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  1. andy1213 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    GW2 and BDO are both trash in their own ways tbh.
    GW2 is ran by socialist losers who wants braindead builds to be the best builds in the game and not the builds that take actual effort
    BDO's farmville part is great and all until you reach PvP where it's legit whoever CCs first wins and that's kinda dependent on RNG in many ways (desync, resist)
    WoW is looking like it's not getting a big competitive scene any time soon either tbh.
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  2. andy1213 added a post in a topic I want to get into BDO but first I want to know something about its future and how things are doing.   

    PvP is a joke until they change their dev team or change how hard coded some of their things are. Basically the whole combat would need to be reworked for the game to be fun PvP-wise
    The farmville part is probably going to be the only thing BDO truly has going for it.
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  3. andy1213 added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    Try to do helms or elric monastery tbh.
    If everything else fails and you need money, just try to grind CP and get copper/zinc/iron nodes and sell them RAW.
    It's not impossible to progess, you just need to do research and be a little more diligent than that.
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  4. andy1213 added a post in a topic Least Gear dependent class   

    Giant, easily. You get a grab on someone in a team fight and your team mates aren't braindead, the guy you grabbed is going to die 100% so for sieges/rbf you can be useful with absolute on gear. And it's possible to 100-0 someone with only 180 AP (So they're okay for protecting grinding spots assuming that it's going to be a 1v1) but you gotta get lucky with CC/crits and figure out the most effective repetitive combo.
    PvE-wise they need like 170 AP to be decent. They're still playable but it's gonna be kinda slow to grind with average AP on giant.
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  5. andy1213 added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

    Spoiler alert: This whole game is boring
    Even Valkyrie's pull > w + f combos get boring, and you have to press a lot of buttons within that time period too. Sad that you won't get masters league in starcraft even if you can pull of this so-called "high apm combo"
    Because guess what? This game is whoever CCs the guy first wins. There's no variety in how you deal your damage, absolutely none.
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  6. andy1213 added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    That's an okay concept. Because these "useless mobs" would make new grinding spots happen.
    (Yes I just said Centaurs [i.e Centaurs Belt] are useless because it's been proven on that latest tournament stream that DP is trash and full AP is the way to go)
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  7. andy1213 added a post in a topic Is it no longer worth playing once you hit 60?   

    More like it isn't worth playing at all if you're trying to play it for the PvP.
    BDO's only "skill cap" is how you make money.
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  8. andy1213 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Valkyrie OBVIOUSLY becomes strong at higher APs because of Ellion's Blessing and their burst is fast. The problem with their burst tho? It's not reliable. Their attacks are disgustingly narrow, they get screwed over by desync more than ANY other class because their skills are narrow. Anyone who knows how to time their super armor will simply anticipate the Wave. But borderline OP is literally another way to blue pill reality.
    But here's the catch, I'm not going to pick a 180 AP Valkyrie over a 180 AP Wizard. There is NO REASON to pick Valkyrie if your AP is low. And those combos still get super armored by other classes, so you might wanna stop saying "Valkyrie is borderline OP" when in-fact their narrow attack range is what makes them one of the most reasonable classes in the game. And guess what? They need to CC people to land burst. Sorc, Wizard, DK awakening? They won't even need CC to kill you after a certain point.
    I wouldn't pick a 250 AP Valkyrie over a 250 AP Wizard either for Sieges and RBF. And I'm definitely not picking a Valkyrie over giant for defending grinding spots by myself.
    Do you see the problem? Valk is just too reasonable while other classes are not, even with "lingering super armor" Ellion's Blessing gets kited, Wave is a skill shot, and all of the other Valkyrie attacks need CC to be reliable along with the fact that landing CC on a Valk is disgusting hard (Bad Grab, and every other class has super armors)
    So before you say "Valkyrie is borderline OP" you might want to check your facts. Because while I do agree that they become strong at a certain point? THERE ARE OTHER CLASSES THAT BECOME EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS at a certain point because Sorc/Wiz/DK won't need CC to kill you, while Giant counters super armor hard in 1v1s, defending grinding spots or skirmishes.
    In-fact, classes should be nerfed around Valkyrie's level after nerfing/fixing/rationalizing super armor and lingering super armor across ALL CLASSES. If you're going to have insane damage after a certain point, your attacks better be narrow etc etc.
    P.S Stop with the blue-pill mentality saying that Valk is "borderline OP" when it's really one of the most balanced/reasonable characters in the game. And guess what? Playing balanced classes means you won't get payouts in sieges or win RBF.
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  9. andy1213 added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    I also blame low skill burger flipping low skill "I can get rekt on a retard class 50% of the time because I'm a shit player, it must be balanced" calling a disgustingly "gun in a sword fight" class balanced. These people's logic are legitimately saying "Roses are blue"
    These idiots wouldn't even have the balls to replace Witch/Wiz/Sorc with any other class for sieges and rbf anyways for when PvP actually counts.
    Bunch of no principle losers this community has.
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  10. andy1213 added a post in a topic NA & KR Stream Schedule **OFFICIAL** (ENG)   

    Anddd.......... Sorc + DK awakening actually beats Giant + w/e
    Why am I not -----ing surprised.
    TL;DR AoE Burst Reign Supreme please don't say otherwise.
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  11. andy1213 added a post in a topic Valks degraded to life skill class for real this time.   

    Tanks SUCK in this game. Sorc/Wiz/Witch all have one thing in common (Instant cast game changing AoE burst)
    Why play Valk, Warrior, or Giant in the current state of the game when Sorc/Wiz/Witch are SUPERIOR for when PvP counts? (Siege, RBF)
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  12. andy1213 added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Simple answer, it's because PearlAbyss (aka KR devs) are socialist and logically inconsistent idiots. There is SOMETHING about the KR devs culture that makes them do really bad things. (P.S You can't call BnS a KR game)
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  13. andy1213 added a post in a topic Wizard 1v1   

    People saying Wizard "can't" hold their own in 1v1s should L2P so hard. RIGHT NOW when there is so much evidence that this class is stacked. The OP basically proved and debunked the "Wizards are bad in 1v1s, so they need to be OP in team fights" argument that was a big fail in the first place.
    Assuming that he's against a giant in a 1v1 situation, FOR EXAMPLE? In a grinding situation, no one is stopping you from getting the farm that you can get. There are so many channels available, a Wizard wouldn't have to fight a giant for a grinding spot.
    Now in team fights such as RBFs and Sieges? A giant (Could be a Warrior, could be valk, tamer, ninja, etc) grabs a wizard? The wizards that the giant didn't grab are cleaving the giant, AND cleaving the possible follow up from the enemy giant's team mates. You will NOT CATCH a good Wizard without grab. Period.
    If you nerf Wizards, then Giants, Sorcs, and Rangers can finally get nerfed to balanced. We may be able to fix the "super armor" bug that Warrior has as well.
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  14. andy1213 added a post in a topic Please add a report function to RBF to send people to low priority RBF   

    It's a troll thread tbh, but at the same time RBF is a joke they need to make a real game mode.
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  15. andy1213 added a post in a topic Latest PvP change in kr   

    For a rough draft? This is insanely bad it's gross.
    Why not try "delete RNG resistance in PvP and add actual stun breaks with reasonable cool downs" and nerf some super armors from all classes to compensate.
    Or nerf healing/sustain such as pots, giant heals, wizard heals by half but increase the HP pool by 1.5 or x2, this one would be a step to a more sustain damage meta. Not perfect but this one should DEFINITELY not be so hard for their part if they don't want to stress their code out.
    Like for real? What the hell? Where are your principles for the love of god. I know it's a rough draft and they are beta testing this, but their initial ideas are disgusting. It's literally a buff to specific classes and not an objective change.
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