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  1. Claire added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    From my personal tests, at 197 awakening AP base with TRI dande vs. 189 awakening AP with TRI ultimate, I found about a 3.7% damage increase in favour of the dande.
    The test was done with all of the target's armour removed to guarantee a hit, so accuracy was not a concern.
    Although it was a small sample size, the variation in damage was negligible (a range of 1-3 damage off the average base of around 1200) and the expected damage increase from pure AP alone, removing the human AP, is 4.23%. 
    Therefore, I saw a small difference with a 6-hit skill (Elven Rage) compared to the AP difference meaning the human AP was a small but non-negligible damage increase.
    However, there's no point to any of these claims of personal tests because all of us could be lying. I just believe what my own data showed me.
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  2. Claire added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    Are all of you in this thread misunderstanding the AP scaling data?
    The reason he states "70% awakening damage" is because he's reducing the ratio of awakening weapon AP compared to accessory AP.
    Mainhand AP transfers at a rate of 43%, awakening weapon AP transfers at a rate of 100%, so accessories and gems transfer at a rate of 143%.
    100%/143% = 70%
    To make it a nice ratio, that makes 30% mainhand + 70% awakening + 100% accessories & etc.
    The SAME RATIO is 43% mainhand + 100% awakening + 143% accessories & etc.
    It's not that complicated. 8 awakening AP is still 8 AP. 7 human damage is 5.88 effective awakening AP according to those tests.
    Dandelion is better in both PvP and PvE.
    Also, Dandelion does not have ANY hidden stats. Stop with that nonsense.
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  3. Claire added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 8th 2017   

    You mean the Balenos Meal? The one that's been in the game for quite a while?
    Balenos Meal
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  4. Claire added a post in a topic "Whoze Ballz Rulez Them Allz?" study by GBDI Labs   

    I now have many ragrets :')
    Thanks for the clarification, though.
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  5. Claire added a post in a topic Patch is out.   

    Worked alright over here. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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  6. Claire added a post in a topic "Whoze Ballz Rulez Them Allz?" study by GBDI Labs   

    So if I understand this correctly (which I'm pretty sure I don't), assuming relics and books are the same price, books are more cost-effective?
    Pila Fe scrolls also don't seem to be worthwhile at all, from what I can tell.
    The ballz really have me confused.
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  7. Claire added a post in a topic I started playing in the last week and so far.. This is how I feel.   

    You can buy a horse flute (permanent) for 1500 pearls from the pearl shop.
    A constant supply at max price for most items would ruin the economy; there's a reason many items are highly demanded/out of stock and just setting them at max price won't deter purchases for items that are normally gated through other mechanics like energy. A simple example of this would be Black Stone Powder, which is limited by gathering but enables crafters to make what would be essentially unlimited profit.
    With that being said, I'm glad you're having a good time and wholly welcome the addition of your salt to the mighty pile that is this game.
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  8. Claire added a post in a topic family/character Reservation Coupon price   

    Family Name Change Coupon: 1,000 pearls
    Character Name Change Coupon: 1,000 pearls
    These are the prices noted on the BDO fashion website, at least. Take them with a grain of salt, it's possible they may change when the coupons come back.
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