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  1. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    it would be better if they would stick to their schedule  and not bring the servers up early, just because they will mess with peoples' planning.
    would care more if that title weren't so ugly.
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  2. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    never to be seen or downloaded by anyone, on the bright side at least she'll stay a little bit unique
    people arguing about proportions: people come in all shapes and sizes, i like to give some of my characters a bigger belly and chunky thighs, what's wrong with bigger boobs?

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  3. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    24 hours after uploading to the beauty album, not a single person has even looked at my creation, letalone recommended or downloaded her
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  4. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    big advantage for people who uploaded on the first day, also i hope the copied/default ones won't receive anything
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  5. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    last week i was getting plenty of sharp/hards, but this week i can spend 1,000 energy and not get any
    edit- almost 1,200 energy used and i finally got a hard, all characters with 5 luck, it just seems like it's obviously a much lower chance to get them than it was last week, but i hope to see this kind of event come around again as it makes a nice change from having no option but to grind if you want to earn decent money
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  6. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Santa event in Altinova was poorly implemented   

    in altinova the presents disappear if Santa is flying too high when dropping the present. they literally despawn like 30 yards up in the air, before you can collect them.
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  7. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Come on Kakao! Fix this enhancement issues!   

    well the RNG is the whole point, it just seems like a totally random roadblock for some players who are arbitrarily held back indefinitely for no real reason despite having put an absolute ton of effort in, in many cases, more effort than some who just got lucky with only a few tries.
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  8. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Come on Kakao! Fix this enhancement issues!   

    oh but you enjoy PvP when it's a one-sided stomp do you Catclaw? on both sides, winning and losing?
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  9. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Come on Kakao! Fix this enhancement issues!   

    fun PvP is based on balance, and us all having it rough will only lead to greater imbalance as the lord of RNG decides to selectively dole out upgrades. reduce cron stone requirements by 80% please!
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  10. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic So how are you guys enjoying new mega super servers?   

    best grind spots always contested, second best grind spots always contested, third best grind spots always contested, waste a lot of time either fighting other players pointlessly or running around looking for enemies that are already dead. node squeeze meaning guilds that would go for tier 2-3 always before now go for tier 1, small guilds are pushed out of the game.
    i knew this was going to happen. relentlessly bad design choices, i suppose that's a sign i should never spend any more money on this game, and likely quit soon
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  11. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic Depressing game.   

    games should be fun but enhancing here is the opposite of fun, thus people quit because of it. i hear it's actually easier to enhance in KR, why would you impose this even worse version of a garbage system on us devs?
    i would never try to enhance anything high-risk without a backup, but that being said, should i need to farm the same boring enemies for all that extra time just to get a second version of the same item? it's fluff, gameplay padding to make up for lack of content. it is negative quality of life, and quality of life is what separates the good MMO's from the bad ones.
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  12. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Your problem would actually be solved if they didn't merge the character select screens. It seems rather unfair to me for them to drop you down from 18 slots to 6 just so that they can streamline the accounts server.
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  13. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Must you be so derisive? Do you even realise the word exploitation has a meaning beyond exploiting a glitch in a game? Taking advantage of anything is exploitation, that doesn't mean it's cheating. Is it lazy if somebody thinks that surely the developers would be smarter than merging all the warehouses together, and doesn't make characters on alt servers purely because they gave the developers more credit than that?

    How would you feel then if they decided to give 66% of the freebie rewards that you've gained to every player who didn't create characters on multiple servers? If you don't want others to receive what you have then that reflects on your nature and motivation for trying to insist that it's all fair, because you gain and they do not. They still won't get as much as you but at least something to make up for the lack of clarity.

    I think the biggest issue here is that taking advantage of the freebie rewards on alt servers is going beyond the realms of normal gameplay within one server, and for not doing so, others should probably not lose out.
    It doesn't affect me no matter what the final verdict is, but I am trying to give balanced opinions about this.
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  14. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I'm not directing that at you, nor blaming you, it's all a bit of a grey topic, as I say 'in some ways', due to the method used being external to actions taken on the server. In particular, as a genuine player on multiple servers, it would be abhorrent for them to take action against you. I am stating that many others in this thread along with friends of mine have made it clear that they opted not to attempt to profit from this method due to moral reasons, saying it felt 'cheap' to them, or in other cases, that they feared a ban. I would be even more disappointed if they wiped any of your characters, that would be compound failure on behalf of the company.
    Overall, it would be a simpler task to merge the channels into a megaserver but keep the individual character selection, warehouses, energy and contribution points separate, but it is a design choice to merge them, and this has raised concerns.
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  15. Bathed in Shadow added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    No I'm saying in some ways it's worse than exploiting a glitch, using means which are entirely beyond the realms of normal gameplay within one server. I would not want anybody's characters deleted, I would personally advocate keeping three separate warehouses, which I expect they have only decided against because they would prefer to free up space in their servers by streamlining them into one. I mostly feel sympathy for those who did not choose to make use of alt servers in this way due to moral reasons, or even the possibility of being banned in the same way as the shovellers were.
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