then mate, could you explain me why the musa and maewha can still use their perma dash without having a skill made for it in the awakening skill tree? Why should we be the only ones ? Seems like devs don't want to give a shit about us, they just copy pasted 3 skills and put them in awakening skill tree
    I like the class, but at the same time, it's a -----ing waste that the ninja can't reach the true potential of the class, like using a clone to act dead while hiding in shadow cloack ( yup, a true way to brain your opponents) or throwing a shuriken/kunai you could jump in quickly to enchance our mobility ( supposed to be the best one, but here again, a fail) or just like in BnS, dropping a bomb ( or more an explosive mark on the floor to be okay with the lore) that we could use when necessary? They could have make plenty of options to enhance the ninja gameplay
    Now if you don't like people complaining, then get away from this forum --" i'm not complaining about the dmg, but about the mechanics
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  4. Panterio added a post in a topic [ECHO] Guilde Semi-Hardcore et full PVP recrute !   

    Bon courage à vous pour votre recrutement de la part des Perseverances 😉
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  5. Panterio added a post in a topic No damage buffs for ninja and kuno why?   

    Am i the only guy thinking it's unfair for ninjas, a class suppose to be the most skilled one, having 3 skills in awakening mode whom comes from the normal skill tree? While other classes received plenty of new skills? Their is already 2 skills that are pretty useless in pvp ( left click+ down and right click + down) meaning we are wasting 5 potential spells whom would offer us more mechanics, isn't it unfair?
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  6. Panterio added a post in a topic No damage buffs for ninja and kuno why?   

    Well, those bastards are destroying our class, adding pointless stuff and not even correcting our bugs, get lost Pearl Abyss, same goes for Kakao games, and guess what? At her release the dark knight will be broken as -----, so they'll get an excuse to leave our class alone ( even thought it's already what's happening..)
    Not to QQ or what, tried to keep playing my ninja, farming, lvling till lvl 60, i'am done atm, don't know if i'm the only ninja here to feel that, but i'm wondering wether should i reroll for a maewha ( the only character whom seems to have some mechanics appart of kuno and ninja) or leave this -----ing game
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  7. Panterio added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Get lost Pearl Abyss, all class got a -----ing UP , dmg increase and blablabla, and kuno/ninjas? NOTHING?! get lost and change your profession! We still have bugs on our invisibility, less super armor than other classes, and remain the hardest class, but none of our skills got fixed! and received not a single upgrade??? Pathetic
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  8. Panterio added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    our dmg are just harder to put, but we got a nice awakening if you wanna go for a mobile playstyle, otherwise, if you wanna ease up , then ninja ain't the class you should go for
    If a ninja catchs you, in 1v1, you are more less dead if he plays well and pays attention to his cc.
    I have 193 ap in awak, and i can't destroy people habing 260 dp or more, easily, or even the ones with 290 even if it's a bit harder ( due to rng on cc)
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  9. Panterio added a post in a topic Dandi...   

    well, even if i manage to play more less every day, there's moments I work, or sleep, and basicly ain't gonna wake up to fight that shitty bird with that shitty RNG, already waited plenty of times until 2 or 3 am, to get nothing not even an aura, so well, i'm about to give up with that -----ing RNG and i'll probably end up killing players rushing for it( even if it'd made me be a dickhead)  i' being sick of that Rng, some people looted it 5 times, days after days, even yesterday a friend of mine looted karanda, then 10 minutes later the hebetate armor when it spawned
    If Korean players like to get their ass fisted by rng , ain't my business, but i'd also like to understand why some of my mates looted nouver on MY kalmasylve buff
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  10. Panterio added a post in a topic Dandi...   

    I 100% agree with you mate, after 70 try on Karanda, and more less 5000 energy wasted on the night vendor, i start believing i won't ever get one
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  11. Panterio added a post in a topic ♦ BlackStones ♦ — Guilde familiale compétitive et polyvalente [PvE/GvG/PvP]   

    Bon courage pour votre recrutement
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  12. Panterio added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 1st   

    Well, when will  ninja be fixed and get the rewarding gameplay it deserve?  or will the CM Keep ignoring us?
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  13. Panterio added a post in a topic Can we at least get replies on the ninja forum? Plz Gm's Senpais Lol   

    Well actually we are suffering of the high skill requirement leading to a high risk class but without the high reward coming with the effort
    No ifram in awaken stance is pretty weird but well, lets say it's fine, but the animation time is pretty long, dmg are very nice ( hopefully) we have a very nice burst, but well, ninja is suppose to be the most mobile class ever, but musa, maewha, keep rushing faster than we do, sorceress ? More tp than we do! Only wizard get kind of a nice mobility but once the tp goes off it's fine, but their is a mot of work to do on our class
    And the MAIN UNFAIR POINT, is about our awakening skill tree... why do we have 3 skills in it.. required to use our main skill tree, for skills such as concealment, block jump, etc... while other classes don't have such an handicap?! We lose 3 skills for this shit while other classes get 3 other skills??? NO WAY , especially since the LMB and RMB are not really skills we can use in pvp! As they are to slow to be used properly! Their only use is supposly to enhance our space button dmg! Come on! We deserve better than this! If a second awakening come up, what will happen? Will we have to fight with a tooth spike?! -----ING WAKE UP ! I'VE NOT SEEN A SINGLE COMMUNITY MANAGER COMING IN OUR THREADS
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  14. Panterio added a post in a topic [EU] Crepuscule [PvP] - [GvG]   

    Alors sa y'est les Crépuscules ont définitivement rejoint les Asylum?^^ bonne chance à vous 😉
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  15. Panterio added a post in a topic L Ordre Noir guilde francophone recrutement fermé   

    Bonjour ☺ combien de membres compte votre guilde?
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