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  1. Chillly added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    When its clear someone is karma bombing me I will first try to declare. If I cant dec then I just follow them and kill everything faster than they can so they get no xp/drops and they usally leave once they realize they are not accomplishing anything. If they stick around I will let them aggro big packs and get them low use a low dmg knockdown and hope the monsters kill em. If non of that works i buy a tear and kill em each time I reach 100k karma. Depending on where you farm and how fast you go + pets/tear buff you can usally get enough karma back to only have to deal with them a few minutes between each karma replenish. if they stick around after all that then you ran into one of the servers super troll lullos and you might as well go to another channel and hope for a more honorable opponent.
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  2. Chillly added a post in a topic Lost 50m + due to confusion of gameplay   

    LuL, ty for sharing that I had a rofl.
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  3. Chillly added a post in a topic how do you even come up with something as ridiculous as grab engaging?   

    Paper is balanced but for gods sake Nerf rock - Signed scissors
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  4. Chillly added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    This happens to all my skills on ranger that are supposed to have FB or super armor. It seems like our FB and super armors trigger slightly after the skill is used and drop slightly before they are finished (its good to dash diagonally or backwards immediately after a skill). We also don't get super armor, much - if any accuracy addons or front block on our flows making them fairly useless/to risky to use in pvp. My theory is that ranger was the most populated class and now they are doing a cash grab on rangers to get them to re-roll (hopefully enough rangers RR and they buff it when bow awakening comes). On a side note ranger can be pretty decent if you are high skill cap and have a good awareness of your surroundings but we do suffer a lot from teleportation dsync due to precision skills and small aoe skills on stupid long cds (were the only class forced back into our non awakened form 70% of the time). 
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  5. Chillly added a post in a topic 100%   

    Use the bow 100% or absorb it for the evasion buff. The awakening one is only good for clearing easy mobs.
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  6. Chillly added a topic in Ranger   

    Hello everyone,
    I noticed KR version has a pearl item that allows you to swap out a boss weapons to another classes. Can anyone shed some light on when/if NA version will get this pear shop item? Ranger rr is real and I would hate to take the loss on my weapons since it cost me about 4x as much to make them compared to what I would get from selling them (plus tax). Thanks in advance!
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  7. Chillly added a post in a topic 1 Month trying to get TRI giath.   

    talk to me after you have done that multiple times and get to 135 stacks for tet. then you have tasted pain
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  8. Chillly added a topic in Guides   

    Free Game pass
     Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused                          
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  9. Chillly added a topic in General   

    Guest Passes
     Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused  DLG45SA-BKGGKU8-PM3R4RR-M1A35Unused
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  10. Chillly added a topic in General   

    Guest Pass For free
     Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused  DLG45SA-BKGGKU8-PM3R4RR-M1A35Unused  RA4609D-9S4M3RB-HM4VKEJ-122BUUnused
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  11. Chillly added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Free Guest Passes
    FLKD93A-JRDLU07-DBCCGII-TG531Unused  368B5KD-CLJ8Q6A-O9A20SL-L08O2Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused  DLG45SA-BKGGKU8-PM3R4RR-M1A35Unused  RA4609D-9S4M3RB-HM4VKEJ-122BUUnused
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  12. Chillly added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Code 1 : 3E1B-682B-C6CA-4B2A-BCB0Code 2 : D3D5-2776-8616-430D-9416Code 3 : 0BD7-1567-1A22-4D25-9CE9Code 4 : 25BE-161C-8FF1-495E-A080Code 5 : 0B60-D408-DCDD-43E6-BE02Code 6 : 3D1F-DCC0-ABD8-425B-AD49First come first serve..... enjoy! 
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  13. Chillly added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    Bro, yesterday I failed x5 pri to duo seraphs necklaces in a row. ( starting at 34 stacks). Then I proceded to build 2x 40 stacks on my dandy trying to duo it starting at 18 stacks. Thats a total of about 18 duo attempt fails in a row. Meanwhile my friend gets tri accessories on his first hit with under 30 stacks. What can I say the black spirit hates me..
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