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  1. Owly added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Did I beat Jojo?
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  2. Owly added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    I totally agree, that's why witches are able to get 1 shot by sorceresses with their infinite stun, destroyed by warriors with their grabs and blocks, valkyries with their immunity frames, berserker with their infinite grabs, rangers with their mobility, musa with their spin2win, maewha with their chase, ninja and kuno with their stealth, and tamer with their heilang. Witch is definitely op, definitely. 
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  3. Owly added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon Very sad to see this game having gone Pay-to-Win despite a clear message that it will never do so, will be quitting the game in due time. 
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  4. Owly added a post in a topic The Needed Solution To Make Griefers More Tolorateable   

    I wish more people like you would have an actual understanding of the current situation of what is happening at popular grind spots and not generalise everyone in a boat you don't even know how to sail. 
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  5. Owly added a post in a topic Varshen - UK/EU [Jordine] [PvX] - Semi-Casual Guild, Recruitment OPEN!   

    Varshen requires more of you to join!!! :3 
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  6. Owly added a topic in Suggestions   

    QoL for Fishing
    I'd like to put a suggestion forward, concerning the grade/quality of fish we catch:
    So, we already have the option of getting rid of junky items/white fish during fishing, but why not have the ability to also get rid of green fish? This will exclude rare items like relic shards/keys however, making those who have long-lasting fishing rods much more profitable and successful at the end of their afk fishing session.
    What do you guys think?  
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  7. Owly added a post in a topic Changing Punishment of PvP / Guildwars   

    Again, what you have said is from your own experience and therefore, is not an objective right to assert what you deem PvP to be. Those with V Kzarka are the very people that are almost guaranteed to get loot from world bosses and thus, exponentially increasing the gear/weapon gap that is ever so present in the game. There obviously is a problem with PK issues which is why we're talking about the topic right now. 

    PS: No need to throw personal insults just to bolster your arguments, a common understanding of courtesy and manners will do. 
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  8. Owly added a post in a topic Changing Punishment of PvP / Guildwars   

    What a great thing to propose! The developers and the publishers would love to encourage people to halt any chance of getting their character through the world that is Black Desert Online. ''Learn to protect yourself'' against people that have V Kzarka + the best armor/accessories in game and just bully those who don't? I don't think so. What about people that are pk'd whilst doing afk stuff like weight training/leveling horses etc? Perfect for them to have to suffer a 5 minute cooldown upon their 5th death. 
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  9. Owly added a post in a topic Farm Spot Trolling   

    I've always respected people's farm spots but after yesterday's unprovoked PK against me, ----- you and your grinding.
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  10. Owly added a post in a topic QQing about pearl shop, get a job   

    Obviously finding a job is exactly the same as shopping for groceries... NOT. 
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  11. Owly added a post in a topic Energy investment in Node vs Farms   

    I have a very vague understanding of this but from what I can understand (personally), it follows:
    1) Investing into a farm itself grants bonuses for trading or something otherwise obscure
    2) Investing into a sub-node of a farm/production node gives you an added chance of gathering extra stuff or just increases your production output 
    1) Investing into Kasula Farm would give you bonuses to trading via the Kasula Farm Trade Manager
    2) Investing into the Cotton Node at Kasula Farm would give you an added increase in the production of Cotton at Kasula Farm
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  12. Owly added a post in a topic PSA- Awakened skills are FIXED NOW   

    The puns are real in this one
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  13. Owly added a post in a topic PSA- Awakened skills are FIXED NOW   

    Can 100000% confirm that this is accurate, just tried to awaken some skills on my Witch but other skills were awakened instead with stupid awakenings c_c -cough magic arrows does 5% more damage in PvP- 
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  14. Owly added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    If you had the courtesy to check the news and announcements section of the forums, this question of yours would have been answered.
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  15. Owly added a post in a topic ap/dp after Valencia patch?   

    Being a no-lifer. 
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