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  1. Chrises added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Prices are ridiculous. Path of exile is one of few games where i bought something, Paid 15€ for multiple things where here I get half of a costume. I rather pay 30€ for a 30+ hour game than a costume. If they want us to support the game, they need to lower the prices to around 800-1000 a costume. around 300 for pet, since this game is already 30€ to buy at start.
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  2. Chrises added a post in a topic Child System   

    It was actually done in Ragnarok Online, a 2003 (I think korean) game. I really liked it and there was a marriage and player adoption system (adopted player would be their child, get few skills and be smaller). A lot of RP in that game.
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  3. Chrises added a post in a topic Nerf Fishing   

    I think OP is talking about early game fishing, if late game fishing is not viable, then why not weaken early game fishing and improve late game fishing so its almost at similiar level to grinding? That would kinda make a purpose to fishing in late game to those who want a bit of a break from grinding.
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  4. Chrises added a post in a topic Nerf Fishing   

    I agree that the weapon enhancement grind has to be flattened, so 16+ does give you less dmg. I would actually like it to be removed aswell, so PVP is more skill focused, not sure the devs are up for it though.
    Fishing needs to be adjusted to give you value on all levels (meaning getting cheap fishes early on, and with increased fishing skill and locations farther away from start to spawn expensive fish.)
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  5. Chrises added a post in a topic Horse Suggestions   

    +1 I agree to all points
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  6. Chrises added a post in a topic Skill Points, Classes, PvE/XP Balance, Party Invite/XP/Loot, Potions, GvG statistics for a very bright future for BDO   

    I don't agree with this. I'm new to Black Desert and I was able to get a horse fairly quickly without buying. I found a location guide and the 3. or 4. spot got 2 horses. It was on the first day of CBT, but even all the other days there were 2 spots between Olvia and Heidel that got a horse pretty regulary (definitely 1 between 3 channels all the time)
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  7. Chrises added a post in a topic Make Cash Shop accountbound!   

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  8. Chrises added a post in a topic NA BDO: Points to know and think on.   

    Agree completely
    + over 9000
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  9. Chrises added a post in a topic CBT1 Feedback from an Experienced Player   

    I actually like what was mentioned, I'm new to BDO and this explains a lot to me. This invalidates a few posts from my thread. Thank your for posting and hope others read through this too!
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  10. Chrises added a post in a topic Balancing suggestions & features request   

    That's kinda true, as stated above I spent more time exploring(trading/riding around etc) than actually leveling/fighting.
    My point is that I would like to progress my level through the professions. (Quests involving them would grant mcuh higher EXP)
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  11. Chrises added a post in a topic Family name and Character Name   

    +1 I agree, If it's not possible, then why do we have a family name in first place? (for immersion?)
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  12. Chrises added a post in a topic My suggestions   

    I used the conversation system only a bit and it needs a tutorial how to effectively connect people (it's partially explained), but so far I really liked the idea. I also like your idea putting it as achievements, and also hope it gets you a better reward (inspite of unlocking stuff).
    +1 to you if Energy/vigor stays ingame (if not then bigger rewards are probably not needed)
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  13. Chrises added a post in a topic Balancing suggestions & features request   

    I still believe that making the game viable in multiple ways is the way to go. I am of the explorer type and this would make this game perfect for me. I don't want to grind 2 times (killing mobs and crafting). This would make the Action/PVP type players sooner to reach endgame.
    Here's a really nice video on the types of players and how to balance a mmo.
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  14. Chrises added a post in a topic Breast physics, why... (tone it down!)   

    -1 Suggestion 1
    +1 Suggestion 2
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  15. Chrises added a post in a topic The Social System Needs Some TLC   

    I would be ok with just item trading in case of Goldsellers
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